Results:Champ trumps champs

By Craig Tello
November 18, 2007

MIAMI — Skillfully capitalizing on the dysfunction of the newly crowned WWE Tag Team Champions, CM Punk retained his coveted ECW Title at Survivor Series. Enduring the strife of two presumably synced competitors (with the gold to prove it), the Straightedge Champion survived severe jeopardy and maintained his reign at the zenith of the Land of the Extreme.

The Miz and John Morrison seemed to be on the same page for a good deal of the match, until a last minute "Miz-take" that Punk capitalized on. The first man to earn a pinfall would win the match and the title; on Sunday night, that individual was the champion, himself.

“I’m feeling accomplished at the moment,” Punk told, moments after his win. “Can [The Miz and Morrison] coexist? That’s a question for Dr. Phil. I don’t see how anyone can coexist with either of them."

He continued, “They’re both obnoxious, egotistical people, but they’re also stellar athletes and they’re tag champions right now so they better find a way.”

Forty-eight hours ago, it seemed like Miz and Morrison had mustered considerable momentum heading into their Triple Threat encounter with the ECW Champion. On SmackDown soil, the pair of pompous Superstars defeated MVP and Matt Hardy – not once, but twice – to become the latest odd couple in sports-entertainment to hold the gold.

Certainly watching the action on Friday night, CM Punk may have needed to readjust the survival strategy he discussed with earlier in the week. Even after his challengers forged what appeared to be a temporary, unlikely alliance on ECW on Sci Fi, the Straightedge Superstar believed his ally was his foes’ inability to coexist.

Punk’s plan proved to be a premonition at the 21st annual pay-per-view event when the ECW Casanova and the Shaman of Sexy all but imploded. As the WWE Tag Team titleholders both sought the same single, indivisible ECW Championship, their recent success was split asunder and the tenacious CM Punk was ready for it.

Earning yet another hard-fought triumph, the Straightedge Superstar overcame well-stacked odds again at Survivor Series. While the longevity of Punk’s championship run is not questionable, the more viable debate is whether or not the WWE Tag Champions can keep it together for the sake of their titles. Has the ECW Champion’s victory also signified the short-lived collapse of the unlikely duo?

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