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Whedon promises a 'Season 9' for Buffy fans, teases more for the 'Firefly' crowd and provides a status report on his current workload

By Dustin Hall

Posted July 28, 2007  11:15 PM

There are few creators in the world of comic books or in television who have as fevered and devoted a fan base as Joss Whedon. Before a crowd of hundreds of cheering admirers, Whedon stood alone Saturday night, hypnotizing them with his signature wit and wisdom. When a fan asked how the prolific scribe stayed focused with so many projects, Whedon replied that he keeps 12 clipboards at home, each with an individual project. When those are full, he declines any further projects and lets everything else stay off of his desk until those twelve have been delivered to the fans.

For fans wondering about the contents of those twelve clipboards, Whedon treated attendees with a few tidbits from each:

1. Astonishing X-Men–With the series still running bi-monthly, Joss continues to lead the most exciting team of Marvel’s mutants across the Breakworld. A new creative team is on the horizon, but none can tell what pieces Joss will have left for them to play with after the explosive finale he promised. His final issue is #24, set to ship in November.

2. Runaways–Though his time on X-Men is ending, Runaways continues to build steam. This small book, the creation of Brian K. Vaughan, continues to turn heads among Marvel fans and excel in digest-format sales. Whedon has the teenage team battling the Kingpin and an army of ninjas while traveling through time, all just in the first arc!

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comics–By this point, there’s hardly a fan of Buffy on Earth who doesn’t realize that Dark Horse Comics has been continuing the adventures of Miss Summers in their comic series. Completely in-cannon, fans and creators alike have dubbed the series “Season 8” and are wondering exactly what events will transpire for the young slayer and her new students. Whedon, who personally supervises the writing, added, “I know that you’re all wondering where it’s going to end up. And I can tell you I know exactly where ‘Season 8’ is going to end. But I also know where ‘Season 9’ begins.” Expect Buffy’s adventures to continue long into the future. According to Whedon, there will always be a story to tell for Buffy and her friends. “I couldn’t possibly find ways to kill them all,” he added with a cryptic tone.
4. Angel Comic–Following up the tremendous success of Buffy’s comic, her former lover and soulful vamp Angel gets his own book this fall, also from Dark Horse. Written by Brian Lynch, who wrote the series Spike’s Asylum, Angel’s book takes a slightly different approach from Buffy, being a 12-issue maxi-series rather than a full ongoing. It was uncertain if the series would be strict cannon in the same vein as Buffy. “It will definitely use Season 6’s proposed stories as inspiration, but its not exactly Season 6.” According to Whedon, the lack of budget constraints allows Angel’s world to expand in ways that were never possible with the television series.

5. Fray- Back in 2001, Whedon wrote a one-shot comic about Fray, a slayer from the future of the Buffy-verse. With ‘Season 8’ on shelves, speculation was high about the future of the series, but Whedon assured that he is currently working on more stories for this project.

6. “Serenity” DVD Extended Cut–Set for release on August 21, this special, two-disc version of the film will have all of the extras that Brown Coats were clamoring for, and missing from, the original DVD release. Whedon promises loads of goodies, from “Making of” features to new cast interviews, and possibly some new and deleted scenes to round out the whole package.

7. Serenity Comic–Possibly tying into the DVD release, the success of the Buffy and Angel comics may inspire this highly demanded series to become a regular monthly title.

8. “Goners”–Universal Pictures has given the greenlight to this thriller, written and directed by Whedon, which he keeps shrouded in mystery. The only hint he has given thus far is that it’s the adventures of a young lady, there’s some horror and then there’s some heroics. The filming status is unknown, though it’s still on Universal’s 2008 release board.


9. “Ripper”–Long thought cancelled by disappointed fans, this project has simply changed forms. The adventures of young Rupert Giles, Buffy’s watcher, may not be slated as a full-length series any longer, but Whedon claims that the property has been optioned by BBC for a 90-minute TV movie. The project has been received with open arms by BBC, and could begin filming as soon as 2008.

10. “Cabin in the Woods”–Whedon and scribe Drew Goddard of “Buffy” and “Lost” have just finished writing the script to “Cabin in the Woods.” Due to the sensitive nature of film contracts, Whedon could say no more at the panel, but he did promise it would be “the horror film to end all horror films…literally.” The production studio is yet unannounced.

11. Score to “Serving Girl”–So you say you want to see more of the beautiful Summer Glau, who played the character of “River” in the film “Serenity”? Whedon is currently putting the finishing touches on composing the score to the short film project “Serving Girl” with Summer in the lead, showing off her ballet skills once again.

12. The last clipboard of Joss Whedon remains a bit of a mystery. After his departure from the “Wonder Woman” film project, Whedon has been able to start thinking of new projects. When asked what he would love to do, first and foremost, he simply replied, “A musical. While I live, I will do another musical. They are so difficult to do, but the attraction is just too strong.”

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