Los Angeles, CA – December 6, 2007 – Metal Blade Records is proud to announce AS I LAY DYING’s  Grammy Nomination for BEST METAL PERFORMANCE for “Nothing Left,” the first  single from their newest release, AN OCEAN BETWEEN US

 “I thought someone was pulling my leg when I first heard that we're nominated for a Grammy this year,” says vocalist, Tim Lambesis. “I'm completely honored! Who would have thought you could play metal and still make your parents this proud? Now I'll have to go out and rent a tux to wear for the third time in my life. I knew I should have just bought one the first time…”

 This band that Alternative Press calls “…one of the best pure-metal bands America has to offer” had their highest BILLBOARD Top 200 debut of their career with this album (#8) – also the highest debut in their label’s 25-year history.  Metal Blade owner and CEO Brian Slagel comments on the label’s 2 Grammy nominations:  All of us at Metal Blade Records are extremely honored to have As I Lay Dying and King Diamond, nominated for Grammy awards. They both truly deserve this honor for the great artistry they have accomplished on these tremendous releases.

 The acclaim for AS I LAY DYING’s AN OCEAN BETWEEN US is widespread.  Decibel Magazine (USA) states “…to these battered ears (this album) is a revelation…” and Kerrang! (UK) says “(this album is) by far the most aggressive, in your face statement they have ever made.”  Abort Magazine (Canada) adds of their progression “An Ocean Between Us is their largest notch yet. Growing technically and musically as a band, this recording shows a much fuller sound then in previously album.  These twelve tracks show a definite maturity and diversity to the band, there is something here for every fan of tight, fast, smart metal.”

 The bleak, futuristic video for “Nothing Left” was shot in Van Nuys, California at Sound City Studios with Brian Thompson (Killswitch Engage, Angels & Airwaves) lending his directorial talents.  “The high concept storyline mixed with the bands ripping performance should make this video a metal favorite,” says Thompson.  The story, which was conceived by the band and fine-tuned by Thompson, follows a female character through a series of events which takes place within a decaying, future landscape.  The video saw its initial debut on MTV2’s Headbanger’s Ball on August 11th and continues to run periodically on the show.

 AS I LAY DYING is still on the road!  For more information and tour dates go to:   or

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