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Califone, Fugazi Members Soundtrack Brent Green Films

Photo by Sanchez and Kitahara

Now that their shows with Iron & Wine are over, the dudes in Califone are basking in the glory of a tour well done and plotting their next collaborative venture. That venture takes the form of some gigs providing live soundtracks to animated movies by Brent Green. Green, as you may recall, directed the spooky clip for Roots and Crowns' "Spider's House".

These shows take place everywhere from Houston to NYC to Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, and honestly, the entire schedule gets a little bit confusing because there are different lineups at every stop (including one with Fugazi's Brendan Canty!!).

Nonetheless, the full list of Califone/Green collaborative shows can be found after the jump, with all the relevant info simplified a bit. [MORE...]

MMJ, Wrens, Mekons Folks Aid New Orleans Musicians
As do Kimya Dawson, Timothy Bracy (ex-Mendoza Line), Janet Bean (Freakwater)

The "Musicians Bringing Musicians Home" series is doing more than just that in their New Orleans homebase; they're bringing musicians of all locales to the Crescent City January 10-11 for Musicians Bringing Musicians Home III, a pair of concerts to benefit Sweet Home New Orleans, an organization dedicated to helping native New Orleans musicians displaced after Hurricane Katrina.

January 10, in the Parish Room of the New Orleans House of Blues, Jon Langford and Sally Timms of the Mekons, Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket, Charles Bissell of the Wrens, Kimya Dawson, Janet Bean of Freakwater, Timothy Bracy (ex-Mendoza Line), and a bunch of dudes from Bonerrama will perform at an event co-sponsored by the Future of Music Coalition and Air Traffic Control.

The following night, Bonerrama and OK Go will perform at Tipitina's, with proceeds from that gig going to both Sweet Home New Orleans and Al "Carnival Time" Johnson, author of the unofficial Mardi Gras theme from which his nickname is derived. OK Go and Bonerrama jointly recorded a charity EP entitled You're Not Alone, out February 5. The disc sports a cover of Dylan's "I Shall Be Released" featuring Johnson on vocals.

The Go! Team Tour Away Winter Languor

Photo by Nilina Mason-Campbell

You know that friend of yours who's really into the Go! Team? The one who uses, say, "Huddle Formation" as their auditory double-shot, blasting that sucker every time he or she needs to get things accomplished? That's an awfully efficient friend, I'll bet. Just imagine how much your pal Zippy would get done if he/she were actually in the Go! Team, and lighting that particular fire under his/her own hindparts? Why, they'd be a human dynamo!

Well, your productive pal is (almost certainly) not in the Go! Team, but guess who is? That's right, the Go! Team are! And the self-powered Brightonites will blast through both the UK and Portugal in the weeks, right after they wrap up their previously announced journey Down Under. Hurry on up and see these guys already, willya? [MORE...]

Walkmen, White Williams, Bon Iver Play Chicago Fest
Plus: Cadence Weapon, White Rabbits, Nomo, John Vanderslice, Cloud Cult

Each year, smack in the middle of yet another dreary, dull upper Midwestern January, Chicago's Schubas hosts a little festival within its four walls and, miraculously, the city is yet again safe from mass exodus. They call it Tomorrow Never Knows, because, well, February's no picnic 'round here either.

20-odd acts will take the stage of the Lakeview club over five nights in mid-January, from the likes of the Walkmen, White Williams, Bon Iver, Cadence Weapon, and White Rabbits to Nomo, Cloud Cult, Illinois, John Vanderslice, Ecstatic Sunshine, and Young Galaxy. It all begins January 16.

In addition, the Paul Green Chicago School of Rock Music will perform its Southern roots rock tribute set during the afternoons of January 19-20. [MORE...]


The Streets' Skinner Retires the Beats Label

Mike Skinner, aka the Streets, put his label the Beats out to pasture last month. In a little ceremony that took place the Friday before Christmas, Skinner and fellow label head Ted Mayhem gave a speech and had a poetry reading, while Skinner performed a song as a sort of eulogy in the presence of friends of the label.

While it existed, the Beats served as the home of the Mitchell Brothers, Professor Green, Trim, Example, and Neon Hitch, among others. A limerick addressed from "Warner Bros Promotions" and pictured below (via Skinner's MySpace blog) explains the Beats' retirement concisely: "the profit margins got thinner and thinner."

Skinner spoke to today and elaborated a little on the decision to end the Beats (no rhymes here, alas): "It just comes down to the fact that the traditional record label is dead. The Beats represents me growing up. Spectating was more nerve-wracking than performing. What I'm doing now is looking for the thing you can create that embraces the next generation. I'm really into what you can do online and I'd rather be at the center of it." Insert obligatory Radiohead mention here.

As for Skinner's live-instrumentation follow-up to 2006's The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, it's still coming along slowly but steadily. He's obviously overshot his goal of a release by Christmas, but he hasn't announced a make-up release date. May we suggest he title the album It'll Get There When It Gets There?


Raveonettes Plot Tours of North America, Italy
Lust Lust Lust North American bonus tracks revealed

Bolstered by a pair of bonus cuts not available on the UK edition (out now on Fierce Panda), the Raveonettes' Lust Lust Lust is-- as previously reported-- coming to North America this year thanks to Vice Records. Now we know exactly when: February 19.

To herald Lust's transatlantic voyage, the Raveonettes will hit the roads of North America throughout winter and into spring. SXSW is indeed on the docket. It all kicks off proper February 29 in San Diego, although the Danes have a lone NYC date and a jaunt through Italy planned for the weeks leading up to then. [MORE...]

