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Cat Power's Next Covers Record: Jukebox

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell

Looks like Cat Power isn't going to have to choose between Covers Record 2 and Covers Record II for the title of the sequel-of-sorts to 2000's Covers Record. The album now has a completely different name: Jukebox.

Chan Marshall's forthcoming, Dirty Delta Blues-assisted spin through the songs of others (well, mostly) will be released January 22 on Matador. In addition to takes on tunes by her favorite songwriters-- a tracklist has yet to be finalized-- Jukebox finds a little room for a pair of Chan originals, one old and one new. "Metal Heart" is an updated version of the Moon Pix standout, while recent live staple and Dylan homage "Song to Bobby" is new to the studio.

Ms. Marshall's ongoing homage to Dusty Springfield continues to roll down those dusty trails on the road, as she prepares to set forth on a brief yet expansive fall tour this weekend in Georgia. Dates after the jump. [MORE...]


The Hives Release Singles Collection

Photo by Joseph Mohan

Either to twist our tongues or to promote the November 13 release of The Black & White Album (we suspect both), the Hives released a six-song sampler called Singles Collection on iTunes today.

Featured on the Collection are five songs from The Black & White Album and an exclusive bonus track recorded for the Cartoon Network's fall season, "Fall Is Just Something Grownups Invented".

The Hives are still on tour with Maroon 5, though their next dates is a headlining show tonight, October 9, in New York City. [MORE...]

Big Dada Turns 10, Plans Comp, DVD, Party

Big Dada, the Ninja Tune-birthed hip-hop offshoot label, has been dropping needles on records for nigh on ten years now. And, since you've been giving them presents in the form of your hard-earned monetary units, they're giving you a CD, a DVD, and a party. Well, you still have to pay for 'em. But, still, the portions are generous.

First, there's a double disc compilation of "more or less" every artist Big Dada's ever deigned to release a record by, titled Well Deep: 10 Years of Big Dada, priced to move, and out October 15. Simultaneously, a separate DVD also called Well Deep digs, well, deep into the Big Dada archives and comes up with every promo video the company's ever made (including Infinite Livez' "infamous" male lactation clip), a half-hour megamix from Diplo pal System D128, and the promise of well-hidden nudity. Now that's a party.

No, wait, this is a party: Big Dada is taking over London's Electrowerkz November 16, with performances from Diplo, Cadence Weapon, Roots Manuva, Mike Ladd, Infinite Livez, Juice Aleem, Xrabit, and more. The party will reportedly go until 6 a.m.; a bit late for a 10 year old, no? [MORE...]

Beach House Reveal New Album: Devotion
Debut Reissued on Vinyl

We're practically three months from 2008-- it can't possibly be time to start discussing the most anticipated records of next year, can it? Guess so, 'cause here comes one now: Devotion, beauteous Baltimorean duo Beach House's follow-up their stellar eponymous debut of last year. The disc drops February 26 on Carpark Records, and the tracklist is available beyond the jump way down there. It includes a cover of Daniel Johnston's "Some Things Last a Long Time".

As they told us back in June, Devotion takes the comparatively busy "Master of None" as its sonic reference point, and Victoria sounds extra caffeinated this time out.

In other Beach House news, their debut LP is being issued on vinyl -- again! Having sold out of its initial run on Heart Break Beat Records, the label is re-pressing it on white vinyl, re-sticking it into deluxe jackets, and re-introducing it to crates in record stores the world over. There's no bonus tracks; it's just the same old great dream pop record. It's available now. And if you hunger for even more Victoria, remember that she collaborates with Arbouretum on a cover of Thalia Zedek's "Bus Stop" on the Thrill Jockey anniversary box set.

Beach House have also added a few more dates to their world tour since the last time we reported 'em. They're right here after the jump. [MORE...]


