2 Guns #1(Boom! Studios)

Bobby Beans’ old boss, kingpin Manny Greco, just walked from his trial, the key witness a no show. As much as that might anger or trouble him, right now, Bobby Beans, with his new partner Mark Stigman, is planning a bank heist. But after a troubling visit from Greco, the heist must go down sooner than planned, and Bobby Beans’ troubles are only compounded by the fact that he’s actually Bobby Trench: undercover FBI agent, and Greco knows it. The bank he’s robbing also happens to be a key front for Greco’s operation, and his new partner isn’t exactly what he seems either. Yes, 2 Guns twists and turns like a mountainside highway, and it’s delightful for it. Stephen Grant is operating more on structure than character-driven story here, and with so much plot, deep characterization isn’t an essential. 2 Guns is cinematic popcorn fun, like Reservoir Dogs meets Infernal Affairs (or The Departed if you prefer) with a sunnier disposition. Grant’s punchy dialogue surrounds as story filled with likable characters, explosions, sex and way more than just two guns, and without a doubt the last two pages will leave you needing more. The art by Mat Santoluoco is clean and angular, using a thin line, a style not unlike Mike Avon Oeming’s on Powers. Along with Santoluoco’s animated style, the book benefits greatly from Popart Studios’ colors, as they punch up the visuals with vibrancy that keeps the art and story from ever feeling heavy. Pure entertainment.

4 out of 5 Vikings


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