Video: Robyn: "Handle Me"

Don't put Robyn in a box. The video for the Swedish pop songstress's latest single, "Handle Me", sure tries, and though the results are entertaining, the point seems to be that she's just going to start wriggling her way out from any attempts to contain her. From her excellent 2005 self-titled album that keeps on giving, "Handle Me" is the sound of Robyn giving the brush-off to a "selfish narcissistic psycho freak and bootlicking Nazi creep," with ringing acoustic guitars, hip-hop-informed beats, and a tremendous hook.

In the original video for this song, Robyn plays up her toughness, wearing a hoodie or donning gold chains as pals stand by up to back her up. This time, its more about her quirkiness, as she cycles through a variety of loud outfits and lets her dark eyebrows contrast with her platinum hair. "Your song is the bomb, but you're outrageous," she sings. In Robyn's case, at least, being a little outrageous isn't usually a bad thing.

[from Robyn; out now overseas and due in the U.S. 12/04/07 on Konichiwa]

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