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Making Split Rings Split Rings

How To Make Split Rings

2 Shuttles wound with different color thread

Knot the two shuttles together.

With one shuttle make a ring of 6 double stitches.

Lay this shuttle down

Put the knot between your thumb and index finger.

Rotate your hand so your palm is facing upward.

Pick up the second shuttle and make the second half of the double stitch.


Just slide the loop along until it rests up against the knot.

Make the first half of the double stitch.

Continue until you have made 6 double stitches. Do Not Transfer any of the stitches made on the split side of the ring

Lay down the second shuttle and pick up the first shuttle.

Pull the ring closed using the first shuttle.

You now have a two colored ring with both thread coming out of the top.

Working the split side of the ring with

the second shuttle.


Another view of working the split side of

the ring. Note how the loops are just slid along the thread around the left

hand and not transferred.

The ring is done and I am now ready to
close the ring by pulling shuttle one (white thread)

Using Split Rings

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