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Where Can I Buy A Lochgelly Tawse?

The Lochgelly Tawse is still manufactured in small quantities, in Lochgelly and is bought by collectors.

The Tawse comes in four weights and is sold in a lined wooden presentation/display box which is hand signed by Margaret Dick.

Extra Heavy Weight - 3 Tail costs £250.00
Extra Heavy Weight - 2Tail costs £200.00

Heavy Weight - 3 Tail costs £200.00
Heavy Weight - 2 Tail costs £175.00

Medium Weight - 3 Tail costs £140.00
Medium Weight - 2Tail costs £120.00

Light Weight - 3 Tail costs £120.00
Light Weight - 2Tail costs £100.00

The Tawse also comes in a miniature size (approx. 12 inches) light weight version for £55.00. This is more than just a novelty item. The half size Tawse was manufactured and used in some primary schools.

Stamp 1 Stamp 2 Stamp 3 Stamp 4

A genuine Lochgelly Tawse will have one of the above manufacturers stamps on it. Margaret Dick is authorized to use any one of the stamps on your tawse.

Stamp 1: R. Philp & Son Makers Lochgelly

Stamp 2: G.W.Dick & Son LTD Makers Lochgelly

Stamp 3: G.W Dick Saddler Lochgelly

Stamp 4: John.J.Dick Maker Lochgelly

To order send cheque/postal orders to:

John J Dick Leathergoods,
P.O.Box 14664,
Lochgelly, Fife

Please remember and state which tawse and which stamp you require.

Contact Details: Tel/Fax: 01592 784 278