Our Fight for Freedom:
The American Revolution

A WebQuest for 5th Grade Challenge (Social Studies)

Designed by

Mrs. Vogel

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Did you know Paul Revere wasn't the only one who rode off into the dark night to warn the minutemen the "Redcoats" were coming?  Did you know Patrick Henry failed at everything he did until he discovered his gift as an orator (speaker)?  Did you know George Washington wore his old soldier's uniform to impress the Continental Congress so they would choose him to lead the Colonial army?  These and other fun questions will be yours to research and answer with your regiment.  Each regiment will consist of six people.  Each regiment will have three companies.  Each company will have two soldiers.  Each company will be investigating the chronology of the people and events of the American Revolution.  Company 1 will concentrate on the people and events during the period from 1758 through 1774, Company 2 on the period between 1774 through 1776, and Company 3 on the period between 1777 through 1783.

The colonists were divided on the issue of separation from England.  What was the "straw that broke the camel's back?"  You will find the answer to this and the questions above in your journey through the American Revolution.

The Task

Each company will be responsible for their assigned time period.  The regiment will gather together the information and develop an ABC book on the American Revolution which will be used by a selected third grade class to learn about the American Revolution.

Each regiment will present the information learned during this project in a creative way to the rest of Vogel's Victors.  Your presentation must include your whole regiment and must be approved by the Teacher General first.

The Process
  1. First you'll be assigned to a regiment of 6 students by the Teacher General.  (Remember I am the only General.)
  2. Once you have been assigned a regiment divide yourselves carefully into companies.  Company 1 will be responsible for their tasks and for developing the book cover.  Company 2 will be responsible for their tasks and for designing a Title Page and a Copyright page.  Company 3 will be responsible for their tasks and will make a Table of Contents.  (Do not do this until the whole booklet is completed).
  3. You will use any of the sites available on the computer already identified by the Teacher General.
  4. You may use any information found in our school or public library, your own library at home. any C-D Rom disks, or any other resources you are comfortable in using.
  5. You will be given time in class to work on this project during Social Studies and Language Arts time.  Please make sure you also find time to work at home alone or with your company partner.
  6. Organize your work carefully in chronological order so that it will be easier to complete your project as a regiment.
Company 1 - 1758 - 1774
Your task is to find information on the following events and people.


  • Why did the Colonists object to the Proclamation Act of 1763?
  • What was required of the Colonists in the Quartering Act?
  • Was it fair for Great Britain to require the Colonies to help pay British war debts?  Why or why not?
  • What was the Navigation Act?
  • What was the Sugar Act?
  • What was the Currency Act and why was it so difficult for the Colonists?
  • What was the Stamp Act?
  • What does the statement, "No taxation without representation." mean?
  • What was the Stamp Act Congress?
  • What does the word repeal mean?
  • Why did the Colonists think the Townshend Acts violated their liberty?
  • What was the Boston Massacre?
  • What was the Boston Tea Party?




  • King George III
  • Sons of Liberty
  • Crispus Attucks
  • Samuel Adams



    Company 2 - 1774 - 1776
    Your task is to gather information on the following events and people.


  • What were the Intolerable Acts?
  • What is an embargo and why did it fail to remove the Intolerable Acts?
  • What is a Loyalist?
  • What is a Patriot?
  • What was the signal given at the Old North Church?
  • What was the purpose of Paul Revere's famous ride?
  • Where did the "Shot Heard 'Round the World" occur?
  • How did the fighting styles of the two sides at Lexington and Concord differ?
  • What was the Battle of Bunker Hill?
  • What was the Olive Branch Petition?
  • What was Common Sense?
  • How did the Declaration of Independence justify the Patriot's break from Great Britain?
  • Why did some Americans oppose independence from Britain?




  • Paul Revere
  • William Dawes
  • Patrick Henry
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Minutemen



    Company 3 - 1777 - 1783
    Your task is to gather information on the following events and people.


  • What was the Battle of Saratoga?
  • What was Valley Forge?
  • What happened to the British at Trenton and Princeton?
  • What was the Bonhomme Richard?
  • How did France help the Colonial efforts?
  • Why did much of the worst fighting of the war take place in the South?
  • What was the Battle of Yorktown?
  • What was the Treaty of Paris?
  • What role did African Americans play in the Revolutionary War?
  • What role did the Spanish play in the Revolutionary War?




  • Lord Cornwallis
  • George Washington
  • Nathanael Greene
  • Benedict Arnold
  • John Paul Jones
  • Salem Poor
  • Bernardo de Galvez





    Your regiment will be graded using the rubric we discussed before the beginning of this project.  Each member of the regiment will receive the same grade.  Remember to work together as a group and have conflict resolutions when necessary.  The Teacher General will be available at all times to help facilitate these conflict resolution sessions.
    Third grade students will also grade your project using a rubric developed by the regiment for that purpose.


    When this project is completed you will have a clear knowledge of the people and events instrumental in creating a nation which has been recognized in our world as an example of democracy and liberty for all people.
    If you could go back in time, which event would you most want to be a part of?  Why?  What event(s) would you change?
    Which person would you most like to meet?  Why?

    Credits & References

    History on Line
    The Intolerable Acts of 1774:  Road to Independence
    Revolutionary War Heroes

    A special thank you to Carmen Garcia of the DeLeon Middle School Design Center for her great patience and help during this endeavor.

    List any books and other analog media that you used as information sources as well.

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