Songs: Who Sings What

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Hillsong United: United we stand
1. Introduction: Michael Guy Chislett
2. The Time Has Come: Joel Houston
3. Take It All: Matt Crocker and Marty Sampson
4. From God Above: Marty Sampson
5. From the Inside Out: Joel Houston
6. Came to the Rescue: Marty Sampson and Dylan Thomas and Joel Davis
7. Reprise
8. None but Jesus: Brooke Fraser
9. *Selah 10. **Selah 11. Fire Fall Down: Matt Crocker 12. Revolution: Brooke Fraser, Scott Ligertwood, Marty Sampson
13. Kingdom Come: Ben Fielding
14. No One Like You: Joel Houston
15. Sovereign Hands: Mia Fields
16. The Stand: Joel Houston
17. ***Selah
18. Hallelujah: Rolf Wam Fjell, Matt Tennikoff, Marty Sampson

Hillsong United: Look To You
1. Salvation Is Here: Joel Houston
2. Tell The World: Marty Sampson, and Jonathon Douglass the Hillsong United Team. It swtiches to JD at 'no longer I but Christ in me'. (If you ever see this song live, you'll know that JD likes to jump and flip around a lot).
3. Look To You: Marty Sampson
4. All I Need Is You: Marty Sampson
5. All For Love: Holly Dawson and Jad Gillies
6. Shout Unto God: Joel Houston and Marty Sampson
7. There Is Nothing Like: Tulele Faletolu
8. What The World Will Never Take: Marty Sampson
9. Only One: Jonathon Douglass
10. Deeper: Marty Sampson
11. Till I See You: Joel Houston (Jad Gillies backing vocals)
12. Rest In You: Holly Dawson and Tulele Faletolu and apparently Michelle Fragar
13. Awesome God: Joel Houston and the Hillsong United Team

Hillsong United: More Than Life
1. One Way: Jonathon Douglass, Joel Houston, Marty Sampson and the Hillsong United Team
2. Light: Marty Sampson and the Hillsong United Team
3. Evermore: Joel Houston
4. Open Up The Heavens: Joel Houston, and the Hillsong United Team
5. Take All Of Me: Marty Sampson
6. Majesty: Marty Sampson
7. Always: Michelle Fragar
8. Sing(Your Love):Reuben Morgan
9. Where The Love Lasts Forever: Joel Houston
10. Consuming Fire: Tim Hughes and the choir
11. More Than Life: Marty Sampson
12. Jesus' Blood: Marty Sampson, Joel Houston and the Hillsong United Team
13. Shine For You: Marty Sampson
14. Soldier: Tulele Faletolu
15. All Day: Marty Sampson and Joel Houston (and everyone.. really everyone sings on this CD)

Hillsong United: To The Ends Of The Earth
1. Intro
2. All About You: Tulele Faletolu
3. Free: Marty Sampson
4. Unify: Michelle Fragar
5. All: Marty Sampson
6. To The Ends Of The Earth: Reuben Morgan
7. Need You Here: Tulele Faletolu and Holly Dawson
8. Glory: Reuben Morgan and the Hillsong United Team
9. Father I...: Reuben Morgan
10. My God: Marty Sampson and Tulele Faletolu
11. Now That You're Near: Marty Sampson
12. Am I To Believe: Joel Houston
13. All About You (Radio Mix): Tulele Faletolu
14. My God (Radio Mix): Tulele Faletolu

Hillsong United: King Of Majesty
1. King Of Majesty: Marty Sampson
2. Most High: Reuben Morgan
3. Everything To Me: Marty Sampson
4. Your Spirit: Reuben Morgan
5. I Adore: Michelle Fragar/Holly Dawson
6. Fall: Bec Mestiti
7. God Is Great: Marty Sampson
8. Lift: Katrina and the Hillsong United Team
9. Perfect King: Reuben Morgan
10. Holy, Holy, Holy: Reuben Morgan, Michelle Fragar and Holly Dawson
11. Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble: Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson and the Hillsong United Team

(Worship Leaders: Reuben Morgan, Marty Sampson... Vocals listed on this CD: Damian Bassett, Holly Dawson, Katrina Peoples, Mark Stevens, Tanya Riches, Adam Majsay)
my best friend: Marty Sampson
stronger than: katrina
saving grace: holly
forever: marty
god of all creation : mark stevens n holly
i live for u: Damian Bassett
jesus generation: reuben
i will sing; katrina
jesus lover of my soul: reuben
the reason I live : marty

everyday: marty
jesus i long : marty
on the Lord' s day ; mark stevens
more : reuben n mark
heaven: reuben
seeking u: marty
you take me higher: reuben
here our prayer: holly
prayer to the king: marty
god is moving: marty

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