Robyn Announces U.S. Tour Dates!
Rakamonie EP coming to the States as well

For months-- gosh, years-- we've been thinking wishfully about Robyn making her way to the States for the first time in forever. Occasionally, rumblings could be heard about a U.S. trip, but still we waited. But guess what, my fellow Americans? Robyn is (coming) here. So what am I supposed to dream about at night now?

Following a few European dates next week and an exhaustive search for a suitcase big enough for all the costumes, Swedish sensation Robyn will meet the bright lights of big city New York February 5. She'll then make her way to California for a pair of dates later in the week. Indeed, that's it for Stateside appearances at the moment, but those three gigs beat the hell outta the zero we've been getting these last few years. Thanks to BrooklynVegan for the tour tip-off.

It seems Robyn herself will make it to the States before the (still awesome) Robyn does, as that's tentatively scheduled for an April release over here. Not at all tentative whatsoever: a slightly updated Rakamonie EP, which will hit North American shelves January 29 on Konichiwa/Cherrytree/Interscope. And fans the world over should be alert to the many versions of her "Be Mine" single still trickling out as I write this. [MORE...]

Jose Gonzalez Goes Green for North American Tour

Photo by Akmal Naim

José González
sees trouble down the line, and-- like a singin' Swedish Al Gore-- he intends to do something about it. He's partnered up with sustainable energy boosters Reverb for a month-long "Green Tour" of North America that kicks off in Florida on leap day.

Reverb will assist González in calculating and then canceling out the carbon emissions his tour produces, provide his crew with biodegradable catering supplies and reusable water bottles, and occasionally reenact their favorite scenes from "Captain Planet".

All of these efforts will help make Mr. González's tour carbon-neutral. Hey! That's today's A.Word.A.Day!

A portion of ticket costs will go to support Reverb's mission, while those who preorder their tickets from can opt to support NativeEnergy's carbon offset program as well. What's more, any and all show-goers can further bolster González's green efforts by purchasing a special decal.

José's got a few dates this month in that Southern Hemisphere before he goes green on us. And, in a delicious morsel of irony, he'll break up his energy-saving tour with an appearance at the PLUG Awards, where he'll perform and possibly accept trophies for Male Artist of the Year and Americana Album of the Year for In Our Nature. Get it? Plug? Energy? You were right not to laugh. [MORE...]

Under Byen Enlist Symphonic Help on New EP

Of all the nifty little hooks you can use to unload an EP, Under Byen's Siamesisk EP employs perhaps the perfect trifecta. It's live, it's symphonic, and it casts a new light on a few old favorites from the Danish octet's back catalog.

Set to tape at an April 2007 concert in Under Byen's native Copenhagen and featuring the 42-piece Danish Radio Orchestra Sinfonietta, the Siamesisk EP strings along four tracks from UB's fine Samme Stof Som Stof LP and one old favorite besides. The disc emerges in Denmark February 18 on Morningside, though it'll hit North America March 27 from Paper Bag Records. Both issues are strictly limited to 2,000 copies.

And heck, why not, here are a few photos from the gig, taken by Hans Hauge:


Black Mountain Add Dates With Bon Iver
Plus: Blood on the Wall, Ladyhawk

Black Mountain photo by Jessica Miller

If joint tours were breakfast cereals, the upcoming Bon Iver/Black Mountain jag would be (an actually good) granola to Girl Talk and Dan Deacon's mixture of Trix and Count Chocula.

The Jagjaguwar labelmates' stars will align for a run of North American dates together beginning February 19, the same day the label releases Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago to a wider audience. In the more immediate future, Black Mountain's In the Future comes out January 22 on Jagjaguwar.

Both bands have dates apart as well, with Black Mountain's trek with Bon Iver bookended by runs with Blood on the Wall, Ladyhawk, and, as previously reported, Howlin Rain. Black Mountain kick the whole thing off January 31 in Seattle. [MORE...]


Nick Cave's Lazarus Gets Tracklist, U.S. Release Date

Photo by Richard Sharman

Nick Cave fans, here's a little news you're likely to dig. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!, the forthcoming platter from Cave and his perennial partners in crime the Bad Seeds, now has itself both a tracklist and a precise U.S. release date.

was already set to grace UK shelves March 3 from Mute, and Anti-, we've learned, will resurrect the disc for Stateside spelunkers April 8. The tracklist follows the jump, and, wow, I simply cannot wait to hear "Jesus of the Moon".

As you know, a single for the album's title track hits UK stores February 18 from Mute, and a physical version of the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford soundtrack Cave crafted with fellow Seedy character Warren Ellis is due in the U.S. February 5. Nick and company have yet to emerge from the Cave to lay any tour plans on us, but that, we're told, can be expected soon. [MORE...]

The Long Blondes Set Up Couples, UK Tour

Looks like romantic entanglements-- and all the wrench-ups that go hand-in-hand with 'em-- are once again at the forefront of the beautiful minds who make up Sheffield, England's great, glammy Long Blondes. Yup, so much so that they've dubbed their forthcoming sophomore album Couples.

Kate Jackson and her lot will precede Rough Trade's April 7 UK release of the LP with a single for "Guilt" (perhaps it's about relationships?), due March 24. Couples hits the States April 8, also via Rough Trade. Both "Guilt" and the whole of Couples were produced by electro whiz Erol Alkan, who's worked with the band before.

Having found that special someone to drive them home in the wake of their last disc, the Blondes are ready to hit the road anew on a brief UK tour in March. [MORE...]

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