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Knott’s Annual Haunt offers more than 1,000 fully costumed, very-alive creatures wandering the park, mazes and rethemed rides, all determined to make a lasting impression on you face to face.

Ghost Town
You’re never safe from our infamous ghouls, ghosts, goblins and other hideous beasts lurking in Ghost Town’s hundreds of nooks and crannies. Beware of Werewolf, Grim Reaper, half-faced Miss Purdy, The Bride, the notorious Sliders and the hundreds of other “gruesomes” whose sole intent is to make your visit with us utterly unpleasant. You can also visit the Gypsy Camp for palm and tarot card readings.

Silver Bullet Throat
When the Silver Bullet Cowboy came to Calico his heart was pure, but the Halloween season brings out the monster in our resident gunslinger. As night falls our champion undergoes a hideous transformation and roams the “Silver Bullet Mine Town” with a posse of evil miners and other creatures of the night.

Camp Snoopy
A tranquil kingdom swept by a terrible plague, its inhabitants doomed to eternal suffering. Seeking revenge, the tortured, scarred souls search for the one responsible – unleashing their fury on anyone who dares to run the Gauntlet!

The Boardwalk
The living dead roam the Boardwalk to cause misery in this eerie zone featuring entertainment more easily defined as surreal and sinister rather than scary. Watch your back as the grotesque, zombie revelers are always looking for victims to add to their gruesome party.

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