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OT Hatting Courses

These are special courses comprised of L. Ron Hubbard’s lecture series that are particularly relevant to Scientologists on OT levels. Each course covers a different body of knowledge about the thetan’s potentials and capabilities. These are delivered at the Flag Ship Service Organization for the purpose of providing Scientologists with training on the state of Operating Thetan.

The Time Track of Theta
3 days

The Route to Infinity
3 days

Secrets of the MEST Universe
5 days

The Perception of Truth
3 days

Universes and the War Between Theta and MEST
16 days

The Phoenix Lectures
9 days

The Creation of Human Ability
12 days

The Power of Simplicity
12 days

The Anatomy of Cause
9 days

The Whole Track
3 days

The Solution to Entrapment
10 days

The Ability Congress
5 days

State of Man Congress
4 days

The Doctorate Series Course for OTs
4 wks
Also delivered by Celebrity Centres, Advanced Organizations and the Flag Service Organization

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