Birthday Unit

Songs & Poems

The Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday.
I think I'll make a cake.
Mix and stir, stir and mix,
Then into the oven to bake.

Here's the cake so nice and round,
I'll put icing on so white.
I'll put on all the candles
To make my birthday bright!

Happy birthday to me!

Today Is Your Birthday
Tune: On Top Of Old Smoky

Today is the birthday
of somebody who,
Is happy and smiling
and right in this room,
So look all around you
and tell me just who,
Is happy and smiling?
My goodness, it's YOU
(everyone points to birthday child)


Today Is Your Special Day
Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb

Today is (child's name)
special day,
special day,
special day.
Today is (child's name)
special day.
She turns ___ today.

Let's all sing
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
Let's all sing
Happy Birthday!
(child's name) is ___ today!

Birthday Poem

Today (yesterday, tomorrow) is ________'s birthday
Let's make him/her a cake.
We'll mix and stir
(pretend to hold a bowl and stir)
stir and mix
(reverse stirring motion)
and into the oven to bake.
(with flat palms facing up slide cake in the oven)
Pull it out so big and round (extend arms out reaching for the cake and pull them in toward your body making a circle in front of you)
and frost it ________ and white
(Before I begin this I ask the student to tell me one of their favorite colors)
Now he'll/she'll pick ____(#) candles, which now we will light.

Birthday child picks the number of friends to be candles and they stand up with arms held up over head palms together while the rest of us do this sitting down. We then sing Happy Birthday and the child then makes a wish and blows the candles out.

The Birthday Child
Tune: The Farmer in the Dell

The birthday child is you
No one else will do.
Today's the day
you're___years old.
So birthday cheers to you.

Happy Birthday
Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, twinkle goes this song.
It's your birthday all day long.
Last year you were ____ years old.
This year you are ______ we're told.
Happy birthday, little star.
Now we know how old you are.

Happy Birthday!

Today's the day
We get to say
We're happy you were born.

The Wish
By Ann Friday

Each birthday wish
I've ever made
Really does come true.
Each year I wish
I'll grow some more
And every year

Someone's Birthday
Tune: London Bridge

Someone's birthday is today,
Is today, is today.
Someone's birthday is today,
And it's ______!

Let's prepare a birthday cake,
Birthday cake, birthday cake.
Let's prepare a birthday cake,
Just for __________!

Add a candle for each year,
For each year, for each year.
Add a candle for each year,
Just for __________!

Make a special birthday card,
Birthday card, birthday card.
Make a special birthday card,
Just for ___________!

Sing a happy birthday song,
Birthday song, birthday song.
Sing a happy birthday song,
Just for ________!

Hip, Hip, Hooray, It's Your Birthday!
Tune: Old MacDonald

(child's first & last name) has a birthday.
Hip, hip, hip, hooray!
And on her cake, she has____candles.
What a happy day!
With a puff puff here
And a puff puff there,
Here a puff
There a puff
Everywhere a puff puff,
(child's first & last name) has a birthday,
Hip, hip, hip, hooray!


Language Activities

Birthday Pocket Chart

Write the words to "Happy Birthday to you" on sentence strips and cut apart. When it is a child's birthday have the child place their name and age in the appropriate place. sing the song as a class. Now have the birthday child mix up the words. Sing the new version of the birthday song!

The Birthday Cake

is one of the first Shared Reading Books I use with my class. We do a picture walk, I read the story and then we read it together. We also put the story back together using the pocket chart.

Then we do this fun project:
I precut white construction paper rectangles (for the cakes), draw squiggle lines on colored construction paper (for the frosting), and I type the story words out on the computer (A red cake. A yellow cake. etc)

As we recall the story I choose children to work with a partner to color a cake or cut out the frosting.

When all of the children are finished we recall the story again, placing the cakes in order while gluing on the frosting. I also glue the typed words on each cake. I hang it up for "Reading Around the Room Center" Have the children use a birthday pencil with cake topper for a pointer!!

I also made The Birthday Cake coloring book on the computer and drew the cakes. The children read the color words and color the cakes appropriately. Then we read it together and also practice with a friend!

At the end of the Birthday unit we do this fun and YUMMY! ending activity. We use "Nilla" wafer cookies and colored frosting to actually build individual cakes! Each child gets 6 cookies. I color the frosting before - one of each color cake in the book. At each table I put a large scoop of each color on a paper plate. We recall the story and we frost each cake one at a time and stack them one on top of each other. The best part is that we use our fingers to frost it!

Math Activities

Balloon Patterns

Cut long strips of white construction paper. The children use bingo markers to make a color pattern on the paper. They can add squiggley lines for the strings.

Counting Candles

Use 10 pieces of a large birthday notepad or a cake clipart picture. Write the numerals 1 - 10 on the cakes. To play this game the children use real birthday candles and place them on the top of the cake.

Months of the Year

Make 12 cakes using a cake clipart picture. Program them with the months of the year for your students to use to practice sequencing the months in the pocketchart.

More Candles

Use a cake pattern and duplicate 10 counting mats. (Do this activity in a small group with one counting mat per child.) Print the numerals 1-10 on index cards. Let one child choose a card and say the number. All players will place the correct number of candles on their cake. Repeat several times.

Birthday Graphing

During the first few days of school, graph the birthdays of the students.
There are several ways to do this:

*You can photocopy and color 12 cakes. Then have the children color a candle picture, write their name & birthday number.

*Use a clipart picture of a cupcake (or buy a set from Carson Dellosa). Have the children write their names on them and birthday number.

Use a clipart picture of a present. Have the children write their name on them and their birthday number.

Cut out one ice cream cone (brown triangle) for each month. Make each child an ice cream scoop and have them decorate it. Attached each scoop to the appropriate month cone. Some cones will have 3 scoops and others have none!

After decorating, hang the cakes, cupcakes, or presents near your Morning Meeting or calendar area. When you change the calendar to a new month, discuss whose birthday will be celebrated that month and stick it on the appropriate box on the calendar.

Art Activities

Birthday Cakes

Make a cake from a shoebox. Ask each child to bring in a shoe box. After the outside of the box has been painted and turned upside-down, let the children decorate their 'cake' with yarn, ribbon, sequins, stickers, rick-rack, etc.


Make tracers of balloon shapes and place them in art center. Allow the children to trace, cut and decorate.

Fun Celebrations

In my classroom, the Birthday Child gets to choose the birthday story they'd like me to read to the class.

I graph the children's birthdays by month at the beginning of the school year.

At the beginning of each new month, we check our birthday
chart for each child who has a birthday that month. We slip a small cake notepad paper into the calendar pocket chart to remind us of their special day. The children enjoy counting the days until a friend's birthday.

I was lucky to find a large birthday tin at the Dollar Store. Each child gets to pick 2 things out of the "Birthday Bucket" I put educational items in the bucket : birthday pencils, erasers, stencils, notepads, chalk, crayons, etc.

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