Ball out of play

The ball shall be deemed out of play when:

  it completely crosses the goal line or touch line, whether along the
    ground or through the air
  play has been stopped by the referees
  it hits the ceiling
Ball in play

The ball shall be deemed in play at all other times, including when:

  it rebounds off a goalpost or the crossbar onto the pitch
  it rebounds off either of the referees while they are on the pitch

  When a match is played on an indoor pitch and the ball hits the
    ceiling, play shall be restarted with a kick-in to the opponents of
    the team that last touched the ball. The kick-in shall be taken from
    the point on the touch line nearest to the place on the ground
    above which the ball hit the ceiling.

  The minimum height of ceilings must be 4 m and is stipulated in
    the competition regulations.
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