Thursday, January 3, 2008

January third things.

1) Those who purchase Halo Wars will be treated to an exclusive sneak peak of Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles ala Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty.
2) That previously-mentioned virtual recreation of an existent earthquake from Eidos is called Downfall: San Francisco and takes place following the San Francisco Earthquake in 1906.
3) Saboteur is shaping up to be absolutely amazing, best WWII game in awhile likely.
4) Rare has a second 360 title slated for release this year and possibly a small XBLA affair (or two) in addition to this.
5) Rivalry of musical games with keyboard peripherals occurs in North America in fall.
6) Blue Castle Games is working on a sequel to The Bigs, which will see release this MLB season and a racing title (and an action title).
7) Sadly, a 30 Rock cell phone title is in the works for a release sometime this year.

UPDATE: I've been asked this one a bit.
What is that non-L.A. Noire PS3 exclusive from Rockstar?
The spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver from Rockstar San Diego.


Anonymous said...

Hi Surfergirl and happy new year!
I would like to ask you some questions.
1)What are the chances of Call Of Duty 4 and 5 being ported to Wii?
2)After the financial success of RE4 Wii Edition and RE UC has Capcom changed their minds and consider a RE5 version for the Wii?
3)What happened to FF Crystal Chronicles for the Wii?(Not the WiiWare game.)Is it canceled?
4)It is heavily rumored that Smash Bros Brawl will come with an update that allow Sd cards to be readable.Any truth to this?
5)Finally,what do you think about console wars in 2008?Which console do you believe will have the best year saleswise and gamewise?

Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

hi surfergirl,

Do you think the pc is dead as a gaming plateforme?


Punchy said...

Hey Surfergirl,

1)Why do you reveal the information you do? Are you bitter towards the industry, sick of the pointless secrets and double-talk, enjoy gossiping, want to feel important, or is there something else?

2)Do you ever feel used by the flood of queries you receive from total strangers attempting to find out answers to their own self-serving questions?

Matthew Meadows said...

Hey surfer girl.

1) Any news on a new Breath of Fire?
2) Any news on progress in the development of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009?
3) When will the next PS3 price drop occur?
4) Will there be a sequel to Everyday Shooter?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Surfer Girl. Great blog.

I have a few questions, if you don't mind...

- Is there any chance of Treasure making a sequel to Mischief Makers?

- Is there any chance of Square Enix producing a new installment into the Chrono series?

- You mentioned before that Camelot is continuing the Golden Sun series... Is it their next planned game? And if they make it, what platform will it appear on? Wii, or DS?

- You also mentioned a Mother compiliation for the DS. Will this compiliation feature all three games from the Mother series? And will it get a US release?

Thank you.

sionus said...

Metal Gear Solid 2? I'm guessing Konami want to see how the MGS series fares on the 360 before MGS4 is announced. Is it going to be a direct port, or will there be more sparks and crotch grabbing added?

Thanks for answering my question regarding 'The Dark Knight' in the other thread. I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry at your comment of "it looks...interesting" though! :p

Globox said...

Do you know what "Peter Jackson's Halo: Chronicles" is? What kind of "game" is it? What genre? Anything?

Mike said...

I know you're an Edwards supporter, but you have to be happy about last night's results. I welcome an Obama-Huckabee 2008 race. :)

So when is Microsoft gonna show us what they have behind the scenes? Their internal studios are crumbling, but there's got to be some big 3rd party deals. Alan Wake looks awesome at the very least.

J.Goodwin said...

A second this year?

Meaning in addition to Banjo Kazooie 3?

Is it a Rare in house game, or a Rare IP prepped outside (like Party Animals)?

dr.phil said...

HI Surfer Girl.

Do you knwo anyhing about the new Warhammer Game THQ is working on??

What genre is it?? Shooter?? 3rd PErson??

Is it good so far??

And when will we see it???


FAngelico said...

hey 30 Rock is a fun show (for me at least) maybe a game is a bad idea. But the show is fun

bigwilly said...

A new team bondi states it is looking for a lead animator who can work on ps3/360. does this mean that L.A. Noire is multiplatform?

koxak said...


Do you know when the 360 Version of Bully will be released??

Is it a good port or just a fast one to get our bucks?


Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

1. Do you see a shift in the future of making the PS3 as the lead platform for multiplatform games?
2. How are 3rd party exclusives looking for the PS3? Good or bad compared to the competition?

Thanks again.

Frank said...

Is MS going to announce a motion sensitive controller or add on for the 360?

Also any ideas for what Nintendo's next "big" announcements will be? the wii line up after the fist 1/4 of this year looks a bit slim!

T35513R said...

Hi there -

Obama 2008. Seems like more of a possibility now, doesn't it?

Anyway, you mentioned that a AAA title would be coming in 2008 sooner than expected.

I'm wishfully thinking that this might be a certain sword separating limbs from body game. Any idea when this title is arriving?

TIA mi Chica

Anonymous said...

Hi Sufergirl,

What is the next game of relic?
Homeworld 3 ?

Thank you.

Mike said...

#1: How else are you going to sell a console RTS?

J.Goodwin said...

Bully for 360 was just recently dated for the first couple weeks of March 2008.

Anonymous said...

Do you post at NeoGAF?

kirbyfox said...

Since everyone else is asking a question, might as well.

1. Can you give us any info on Smash Bros. Brawl? Something we might not know, like a playable character? Other third parties joining in?

2. Any news on when WiiWare will come out?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hi surfer!!

I had some questions for you:

-Which are other Ubisoft projects for Wii?

-Will we see the next 2k sport games on Wii, as NBA 2k9 or NHL 2k9?

Huge thanks!

Anonymous said...

hola surfergirl!
any news on alan wake? is it still coming end of 2008? please remedy this...

surfer girl said...

anonymous one:
1) Pretty much none.
2) The Wii can't handle RE5.
3) No.
4) Aren't SD cards already readable?
5) I don't think about them.

anonymous two: It depends on the genre.

1) The second option mixed with something else.
2) Probably.

matthew meadows:
1) No.
2) No.
3) This year.
4) No clue.

anonymous three: Don't know. Doubtful. Probably. Wii. Answered already.

sionus: Direct port.

globox: "An interactive cinematic experience from the mind of visionary director Peter Jackson."

mike: Soon.

j. goodwin: Yes, in addition to Banjo 360. In-house.

dr. phil: No.

bigwilly: The game was PS3-only as of two months ago. Xbox 360 also appeared in platforms for job listings prior to that.

koxak: March 3, seems good.

anonymous four: PS3 is fairly difficult. Alright.

frank: Doubtful. Wii Fit says otherwise.

t35513r: No. I have not the remotest clue what you are talking about.

anonymous five: COH Online, I think. No.

mike: I do not know.

anonymous six: It's possible.

1. No.
2. First half of the year.

anonymous seven: Read this blog. Possible.

anonymous eight: Yes, fall 2008 is still the target.

Anonymous said...

hi Sufergirl,

have you an indea of the importance of the digital pc game sales?


Anonymous said...

It looks like Harvest Moon just dropped on the PAL VC. I assume this means we'll be getting it on the NTSC VC any day/week now.

Will we be getting Harvest Moon 64 by any chance? Is there a chance we might get the slightly improved upon HM64 [HM: Back to Nature] from the PSX instead?

J.Goodwin said...

Chalk one up for SG:

Rare's XBLA title:

Anonymous said...

Hey SurferGirl

Can you confirm if Capcom is remaking some of there older titles on PSN?

surfer girl said...

j.goodwin: I've never heard of that game. I was not alluding to this and I am in doubt of its existence.

Anonymous said...

hi surfergirl

- is relic developing homeworld 3?

- does firaxis have any PC projects in development that aren't expansions or have they abandoned the platform in favor of consoles?

- are the rumors of Battlefield 3 for PC coming late this year true? if not is Battlefield Bad Company coming to PC?

robotwatson said...

Do you know what the intro sequence to MGS4 will be? If yes, can you tell us why it will be so amazing and that why Kojima is licensing it out to the company that made apple ipod commercials?

punchy said...

Hey SG,

Is there anything besides games that you'd like to discuss in your comment threads with readers?

Possibly something that's a back-and-forth give-and-take rather
than 20 Questions?

It's clear you're interested in politics, music and global events. Anything along those lines?

Or would you rather keep this blog an informal informational tool?

Andy said...


