How to Add Extra Pages to Your U.S. Passport

How to Add Extra Pages to Your U.S. Passport
1. The visa/stamp pages in your passport are full or close to full (less than two (2) to four (4) blank pages) 1. Mail completed form DS-4085, Application for Additional Visa Pages, with your passport to the following address:

National Passport Processing
P.O. Box 13408
Philadelphia, PA 19101-3408

2. Click here to Fill out and print form DS-4085
3. Click here for Expedited Service information
2. You travel extensively and need a new passport

You may request more Visa pages in your passport at no additional cost.   To do so, please attach a signed request for additional Visa pages to be added to your application.

Note:  48-page passports are no longer available in the U.S. or abroad.

3. Fee

There is no fee for this service unless you require expedited service.
(See How do I get my passport in a hurry?)

Most Passport Agencies now accept applications only by appointment. Click here for more information.

See Special Requirements for Children Under Age 14.