A timekeeper and third referee shall be appointed. They shall be positioned
off the pitch, level with the halfway line and on the same side as the substitution zones.
The timekeeper and the third referee shall be equipped with a suitable clock (chronometer) and the necessary equipment to keep a record of
accumulated fouls, which shall be supplied by the association or club under whose jurisdiction the match is being played.
The timekeeper

  ensure that the duration of the match complies with the rovisions     of Law 8 by:

 – starting the chronometer after kick-off
 – stopping the chronometer when the ball is out of play
 – restarting it after a kick-in, a goal clearance, a corner kick, a free
    kick, kicks from the penalty mark or second penalty mark, a     timeout or a dropped ball

  time the one-minute time-out
  time the two-minute expulsion period when a player has been     sent off
  indicate the end of the fi rst half, the end of the match, the end of
    the periods of extra time and the end of time-outs with a whistle
    or acoustic signal distinct from the one used by the referee
  keep a record of all time-outs remaining to each team, keep the
    referees and teams informed in this regard and indicate     permission for a time-out when requested by an offi cial from     either team (Law 8)
  keep a record of the fi rst 5 accumulated fouls committed by each
    team signalled by the referees in each half of the match and use
    a whistle or acoustic signal distinct from the one used by the     eferee to indicate when a team has committed its fi fth     accumulated foul
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