Periods of play

The match shall last two equal periods of 20 minutes.
The timekeeping shall be carried out by a timekeeper, whose duties are defi ned in Law 7.
The duration of either half may be prolonged to enable a penalty kick to be taken, or for a direct free kick to be taken against a team that has committed more than fi ve accumulated fouls.

The teams are entitled to a one-minute time-out in each half.

The following conditions apply to a time-out:

  the team offi cials are authorised to request the timekeeper for a
    one-minute time-out
  a one-minute time-out may be requested at any time but is     permitted only when the team requesting the time-out is in     possession of the ball
  the timekeeper indicates permission for a time-out when the ball is
    out of play using a whistle or another acoustic signal distinct from
    the ones used by the referees
  when a time-out is granted, the substitutes shall stay off the     pitch. Players may only be substituted at the end of a time-out.     The offi - cial issuing the instructions may not enter the pitch
  a team that does not request a time-out in the fi rst half of the
    match shall only be entitled to one time-out during the second half
Half-time interval

The half-time interval shall not exceed 15 minutes.
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