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The Duel Outlet Selector Valve

Lets you leave two rubber goods set on your N20-02 system and select either without removing one. Mounting systems available to fit all systems.

SKU #1201



The Tire Inflator

Don't get caught without a tire pump.
Our tire inflator will get you going without a lot of hand pumping. Unlike other brands, you can inflate about 15-20 26 inch bike tires to 35-45psi in seconds. You can use the Tire inflator on your bike, quad, dirt bike, and any place there us a tire. The Tire inflator has a built in pressure gage  so you can check pressure. The Tire inflator fits nicely into a water bottle holder. Replacement canisters are available at most retail outlets.

                      SKU #8000


- The Big Difference Is The Quality -
"You Only Have To Buy Our Products Once!"

  The Power Gardener The Pep Gun
Great for Grass Seed, Fertilizers, 
Powdered Insecticides
A 21st Century Solution
To Pest Control
  Pest Control Products!

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