Saturday, January 5, 2008

Disaster: Ubisoft and the Kingdom of Delayed Product

Kudgel informs of the latest episode of the perpetual situation comedy known as Ubisoft.

The videogame based on Lost was so terrible that when the company sent it to Sony for approval, they refused, saying "no, your game is too boring and has no gameplay, we don't want it on the Playstation 3." This videogame will beat records at being bad and will bomb really hard.

The next Splinter Cell game has been redone three times over already. Developers just can't seem to include good gameplay in it. That's part of why it got delayed. Same can be said about Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The story was abysmal and it was supposed to be a prequel to Vegas in the early stages of development. Developers then said it made no sense at all, because the first Vegas game finished with a "To Be Continued" screen. They delayed it to work on the story and add some maps.

Far Cry 2 has also been delayed because it was terrible. The game does not look like NEAR what has been shown. Even with the best PC available to the developers, the game just does not match what has been shown so far. Far Cry 2 is both bad and requires one hell of a machine (PC) to run.


Andy said...

Then on what kind of machine they runed, shown in this video?

Its means that they will downgrade the pc ver just to run on consoles?

Macka said...

Hmm strange for such a big publisher to make so many BIG mistakes.
"Lost" game part was funny and Sony not wanting it on PS3. LOL

MAIKEL said...

lost will be a good game for those who watch the series (like me) all who doesnt it will be boring and confusing

Ciel said...

LOL Noobiesoft. The new EA. Or EA's ugly sister who looks occasionally looks okay in certain lighing.

Anonymous said...

Surfer Girl is wrong about Far Cry 2 and Rainbow Six delay reasons. Far Cry 2 looks the same as it did when shown (and in fact it looks better now, no downgrades have been made).

PilarVIRUS said...

"big publisher to make so many BIG mistakes"

Will they are theying there best that has to count for something

felman said...

bad that Sony wouldn't approve? The last game I remember Sony saying that about was Charlie's Angels.

Anonymous said...

yeah i kinda doubt sony would say that. they're smart enough to know that lost would sell like hot cakes regardless of how shitty it is. surfer girl obviously isnt smart enough to figure that out.

EddieValiant said...

Why Ubi decided to use a modded GRAW engine instead of a modded Far Cry engine for Lost I'll never know. Seems like an 'island engine' would work better than one designed for urban environments.

1) Will fans of the show [Lost] be happy with the game at all? Granted, I didn't think it would be the best game ever, but I looked forward to learning some more about the mythology of the show.

2) How has Splinter Cell been 'redone'? Is it still sporting the same non-Splinter Cell, Assassins Creed-esque crowd madness we saw before?

3) Speaking of Disaster and unfun games with no gameplay - What happened to Disaster? It was one of the first Wii games that caught my attention, and it seemed like Nintendo put some weight on it early on.

4) Can you name one GOOD thing coming from Ubi? (There is at least one right?)

5) Now that it's 2008 - how do you think most game companies will announce their games? E3 2007 seemed to get the shaft, as there were a bunch of casual announcements in May. Are we just going to keep seeing a flurry

PS - Sony passed on an unfun game with no gameplay? The irony.

Anonymous said...

anonymous person, Sony DOES NOT want Myst on any of its machines. They want something that requires the controller to be used. That is why Lost was rejected.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, developers have go to stop this high pc requirements BS. If the game can't be run on a two/three year old computer, then fix it so it does.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous person, Sony DOES NOT want Myst on any of its machines. They want something that requires the controller to be used. That is why Lost was rejected."

cough eyeofjudgement cough

Anonymous said...

Re: Lost
You realise Sony/MS/Nintendo will approve or deny games before they're actually finished, right? You fill out some questionaires about the game in early production. You don't go gold and then send it out.

J.Goodwin said...

Sony's North American branch has a habit of refusing games. They refused a whole shitload of stuff from SNK-Playmore in the run up to the PS3's release (mainly re-release compilations of old Neo Geo titles, which is kind of what the company is running on right now. I love Neo Geo, still have one in my apartment, along with a growing collection of games, but they really do need to start making more new original games instead of relying on the same three properties (and really, it's just two of them at this point, and a few oddball things for DS).

Now it's all flooding out. As soon as they needed more releases to prove that the PS2 wasn't quite dead yet since the PS3 was DOA, their standards dropped quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

What major convention will the new Zelda Wii be announced at?

Plus Miyamoto said Twilight Princess was going to be the "last Zelda of it's kind." What does that mean?

fiero911 said...

you seem to be getting most of Ubi's insider information, but anywayz, i feel that the Sc series has been killed and will never be the same again, wheras Far Cry 2 never managed to catch my attention

GrimyGunZ said...

