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SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
Loop 202 (Red Mountain Freeway)
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange Project Overview
Due to the nature of this four-level interchange with eight fully directional ramps,
this TI earned the title of the largest interchange project in the state

The SuperRedTan TI is the intersection of the Superstition, the Red Mountain and the Santan Freeways. The last segment of the Red Mountain freeway, between Power Road and University Drive, is under construction and is anticipated to be complete by summer 2008. The TI is fully operational at this time.

SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
July 2007 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
January 2007 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
October 2006 - Larger View

The SuperRedTan TI project involved widening four-miles of US 60 between Power and Crismon Roads along with two miles of a new six-lane segment of the Loop 202 between Baseline Road and Southern Avenue; a four level system interchange consisting of eight directional ramps was also designed.

SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
June 2006 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
March 2006 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
August 2005 - Larger View


This project is the first one in the metropolitan area with design icons placed on the columns in addition to the wall patterns.

The design team included several bridge engineers to design 12 bridges with a total deck area of 321,000 square feet. In addition to eight overpasses, there were four multi-spanned ramp flyovers. All of the bridges are cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete box girders.

Because US 60 was widened to the outside, the ramps for the service interchanges at Power, Sossaman, Ellsworth, and Crismon Roads had to be reconfigured.

The project also included both retaining and soundwalls. There were 60,511 square feet of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls with one segment over 53 feet tall; 54,492 square feet of cast-in-place retaining walls; 162,040 square feet of soundwalls; 68,602 square feet of combination retaining and soundwall; and 12,110 square feet of tie-back walls. The structural design involved working with ADOT’s landscape architect in the development of patterns and icons for the walls and bridge columns.

A Citizens Advisory Team (CAT) was established to provide a two-way forum between ADOT and the local communities adjacent to the interchange. They met regularly between 2000 and 2006 to provide input and innovative ideas from the local community perspective throughout the process. Additionally, they reviewed the project status and provided input related to alternatives, final design and landscaping. The CAT met approximately 12 times during pre-design and seven times in final design. The CAT represented the following communities and businesses:

Arizona Skies
Brentwood Southern
Crescent Run
Desert Sands
Fountain of the Sun
Golden Hills
GM Proving Grounds
Monte Vista
Pioneer Estates
Sierra Ranch I, II and III
Sunland Village East
Superstition Springs
Valle del Oro

SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
July 2004 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
July 2004 - Larger View
SuperRedTan Traffic Interchange
March 2004 - Larger View

The project was built in two phases.

Phase I built the basins, the walls, all of the at-grade Ramp East to South (E-S), the 202L bridges over US 60, all of Ramps North to West (N-W) including the flyover and the columns and frames of the flyovers for Ramps West to South (W-S), East to North (E-N), and South to East (S-E) over US 60 and two-miles of widened US 60 between Sossaman and Ellsworth Roads. Since maintaining traffic was of paramount consideration during the design, a high speed, four-lane detour was built to the south of US 60 to carry traffic around construction of the flyovers’ frames for the TI.

Phase I was constructed by FNF Construction, Inc. at a cost of $44,631,790.

Because Phase I was the keystone for timing construction of near by projects to the north, south, and west, ADOT used the A+B fast track method where the low bid is the total of the construction cost plus the number of calendar days multiplied by a Department supplied amount per day. FNF developed a work plan for building the project in only 350 days. Construction began December 4, 2003 and was substantially completed November 5, 2004.

Phase II included the rest of the construction for the SuperRedTan TI. This work involved widening an additional two miles of US 60 between Power and Sossaman Roads and between Ellsworth and Crismon Roads, completing the Loop 202 mainline along with Ramps W-S, W-N, E-N, and S-E. The remaining bridges and the portions of the flyover ramp structures not completed during Phase I were also built.

During the design of Phase II, the project’s limits were expanded to allow the Phase II contractor to excavate borrow material from a future segment to the north. One challenging aspect of building the project in two phases was the need for the Phase I designs to fit the Phase II final ground lines. For example, light poles built during Phase I had to be placed in either holes or on mounds of dirt so that they would be at their correct elevations in Phase II.

Pulice Construction Inc. was the low bidder for Phase II with a bid of $71,374,831. Construction began May 18, 2006 and is scheduled to be completed in early 2007.

Project Funding
The current east Valley freeway system including the Loop 101 (Pima and Price Freeways) and Loop 202 (San Tan and Red Mountain Freeways) was constructed through funding provided by Proposition 300. Proposition 300 was passed by the voters in 1985 and approved a half-cent sales tax for freeway construction. The final two projects to be completed with this funding source will be the Loop 202 Red Mountain Freeway from Southern Avenue to University Drive scheduled for completion in July 2007 and Power Road to University Drive, scheduled to be completed in mid 2008.

Additional improvements programmed for the Red Mountain Freeway are being funded by Proposition 400 and other funding sources. (file size: 3.6MB)

Documents are posted as they become available in PDF format, which requires Adobe Reader to view.

On The Move Our Valley Freeway System is part of the 2004 voter-approved Regional Transportation Plan. We are working hard with our transit partners to implement the voters’ vision and are committed to quality, safety, open communication with our neighbors, and minimal inconvenience to the traveling public.