Poker Dictionary

Below we define several slang terms that are used in the Texas Holdem strategy articles on this site. I assume you already know the meaning of "flop", "turn", and other basic poker vocabulary so we'll just define some of the more complex terms.

B&M - Brick and Mortar. Referring to actual casinos that people visit to play cards, as opposed to online casinos.

Bad Beats - When a superior hand is beaten by the dumb luck of another player who should have folded long ago.

Big Slick - Ace + King starting hand in Holdem.

Blind - The small blind and big blind players who are forced to call a portion of the initial bet. Rotates around the table.

Calling Station - A loose, non-aggressive player who calls nearly every bet, rarely raising or folding.

Dominated Hand - A hand that is drawing to three or fewer outs against another hand. Ex. AQ is dominated by AK.

Drawing Dead - A hand that is completely beaten by another hand and cannot possibly win no matter what cards hit the table.

Implied Odds - The profit vs bet expectation that is made based on current pot odds and additional odds based on money expected to be bet later in the hand.

Loose - A player who is not selective with opening hands and rarely folds.

Maniac - A loose, aggressive poker player.

Outs - The number of cards in the deck that if drawn allow a hand to win. Ex. 33 vs AA, 33 is drawing to two outs: the last two 3s left in the deck.

Pocket Pair - A starting hand consisting of a pair. Ex. 22, 33, 44, etc.

Position - Where a player acts in relation to others in the hand. Dealer button and those to the right are considered late position, small blind and those to the left are in early position.

Pot Odds - The amount a player has to pay to call a bet in relation to the size of the pot. Ex. $4 call into a $40 pot is 10:1 pot odds.

Rake - The amount that is taken from each pot in a ring game to pay the casino.

Suck Out - When a beaten hand miraculously draws an out and wins.

Suited Connector - A starting hand that has two suited cards in a sequence. Ex. 78s, JQs, etc.

Tight - A player who is selective with his starting hands and folds when he is beat.

Under the Gun - The player first to act. The first player still in the hand to the left of the dealer button.

WSOP - The World Series of Poker, the most famous poker tournament in the world.

For more terms defined, check out the Poker Jargon Wiki on Wikipedia.