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Daft Punk:
Alive 2007

The sensual explosion that was Daft Punk's Alive 2007 show is difficult to overstate-- or reproduce. So rather than create a DVD, Daft Punk's focus on Alive 2007 falls to the reason they were allowed to lug 11 tons of equipment around the world for the last 19 months in the first place: their music. Playing like a flawlessly sequenced and paced greatest hits set, this live recording finds Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo connecting the booms between their three albums, officially cementing one of the year's most rewarding and welcomed comebacks. [Ryan Dombal]


The still reclusive, anonymous dubstep artist follows his critically acclaimed debut with the even richer, more complex, and more enveloping Untrue. Like Luomo's Vocalcity, the work of Massive Attack, or the electronic textures of Radiohead, Burial's music is a homage to dance that works best at home, in the car, on headphones-- his reverb-heavy and mournful songs feel almost like beautiful secrets being whispered to a listener. [Philip Sherburne]
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Record-icon Tue: 01-08-08:
Lupe Fiasco
The Cool
Not quite the concept album we were promised, The Cool still features isolated moments of widescreen drama-- and Fiasco's storytelling abilities, lyrical dextrousness, and willingness to submerge himself in the theatre of it all make for a rewarding sophomore album. [Mark Pytlik]
Record-icon Tue: 01-08-08:
Frelen Mas: Be He Me B-Sides
Before web sensations Annuals make their jump to the majors this fall, we're given this B-side stopgap. [Eric Harvey]

Styles P: Super Gangster (Extraordinary Gentleman)
Just a year after his sophomore album came and went without fanfare, Styles regroups, signs with Koch, and issues the spiritual successor to 2002's underrated A Gangster and a Gentleman. [Evan McGarvey]

Jazkamer & Smegma: Endless Coast
L.A. noise stars combine with Norway's Jazkamer, alias John Hegre and Lasse Marhaug, who enlist here the bass-synth thuggery of No Fun's Carlos Giffoni, on this No Fun release. [Roque Strew]

Spokane: Little Hours
Jagjaguwar band has a sense of consecration in their humble piano, strings, and guitar, and a quiet air of unrushed ritual in their contemplative movement. [Brian Howe]



File-icon-gray Tue: 01-08-08:
Interview: Yeasayer
Pitchfork caught up with the Brooklyn band to talk about their debut full-length, All Hour Cymbals, the drawbacks of being young, poor, and ambitious, and dancing while Rome burns.  [Robbie Mackey]
File-icon-gray Mon: 01-07-08:
Dusty Grooves 3
As we've done the past few years, we dig through the crates and round up some of the best recently released but rarely talked-about compilations and reissues, including Yaala Yaala's Daouda Dembele (among others from that Drag City-supported series), LPs from Luv 'n' Haight, Soundway, and Ashphalt Tango, and entries into the Think Global and Rough Guide series.  [Joe Tangari]
File-icon-gray Fri: 01-04-08:
Guest List: Pinback
Pinback's Rob Crow celebrates his wife's pregnancy, blesses the church of the Casbah, and wipes his ass with this year's favorite purchase. [Interview: Tyler Grisham]  [Rob Crow]
File-icon-gray Thu: 01-03-08:
Guest List: The Tough Alliance
The Tough Alliance's Henning Fürst and Eric Berglund explain why they prefer to record shops, rep a Paris Hilton jam, and admit their love for Jack Bauer. [Interview: Tyler Grisham]  [Henning F├╝rst and Eric Berglund]
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2007 Pitchfork Readers Poll
The results of our first annual readers poll are in and from Arcade Fire to Radiohead [above] to the Shins you weighed in on the year that was and told us your choices for the best records, videos, and live artists of 2007.  [Pitchfork readers]
File-icon-gray Tue: 12-18-07:
Top 50 Albums of 2007
We close out 2007 with our annual review of the year's 50 best albums-- and start a new tradition with our first Pitchfork Readers Poll!  [Pitchfork Staff]