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14 Dec 2007
Bazaar 1.0
Open for business.
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Join the Bazaar community to learn more, discuss, and contribute to the project.

#bzr on
Bazaar mailing list


Baz (baz) is a deprecated implementation of the GNU Arch protocol, designed for usability and performance. You're welcome to use Baz, though we highly recommend that you use Bazaar



Features include:

  • all the transparent and robust storage features of GNU Arch
  • direct support for URLs - one command can check out or merge from remote locations
  • integrated GPG support - zero setup for most signed archive situations
  • full compatibility with tla - drop in and start using

  • faster than tla for checkouts, commits, and most local operations

  • svn-like diff, switch, import, export, and log commands

  • explicit tracking of conflicts, preventing accidental commits of files with conflicts
  • a single merge command, allowing merging between arbitrary branches

  • daily builds of the latest code (Baz1x/Downloads)

  • support for Debian version numbers in branch names
  • annotate support

  • internationalisation, via gettext and Rosetta

  • Python bindings
  • a seamless upgrade path to Bazaar.

The current version of Baz is 1.4. Projects using Bazaar include and a variety of Gnome-related software.