Greatpac a world leader in disposable F&B packaging
31 January, 2005

Greatpac Holdings Berhad (GHB) has put Malaysia on the world map as a leading producer of disposable polypropylene cutlery, plates and cups, as well as polystyrene-foam products.

“All our buyers say we are the world’s largest manufacturer of disposable food and beverage (F&B) packaging, as we are the only company that produces the full range of disposable F&B packaging under one roof,” said Chief Executive Officer Peter Yong Lip Ngoh.

2005 promises to be a good year. Yong said the company had many new buyers and the factories are operating at full capacity to meet demands.

“We are negotiating with suppliers to enter the US market and also with Wal-Mart to supply some of their Asian stores,” said Stephenie Liew, Business Development Manager at GSB.

The group’s core disposable F&B pacakaging business comes under wholly-owned Greatpac Sdn Bhd (GSB). GSB has over 600 items sold under the ‘Jasa’ brandname and the product range continues to grow almost monthly on customer feedback.

GSB has a 70% market share of the disposable F&B packaging market in Malaysia and 90% in Singapore. Local buyers include multinationals like Makro, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Coffee Bean and Tesco. The local market accounts for 20% of GSB’s sales.

The company exports to some 70 countries, with Europe as an important and expanding market. French hospitals use GSB’s products too.

GSB intends to move into China this year. Yong said the group expected to have production facilities there to service the market.

Adapted from "Malaysian Business", 31 January, 2005