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Below is an email and a picture taken by a friend of ours, Mel Skahan, who spotted a Bigfoot at the location in this photo:

From: Mel Skahan
Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2006 6:37 PM
To: Barone, Don
Subject: Lake pt. II

This is the view of the lake to the north. At the far end of this
plateau is where the rock throwing incident occured, just south of the
northern edge is where we had seen one run away from us.

This lake has always had a history of squatches being heard or seen.
This past two weeks, four of them have been spotted. Now it could have
been that the lil one was spotted two different times in two weeks.
Because that is what was relayed to me in one report.

I personally have experienced them twice in one week, last year. The
rock thrower and the one the one that could out run Dale Earnhart.


Bigfoot Rock throwing area
"Yakima Reservation" in the state of Washington

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