EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The 10-time World Champion is back and better than ever.

To the roar of the Continental Airlines Arena crowd, The King of Kings made his return to the ring after a eight-month absence due to a torn quadriceps. In typical Triple H fashion, he spewed water to the delight of a rabid crowd that chanted his name. With “Time to Play the Game,” pulsating in the background, The Game smiled at the crowd. It was like he’d never left.

With Latin words "Genibus Nitito Canus" in the background, Triple H stared down King Booker – the man who had, for the past month, demanded that he give up his kingly moniker. For your information, Triple H’s Latin text, "Genibus Nitito Canus," translates to “On Your Knees, Dog.” And The Game was determined to bring King Booker to his knees.

However, King Booker tested The Cerebral Assassin and his surgically repaired leg. But when the final bell rang, Triple H stood tall over the defeated monarch. And as both grapplers took the battle outside, each took advantage of the surroundings and slammed each other into the ringside barriers and ring steps. But Triple H continued to bounce back.

King Booker was able to avoid a Pedigree attempt from Triple H, and delivered a Book-End to The Game, nearly getting a three-count. But when Booker climbed to the top rope to deliver a somersault leg drop, Triple H caught the monarch and set him up for the Pedigree. King Booker escaped, but missed a spinning kick and was trapped into the Pedigree again for the pinfall. 

The crowd roared as Triple H scored the pin. “The Game is back, and he’s as amazing as ever,” exclaimed Jim Ross, as The Game soaked in an extended celebration.

Will the Raw locker room kneel down to honor the returning King of Kings? Knowing the ultra-competitive Raw locker room, it’s not likely. But after a successful return to the ring, Triple H looks more than ready to defend his throne and claim his spot in the championship hunt.

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