1. Is there's gonna be Doom 4? is yes, then when?

2. On what titles does id works on right now?

3. Will console version of Far Cry 2 be good looking as pc ver on max settings?

4. Do you know anythink on Battlefield 3?

5. Do you know anything on Wolfenstein title that Raven Software is working on?

Anonymous said...

Hey surfer girl, I have a couple of questions.

1.When will s.t.a.l.k.e.r come out on the 360?
2.When will Snowblind announce their new game and what is it?
3.Will warhammer 40,000k: dawn of war and the expansions come out on the 360?
4.When will battlefront 3 be announced?
5.Will star wars:empires at war come to consoles?

ctarl said...

What do you know about Red 5 Studios?

Anonymous said...

Of course SD cards are already readable in a way to store saves and stats.As the Smash Bros Dojo indicates it is possible from the in-game menus to save directly to an SD card and this is the first time a game features this option.The rumour is that a firmware update around SSBB release will allow not only to save directly to the SD card from the in-game menus but also to actually play content from there without the pain to transfer firstly the data to Wii memory from the Wii options menu.This also means that we can store downloadable content for games and play it directly and also play from SD cards VC games and WiiWare stuff.Do you think that this is possible?

Macka said...

Surfer girl, between Infamous, Prototype and Mafia 2, which one interests you the most?
-What is your opinion on possible merge between Capcom and Konami?
-Will you be at CES 08?

Anonymous said...

When is the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver expected to be announced and released? Have you recently had the chance to catch some footage of how it looks? If so, how does it compare to Red Dead Revolver?

Yatesy said...

Would the users who insist on posting thier name as "anonymous" please get with the programme and post an actual NAME with their comment? (ie- not "anonymous") It gets old real fast, scrolling up and down, trying to work out who the hell "anonymous 7" is. It would be a lot easier to match Surfer Girl's responses to their original questions if we had a name other than "anonymous x" to look out for. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Surfer, Love the blog,

1) do you think brawl sales will be able to surpass halo sales?

2) what is your innitial opinion on SSBB? and what mode/character do you plan on playing first?

3) after wii fit are there any big releases coming up for the wii?

4) will the wii get better games in 2008 than it did in 2007?

keep it up thanks.

Anonymous said...

Rare was working on an XBLA version of GoldenEye as highlighted by a disgruntled employee when it was canned. However, this employee chose the wrong forum to post on and was met with a pile of abuse, despite decent proof being given. Skeptical fankids soon locked the thread.

Penny Arcade Thread

I'm keen to point out that because of this single legal issue, no titles involving Rare IP will appear on the Virtual Console. Perfect Dark, Banjo, Conker, JFG, Blastcorps etc.

Excel said...

Sionus - she said Halo: Chronicles demo will be included with Halo wars like an MGS2 demo was included with Zone of the Enders, not that MGS2 will be released on the 360 or whatever you are implying.

Its been tossed around that Kojima is making another PS3 exclusive - and reportedly it is not ZOE3. Any clues what it is? Was he just talking about MGO?

galerian said...

Obama for president?

I know you dislike RPGs, but is there any Rpg games in the future that might change your mind?

A non-ymous said...

Me again. The report on the Ubi Soft "Alive" game was apparently made by Gamespot, but reported as well by Eurogamer:

You sure there are no connections with the Eidos title? It sure sounds similar.

surfer girl said...

anonymous one: Yes, the future of PC gaming.

anonymous two: Nintendo generally likes things that saw release on consoles not from Sony on VC.

anonymous three: No, I can't confirm that. There is not much reason for Capcom to do this on a sole platform.

anonymous four: Probably not. Yes. Possible, possible.

robotwatson: No clue.

punchy: I never mandated that everything had to be relegated to video games.

1) Yes. 2010/2011.
2) A few.
3) No.
4) Yes.
5) Yes.

anonymous five:
1) Possibly fall.
2) This year, PS360 action-RPG.
3) No clue.
4) No clue.
5) No.

ctarl: Not much.

anonymous six: Sure.

Macka: Infamous. Surprising. Thankfully not.

anonymous seven: An announcement later this year, release next year. It's better than RDR.

anonymous eight:
1) No.
3) Sure.
4) Maybe.

Excel: No.

galerian: No.

a nony-mous: That was just a summary of the IHT article, it has not been described outside of that.

Anonymous said...

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