Sad to hear about RB6 v2. but at least it seems that the game play will be solid once again. the story was pretty much forgettable in the first but made sense in giving the users a reason to care a little bit.

Anonymous said...

From all the talk about Ubisoft's efforts I would like to ask you what is their stance about the Wii.Do they intend to develop for the platform their prior franchises like Assassin's Creed,Splinter Cell,Rainbow Six and Prince of Persia or they will keep releasing shovelware just to use the money towards the more powerful machines?

samfish said...

Hiya Surfer Girl,
A few questions:

• Any clue as to what Platinum Games (formerly Seeds, formerly Clover Studios) is working on?
Or what consoles they're developing for?
• Any chance of a spiritual successor-type game to God Hand or Okami?

• Is the rumored Kid Icarus Wii happening or not?

• Some website (I think it was speculated the other day that EA might buy Sega (and Atari). What do you think the odds are of them buying Sega?

And what do you think of Obama winning Iowa the other night?

Take care!

RandomPickaxe said...

Hey Surfer Girl,

Just some quick questions if you would be so kind.

1. Is Final Fantasy XIII coming out in any region this year?

2. Has Resident Evil 5 been delayed until 2009?

Thanks in advance!

Josh said...


You do know Myst is on PSP, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey surfer girl i just have a few questions. A while ago you said that Beyond good and evil 2 is in development.
When can we expect to hear from Ubisoft about the game? This year at E3 or later??

osso said...

What did Sony mean by "has no gameplay"?

That it didn't have enough action or something?

I am sort of wondering if it was an adventure game or something and it's getting taken to the graveyard because it tried to do something interesting.

Which would suck, since I like adventure games.

p.s. all the naysayer anonymous messages are borderline creepy

Shameless said...

I don’t know Kudgel neither do I care about any of those games in that list. The only thing that strikes me when reading that piece is the overuse of the word “gameplay”. No gameplay must be the most vaguely reason to deny a game on a system. Is a game with no gameplay even a game? No good “gameplay” for splinter cell either? Sucks for Ubi that they lost the plot if all this true, but yeah whatever.

What is interesting however is the first question that samfish made. I would love to hear an answer, specially something new in the spirit of God Hand would make my day.

Billy Dee said...

Hey Surfer Girl,
Whats Going on with The Dark Knight Game?

surfer girl said...

andy: Likely.

1) I'm not a Lost fan, but what I saw was a terrible licensed Myst clone.
2) Yes.
3) Disaster is still on track for a release later this year.
4) Darkworks' Alive, whatever Montpelier is doing
5) Outside of E3.

anonymous one: Likely E3. Not a clue.

anonymous two: There is a difference in technical capabilities between Wii and next-gen platforms. That being said Prince of Persia is the only one of those franchises with a future on the Wii.

samfish: Don't know. Possible. Probably not. Very, very unlikely. Surprise.

randompickaxe: No. I don't think RE5 was ever scheduled to come out before 09.

anonymous three: This year.

osso: It has no action. Adventure game would not be apt, there was no sense of adventure. Unless something changed since I saw it.

billy dee: It's being worked on.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Battlefield: Bad Company?

Havraha said...

Speaking of Disasters, Surfergirl ... Activision as hired Beenox Studios to port the multiplatform versions of 007 James Bond. Now ... its a movie game. From Activision. So I mean, the level of crap oozing from it is already apparent, but to have the porters of Shrek the Third working on it ... what distance would you be from this game before you touched it with a pole?

MAIKEL said...

The videogame based on Lost was so terrible that when the company sent it to Sony for approval, they refused, saying "no, your game is too boring and has no gameplay, we don't want it on the Playstation 3." This videogame will beat records at being bad and will bomb really hard"

what does this mean is the game being deleid? or cenceld ?what about xbox360 will it still releas on feb 25? please i have waited a long time for thise game .i love the series LOST do you have any info about 360 canceld or delied?

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious.

Your source for the FarCry2 comment is what, a friend of a friend down the pub said it. Come on, you cant just say something like that with no foundation nor understanding. All you do is provoke stereo-typical remarks like that "noobiesoft" idiot above who obvious has no idea or knowledge of games and engines and the technologies behind them.

surfer girl said...

anonymous one: I'm not a big FPS fan, but I am quite impressed by it. I like destructable environments, a good storyline, and being reminded of M*A*S*H (the Altman film, not the inferior franchise that followed) playing a game.

havraha: I have not seen the game, so I don't know.

maikel: It is not canceled, the 360 version is still on track for release next month.

anonymous two: No, the source is Ubisoft.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Alone In The Dark 5? Any word on a release date?

