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ZX2C4 Instant Messenger is a highly extensible instant messaging software suite aimed for the small business. The buddy list automatically populates itself with all users presently signed on with no configuration needed. This allows co-workers to communicate efficiently and easily. Public and private chat rooms can be created for conferences between multiple co-workers. To minimize wasted screen space, ZIM supports tabbed message boxes. This means that users can view all chats with co-workers in a single window with an easy to use tab bar. Messages support rich editing features to enhance personal expression. Every aspect of the messages is customizable including the smiley faces used. ZIM supports multiple user profiles and the ability to sign on more than one screen name at a time. Screen shots highlight these features.

Looking past all of these features which eloquently enhance ease-of-use, the most remarkable feature of ZIM is it's advanced file transfer technology. Where other messengers fail to work with firewalls, are slow because of uncompressed data, or do not integrate with the users' computers well, ZIM excels. ZIM allows users to attach files to messages that are sent and include an unlimited number of files in a user profile that is available to all users. Any user can choose to download these files. The file is compressed during transfer to maximize transfer speed. The user is able to easily managed received files and no firewall configuration is needed. This is ideal for co-workers sharing documents in the workspace. A worker could attach a resumé and work guidelines to his profile for all users to freely download and send collaborative documents to individual users via the chat feature, or a document could even be shared amongst many users inside a user-created chat room.

The ZIM Server integrates very easily into the computer setup of small businesses and must only be installed on one computer. The server is extremely easy to configure through it's graphical user interface and provides intuitive control for managing the user database, which can be either an preexisting SQL database, or ZIM can create a flat database contained in a XML file. The server supports IP blocking, user management, extensive logging, and all the features one could desire from a fully featured IM server. The server administrator does not need to know anything about the complex and robust inter workings of ZIM due to the server program's extreme ease-of-use.

The client, which you can download here, will by default access a public ZIM server. Screen names can be added to the server database on this site here. Such convenient access and signup methods can be fully integrated into a ZIM application in a small business. ZIM's extensible interface allows much room for add-ons to meet a specific company's needs. Though the client downloadable on this page is meant for a fully public ZIM server, a default client for a company can be customized. The organized program design provides easy modification and enhancement to meet demands for a unique company's organization.


ZIM is Back in Action Saturday, September 16, 2006
After about a year of limited development, ZIM is back. The website has changed servers and all content is being rewritten. The sign up procedures have moved from to php and the zim server has moved to linux. An updated client will be released soon. The current release, however, has been ported to .net 2.0 and contains many speed improvements and bug fixes.

All old news has been archived to make way for a new era of ZIM domination.

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