Acapulco Gold Interview: Janette Beckman Dee Dee Ramone ©Janette Beckman

You have seen her work, you know her work, now join us as we introduce you to Janette Beckman. A self proclaimed documentary photographer that hails from England and now lives in New York City. Janette Beckman has been in your life whether you realized it or not since she first started shooting pictures. With a range of music interest that spans from Johnny Rotten to Run DMC and everything in between. Her pictures have appeared in everything from Melody Maker and The Face to numerous album covers from The Police to EpMd.

Acapulco Gold would like to introduce you to the stories behind the artist and pictures that you have come to know and love.

Why did you decide to come NYC and what were you doing in London before you got here? Once you got here, what was the city like during that time.What other types of inspiration were there in the city?

I came to NYC to visit a friend that I had met in art school for Christmas in 1982. She was living in a loft on Franklin Street, right by the Mudd Club. At that time Tribeca was a deserted warehouse area with no shops, except for a 24 hour hot dog place called Dave's on the corner of Canal and Broadway. It was the time of late night clubs like the Mudd Club, Danceteria, Paradise Garage, and the Roxy. I was hanging out with a bunch of artists and musicians that lived downtown and I started to get some assignments for some US magazines.

Before I came to NYC I had spent 6 years working for music magazines in London like The Face, Melody Maker and Sounds shooting the punk, ska, rockabilly,and skinhead scenes. The bands and the fans – I loved the music and the styles.

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