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Game MODs
BloodBath 6.0 - Info Bloodbath 6.0 is a multiplay/singleplay conversion for Shogo. Features 17 new weapons, excessive violence and blood and (almost) absurdly huge, flashy weapons; which makes this mod an anime-ish mass hysteria of gore and fun.
Defending The Monolith - Info

DTM is a goal oriented, class based mod.Each team will be required to defend a Monolith. The Monolith plays a role similar to the flag in CTF but has some noteable differences. The Monolith objects remain in each teams base for the duration of the game.

The goal of each team is to break through the enemy resistance and destroy their Monolith. When one of the teams manage to destroy the Monolith they win the level.

DTM: Source Code v1.5 This is the Defending The Monolith version 1.5 source code, the most recent version that they were able to dig up. If you're interested in coding for Shogo, this might help you out quite a bit to figure out how/what makes the lithtech engine tick.

Greased With Lovin'

- Greased Beta 4 - Info

- Greased Skins 1.0

A unique mod that is activiely in development! Greased beta 4 was originally designed to fix the flaws in Shogo, but since then has turned into much more. New features of the mod include but are not limited to: New MCA's, colors, skin support, adjustable gravity, limited thrusters, homing missles, and an abundance of new effects!

Instagib v2.0 - Info Originally a proof of concept, this MOD simply removes all weapons and powerups, and in their place gives each player an Instagib Laser Cannon with unlimited ammo. Version 2.0 now includes anticheat protection courtesy of the efforts of Apocalypse_DFA.
Legacy of the Fallen

- All released materials

- LOF Source Code

Legacy of the Fallen was a Shogo add-on being developed Anarchy Arts, later dropped by the development team before it was completed. These are all their materials (41mb including source code).

NOTE: These materials are public domain and no support is available. For public domain mod/TC use only. Commerical use is strictly prohibited by Anarchy Arts.

MadMatch 2.2b - Info Purpose: To provide a modification of Shogo allowing basic DeathMatch TeamPlay for Matches or FFA. Also to allow client administration of these Matches or FFA's via a client voting system so that the server admin need not be present.
Rapid Fire Cheat Fix - Info

This is a server side only rez that will be needed only by people who want to run dedicated servers. This rez once it is loaded will not allow for rapid firing to happen on the server. Servers with this rez loaded will nullify damage to any shots fired that are faster than a normal rate. The server keeps track of the number of shots that are out of the normal fire rate and when that total reaches 100 the client is executed. Then for as long as he stays in the game and tries to rapid fire he will be executed automatically.

Shogo Paint 1.0 - Info Cool MOD that allows you to actually paint while playing Shogo. Colors can be changed and shapes modified, as well as making graffiti of your own!
Shogo Switch - Info

- Dedicated Server Files
Have you ever wished you could use MCA weapons in an OF level, or vice versa? That's what this mod does! Be sure to grab the dedicated server files if you plan on serving.
Sticks 'N Stones CTF - Info Shogo version of the popular Quake Capture the Flag MOD.
**NOTE: Only works with Shogo ver 2.1**
Squishie 2.2 - Info Excellent MOD that allows you to play MCA vs. OF (Squishies). Each team has its own advantages, MCA with weapons and being 60 feet tall, squishies for being small enough to be easily overlooked, and usually having an advantage in players. Generally 1 player picks the MCA, and the rest are squishies trying to take down the massive beast.
Tenma - Info Single player MOD that changes the Akuma to a Tenma mecha in all MCA levels.
Tow Arena 2.0 - Info

- Dedicated Server Files - Info

- TA 2.0 Source Code - Info

- All Tow Arena Maps pack

Based off of the popular Quake MOD called Rocket Arena, but now for Shogo! Basically, you are pitted in an arena, with full weapons/ammo against 1 and only 1 opponent. You and him (or her) fight to the death, and the winner gets to play the next match, while the loser gets to become a spectator and watch the next match.

Be sure to grab the dedicated server files if u plan on serving, and the maps pack (3.6 megs) which includes all the Tow Arena maps to date.

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