Yet Another Goddamn Internet Guide on Cat Food

Updated: 12/10/04. Added AAFCO definitions What I Feed The Little Bastards, and updated Links and Long-Winded Guide sections.

Hello. This website's kind of mess because it was thrown together very quickly. Some day when I have more time I'll attempt to re-organize the various bits and pieces and tidy them up. Until then, welcome to my stream of consciousness. The site does contain a fair amount of information, and for what it is, I make an effort to make sure you look at the same information I did that led me to my conclusions. The overall tone is very snarky, but that's a stylistic choice. If enough people write to say that the way I'm doing things is distracting from the message, I'll re-write. Until then, I'm pretty sure you should still be able to get the gist of things. Hey, if you find me annoying, just switch to any of the pages I link to, which are usually written in a much less irreverent tone.

This site is aimed at paranoid cat owners. You know the kind. The kind of pet owners who are uncomfortable with the idea of feeding foods containing artificial preservatives, colorings and/or flavorings day in and day out to their cats, and they're looking for better alternatives. They don't necessarily care that there are no longitudinal studies definitively linking ethoxyquin use to cancer in cats; their philosophy is: I'm not going to feed them something I won't eat, and I'm not going to take a chance with their diet. If you're not that type of pet owner, this site is almost guaranteed to annoy the piss out of you.

Disclaimer: You should take everything I say here with a grain of salt, but you should take just about everything you read with a grain of salt. I am also open to suggestions for changes, deletions, additions, or cute new pictures you think I should use as the obnoxious backgrounds.

Why should you trust me?

The Quick Guide (For You Trusting Types)

The Long-Winded Guide That Goes On and On and ON (For You Suspicious Types Who Want Documentation)

Good Brands, Bad Brands

How To Read and Interpret Labels

Finally! (Partial) AAFCO Definition List

What I Feed My Little Bastards

Dissent is Good For The Soul


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