ProgrammingAce said...

Alone in the Dark may very well be canceled...

As for FarCry 2, just one look at the sales for Crysis tells Crytek all they need to know about making a PC only game that's well beyond the capabilities of the average user.

There are lots of games that sony/nintendo/microsoft won't approve. Normally the publisher has to get permission before development is really underway, most are given the axe there.

MAIKEL said...

Alone in the Dark will not be canceld (they anounced the ps2\wii varsion because everybody wants the game on ps2 and atari wants moore mooney)
its too good to be canceld
atari have some problemes bot they wont cancel Alone in the Dark one of the best games they have.some say they drooped he pc version and stay with consoles only ps360 psii.

proaps SG knows somthing we dont.

about FarCry 2 they probebly delied because they want to make some changes after the ps360 anouncment
they want to release the versio (pc.consol)at the same time because its ubvios that pc sells are driven by console sells and not the other way around.
as a LOST fan i am realy exeited about the 360 release of lost the vg next month.
thx SG for the info

Anonymous said...

Which are the next obsidian games?

Aliens RPG and ???

Anonymous said...

Dear EA PR shill, and few weeks ago you gave EA a verbal blow job concerning their commitment to quality and innovation or whatever, I guess you've never played madden/nba live. Now you're bashing a great game company like UBI? Yeah your agenda is pretty obvious. fuck you fuck ea and fuck all corporate cock sucking hacks.

Anonymous said...

Hey surfer girl, I have three questions.

1.Will starcraft 2 come to consoles or stay on the pc only? If yes, when can we expect it?
2.When will diablo 3 be announced?
3.Will diablo 3 come to consoles?

teo said...

Do people use you as a medium to leak stuff?

Anonymous said...

sufer girl,do you think PC gaming will die and the console gaming is the future of gaming,or
a new technology of gaming will replace both?

Tony said...

Surfer Girl, I know you've answered this question before, but I just wanted to find out if anything has changed...

Word is that LittleBigPlanet will be out in September (at least in Europe). So, I'm wondering if this is true, or if the release date of April that you previously stated is true.

Thomas said...

Is there a MySims 2 in the works?

Ubi is stunting the industry. said...

Anonymous whinefest shill, you do know that Ubisoft is a corporation, right? Believe it or not, Ubisoft is not an altruistic organization dedicated to making the children of the world happy with their games. Madden consistently averages 80% on Gamerankings, that is not what I would call a terrible game. NBA Live averages in the 70s, not a bad game.

Electronic Arts does not release trash like Horsez 2, Beowulf: The Game, Monster 4X4 World Circuit, Spelling Spree!, GT Pro Series, Cosmic Family, Dogz 2, Catz 2, Cranium Kabookii, Far Cry Vengeance, TMNT, Surf's Up, Red Steel, Charlie's Angels (remember that one that did not pass Sony's approval process like the Lost game mentioned above), Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, AND 1 Streetball (NBA Street rip-off), 187 Ride or Die (undebatable that this one is pandering, disgusting and offensive), Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, Conflict Zone: Modern War Strategy, Disney's Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure, Horsez, Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal, Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction, The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee, The Legend of Alon D'ar, The Sum of All Fears, Astonishia Story, Mind Quiz, Prince of Persia: Revelations, Rocky Balboa, a vastly inferior and rushed Wii port of Driver: Parallel Lines, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Essentials, Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit, Import Tuner Challenge, Over G Fighters, Rayman Raving Rabbids, WarTech: Senko no Ronde, and dozens of others.

We do not profit on the false, arrogant assumption that Americans are morons who will consume anything. Maybe Ubisoft should start doing that too.

Bszelda said...

When can we possibly expect an announcement of a new Golden Sun and for what systems will the new game be on? I would think the next logical step for the series is to go to the Wii platform. The series could recieve a huge amount of cut-scenes and maybe even online gameplay or motion-compatible gameplay! :-D

WildVulture said...

Ubi is stunting the industry: While a lot of those games are clunkers, I have to stand up for Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit and Wartech: Senko no Ronde. Both of those games were a ton of fun and offered unique gameplay. And Rabbids was a really fun party game.
Any company that releases a ton of games is going to have some subpar games, but they also have a lot of bright spots too. I love Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon games, and Assassin's Creed was a lot better than I was expecting.
In the end, saying you don't like a company because they have one bad development team is akin to saying you don't like a baseball team because their shortstop isn't very good.
EA and Ubi both put out good games and bad ones. It's funny, we're the ones spending the money they're trying to get, they should have loyalty to us, not the other way around.

