The 5-Minute Interview: Imogen Poots, Actress

'There is something I quite like about letting fate decide'

Interview by Sara Newman

Published: 21 May 2007

Imogen Poots, 17, stars in the film "28 Weeks Later", which is out now.

If I weren't talking to you right now I'd be ...

At school or at home revising for my A-levels.

A phrase I use far too often is ...

"That's amazing!", even if something isn't.

I wish people would take more notice of ...

Cyclists. I ride a bike everywhere. There have been some tight squeezes when people zoom past in large vehicles.

The most surprising thing that ever happened to was ...

28 Weeks Later is certainly one, but my biggest shock was last summer when I fell into a pond while playing badminton. I kept running even though I was knee deep in the water. Hope the fish were all right.

I'm not a politician but ...

I think we need more recycling. I know everyone does some and I do a bit, but I know that I could do more and I think that others could too.

I'm good at ...


I'm bad at ...

Absolutely anything to do with computers. I don't like them much as I feel that email has taken over from actually calling someone and speaking to them. But in general the whole tech thing is a bit of a mystery to me.

The best age is to be is ...

Eighteen. Eighteen seems to be the first time when you get a real bit of freedom but can still get away with some things!

In a nutshell, my philosophy is ...

To take each day as it comes. As an actor you never really know what is going to happen and there is something I quite like about that - that feeling of letting fate decide.

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