A player shall not use equipment or wear anything (including any kind of jewellery) that could be dangerous to himself or another player.
Basic equipment

The basic compulsory equipment of a player comprises the following separate articles:

  a jersey or shirt
  shorts - if thermal undershorts are worn, these shall be of     the same main colour as the shorts
  footwear - the only types of footwear permitted are canvas     or soft-leather training or gymnastic shoes with soles of     rubber or a similar material

  shall be entirely covered by the socks
  shall be made of a suitable material (rubber, plastic or similar substances)
  shall provide a reasonable degree of protection

  the goalkeeper is permitted to wear long trousers
  each goalkeeper shall wear colours that easily distinguish him from
    the other players and the referees
  if an outfi eld player replaces a goalkeeper, he shall wear a goalkeeper’s
    jersey with his number marked on the back

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