Photos: David Byrne With Senior Citizens Choir [New York, NY; 10/07/07]

Photos © Mark Tusk 2007

David Byrne was hardly the only one sporting some lovely silver locks this past weekend at NYC's Paris Bar in the National Arts Club. The former Talking Head turned up for a surprise guest appearance with Young @ Heart Chorus, a spirited choir comprised of indie-savvy septuagenarians and octogenarians (perhaps you're already aware of their Sonic Youth-covering ways?).

Mr. Byrne joined the sonorous senior citizens for a rendition of Talking Heads classic "Heaven" and a new Byrne song called "One Fine Day". This also marked Young @ Heart's first full-length concert in NYC, as well as Byrne's first performance as part of the intimate, parlor-rocking Paris Bar series.

Byrne, as previously reported, has bundled his opera-intended Knee Plays for late October CD/DVD release via Nonesuch. He'll also chat up such diverse topics as biology, culture, sex, beauty, genes, and creativity at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art tomorrow (October 10).


Death Cab, Shins, Spoon, Cure on Darfur Benefit Comp
Also: Animal Collective, Bright Eyes, Bloc Party

A heap of the biggest names in the indie universe have answered Waxploitation's call to contribute tracks to the first installment of the label's Causes series. Causes 1 will feature rare and exclusive tunes from Death Cab for Cutie, the Shins, Animal Collective, Spoon, Bright Eyes, the Cure, Bloc Party, the Black Keys, Cornelius, David Sylvian, and more.

This first compilation takes the Darfur conflict as the object of its aid, and 100% of the proceeds from sales of the comp will go to one of three non-profits: Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, and Oxfam America.

Causes 1 comes out November 27. It will be available on iTunes for only 90 days, in order to highlight the urgency of the situation in Darfur. Waxploitation will also issue a limited edition CD, which is available for pre-order by signing up here.

Even more artists have partnered with Waxploitation for another Darfur support initiative: a charity auction through MissionFish, eBay's non-profit partner. Very soon, the label will auction signed guitars and other rare items from TV on the Radio, Björk, the Flaming Lips, Common, Coldplay, Avril Lavigne, Deftones,, Nickelback. Hey, it's a good cause! [MORE...]

Tunng Issue Comments in the U.S., Tour

We begin our Tunng update with a bit of old news: the UK act's latest LP Good Arrows is out pretty much everywhere now, having been released in the U.S. late last month on Thrill Jockey.

But there's Tunng that remains unheard in these parts; Tunng like Comments of the Inner Chorus, released last year in their native UK but never quite seaworthy enough to make it across the Atlantic without some water wings and a beefy import tag. That is, until now. Thrill Jockey, the band's new U.S. label, will release Comments in the U.S. October 23. No bonus tracks or anything like that: just some pure, uncut Tunng. Thanks!

And, hey, while Tunng's sending stuff to the States, they must've figured they might as well come along themselves. Following their shows this week in the UK, they'll do a couple weeks over here amongst the Yanks. [MORE...]

Website Set Up to Help Defendant in RIAA Case

Jammie Thomas-- the Minnesota woman who recently became the first person in the U.S. convicted of music sharing copyright infringement in a jury trial-- is appealing the decision of the Minnesota federal court, which sentenced her to a fine of $222,000 after handing down its verdict.

In a YouTube video stating her plea, Thomas makes clear that she doesn't plan to back down from the faceless RIAA: "I will be a thorn in their sides for the rest of my life."

And appropriate to the Web 2.0 era, Thomas wants your help in solidarity with her thorniness. A MySpace supporter of hers has started a site,, where sympathizers can make donations to Thomas' legal fund. So far, the site has raised almost $4,000 through PayPal donations.

However, Thomas says in the aforementioned YouTube video that the money isn't the important part, it's the awareness raised: "My goal is to get this information out to everyone as fast as possible and to show the RIAA that I am not going anywhere."

