The penalty kick

A penalty kick is awarded against a team that commits any of the
infringements for which a direct free kick is awarded inside its own
penalty area and while the ball is in play.

A goal may be scored directly from a penalty kick.

Additional time shall be allowed for a penalty kick to be taken at the
end of each half or at the end of each period of extra time.
Position of the ball and the players
The ball:
  shall be placed on the penalty mark

The player taking the penalty kick:
  shall be duly nominated

The defending goalkeeper:
  shall stay on his goal line, facing the kicker and between the     goalposts until the ball has been put into play

The players other than the kicker shall be situated:
  on the pitch
  outside the penalty area
  behind or to the sides of the penalty mark
  at least 5 m from the penalty mark
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