Electronic Arts is stunting the industry said...

I'm sick of these insulting lies about Ubisoft from Electronic Arts and their propagandist Surfer Girl, who probably will not put up this comment.

Ubi is stunting the industry, you disgust me with your constant lies and Ubisoft and your employer, a company clearly intimated by Ubisoft's commitment to quality and innovation that has lead to wide acceptance of video and computer games throughout the world, as evidenced by Electronic Arts hostile and strong-arming actions. Ubisoft is a company that does not stick to routine; rather, Ubisoft takes bold risks and opts to not make the same game twice. Ubisoft also ensures that everything we release is complete and finished before it comes out, if a game needs to get delayed to ensure it is the best possible game, it will be delayed. Ubisoft's Batman title, Batman Vengence got an 8.0 from IGN (the most credible and biggest video game site on the internet), discrediting the notion of a cursed license. But when Electronic Arts got the license for Batman, their title got a mediocre 6.8 score, as it was an uninspired rip-off of Splinter Cell, Ubisoft's classic stealth franchise that set the standards for stealth video games many bars higher. Ubisoft does not publish yearly sports franchises that incrementally include more and more superfluous features to distinct them from last year's product. Electronic Arts releases franchise, franchise, franchise, whether it is Madden, The Sims, Need for Speed, NBA Live, Tiger Woods PGA, SSX, Battlefield, Command & Conquer, Burnout, NASCAR, Def Jam, Medal of Honor, Harry Potter, it does not matter, there is a update of the franchise every year. When there is the rare new franchise, it is a clone like The Godfather -GTA. Army of Two -Call of Duty, there is zero commitment to innovation. Ubisoft, as a company that takes risks and innovates, is bound to make a few mistakes along the way. We are trusted worldwide as the best game company that there is, Electronic Arts is not and is thus scared.

Ubi is stunting the industry said...

Electronic Arts is stunting the industry, Electronic Arts has nothing to do with this blog, it is not from an employee of the company either.

Did you play Army of Two and The Godfather or did you just take that from Wikipedia?

Anonymous said...

So what does this mean for the PS3 version of Lost? Will it be released this year or is it cancelled completely?

Anonymous said...

SurferGirl, so your saying your source Ubisoft. told you that their own game was "Far Cry 2 has also been delayed because it was terrible.The game does not look like NEAR what has been shown" So you expect us to believe that they slated their own product directly to you?

EddieValiant said...

@ Ubi vs EA children:

I love Ubi as much as the next guy, but you can't overlook their faults. Yes, EA has their faults (MADDEN!), but Ubi is no shining candle either. Look at their Wii support thus far - crappy port after crappy the point where they even apologized....and then created and shipped Cranium Kabooki when it was FULL of bugs. Yes, on the whole, I like Ubi's games better than EA's, but both companies have good and bad qualities about them.

Sheesh, can't fanboyism just stick to consoles like the good ol' days?

Anonymous said...

i highly doubt sony rejected a lost game in any shape or form. to even say they did is ridiculous on multiple fronts.

anyway, whats the scoop on nintendo's next titles? how long before the inevitable announcements happen. will it be at GDC?

peterwilson said...

Hello there!

Just wondering, do you have any inside knowledge on what's going on with the next 'proper' Sonic game? I well want another one on the 360 (a good one this time)


King Boo said...

Any news of Perfect Dark 2?

Rare (Goldeneye, Banjo, Perfect Dark) in Virtual Console or Live Marketplace?

Any news/rumors about this year E3 announcements?

Thanks ;)

Anonymous said...

Great blog you have :)

Couple of questions I hope your moles have heard things about:)

1: How far from release is Mercenaries 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company

2: Is there a new need for speed slated for this year

3: About that Alone in the dark 5 game...Have you heard anything about how good it is...seems to been forever in development.

AznSniper said...

Any chance for a Bloody Roar 5 or is Eighting and Hudson Soft busy? And it would likely be on PS3 correct?

Will Bleach have its series hit the PS3 since Sony does publish and develop some of the series?

When is Atlus going to unveil the Shin Megami Tensei game for PS3?

Is 2 Days To Vegas a game to be excited about? When will we see and hear more about this game? PC/PS360 correct?

Any particular reason why Killing Day was cancelled by Ubisoft?

Mr Blonde said...

Whats happening to these games? Are they still in production or are they cancelled?

1.Coded Arms Assault
3.Interstellar Marines
5.Lord of the rings:The white Council
7.the wall
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