Yo La Tengo Kick Off "Freewheeling" Tour Tonight
Look, Ira's freewheelin' already

Photo by Kirstie Shanley

Loose, limber, and ready to lay it all out, the venerable New Jersey institution known as Yo La Tengo will lope their way around North America on their Freewheeling Yo La Tengo tour, which kicks off this evening in Pittsburgh.

For a month, the band will play shows of an unstructured nature, using last year's righteous ...Beat Your Ass LP as the jump off, but with nary a musical diversion too far out, nary an anecdote too rambling and incoherent. Their website describes the tour like so: "A little bit 'Storytellers', a little bit 'Unplugged', with a soupçon of their famously varied Hanukkah shows, it will feature the band playing an almost-acoustic set of songs from their entire catalog, with stories about their life as a band, and an encouraged back-and-forth with the audience."

Freewheeling, see? That's just how they're gonna roll. [MORE...]


Panda Bear DVD Snafu Resolved With Free Download

While Panda Bear's mind has turned to more Collective pursuits recently, the previously reported DVD of the psychedelic mammal's very brief summer tour has experienced some distribution hang-ups.

After receiving a much higher volume of requests for the free DVD than he originally expected,'s Mike decided to start charging five dollars per order to cover costs. This raised legal issues regarding payment for publishing, what with Mike making any kind of money off of a Panda Bear product. (Read the full explanation here.)

But thanks to Mike and Panda Bear's diligence, they found a solution that still allows people to see the footage and to do so for free, making legal concerns moot. That solution? Offer the DVD as a free download thanks to the wonders of the internet. The download comes in a variety of formats, explained by Mike here. As for the costs Mike accrued putting together the DVD, Panda Bear is covering all of them. What a gentle giant.

Those who already shelled out a hard-earned fiver for the DVD will receive refunds shortly, if they haven't already.

Animal Collective still have quite a few tour dates left this year. Their next show is in Stockholm on October 15. [MORE...]


Radiohead's In Rainbows Premieres on Xfm Radio

Consider this a chance to try before you (don't?) buy: tomorrow (October 10), London-based radio station Xfm will broadcast Radiohead's seventh and latest opus, the much-chattered-about In Rainbows, in its entirety. The on-air unveiling begins at noon UK-time, which translates to sometime in the wee hours of the morning for Radiohead's fans in North and South America. Xfm claim to have the "world radio exclusive" on this one, and who are we to argue with a press release?

Even if you don't live in one of the several British Isles locales where Xfm broadcasts on the airwaves, you can always turn to the webwaves to catch the station disseminating that red hot new Radiohead digitally (Windows Media compatible only, boo).

Tomorrow, of course, is also the day Radiohead make In Rainbows available for download, via their site, for the fair price of whatever the heck you want to pay for it. Not that you need reminding, but there's also the deluxe discbox due in December and the regular CD release (label status: still nebulous) slated for early next year.

Voxtrot Cancel Shows Due to Surgery, Add Euro Dates

They've scheduled the thing, de-scheduled the thing to link up with fellow fresh-faced youngsters Arctic Monkeys, then rescheduled the thing. But now, Voxtrot's fall tour has hit yet another snag.

Just a week after the last reshuffling, they've been forced to cancel a pair of dates: last night in Hamilton, Ontario, and tonight's gig in Toronto. Their excuse-- posted in a MySpace bulletin yesterday afternoon-- explains all:

Sorry everyone, but Voxtrot is canceling off of tonight's show at Club Absinthe in Hamilton, ONT. If you've seen the band in the last couple days, I'm sure you're aware that Ramesh has been a bit under the weather. He was taken to the hospital after last night's show in Philly, and underwent minor surgery this morning. Thankfully he's okay.

Rest up, Ramesh! Again, tonight's Toronto show definitely isn't happening, as the band has amended the itinerary on their MySpace to include "CANCELLED" behind that Mod Club date.

As a consolation for you jet-setting Canadian types, the band have quickly followed the announcement of cancelled gigs with a couple weeks in Europe. [MORE...]

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