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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The thrill of the URCC X

By Perry Gil S. Mallari

THE Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) X mixed martial-arts (MMA) competition concluded with a bang at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, recently. But before the punches fly and the bodies slam on the mat, fight fans were treated to a different kind of contest entitled “Gyudon Beef Bowl Eating Combat” courtesy of Yoshinoya. Australian Christopher Arnott won the game taking home gift certificates from the famous Japanese restaurant.

Then the real action commenced. Noble Ampoc of Yaw Yan Ardigma clashed with John Naval of Team Silver Storm in the first fight of the night. Naval succumbed to Ampoc with a rear naked choke a little more than 5 minutes through the first round. The second match ended quite fast with Magellan Perez of the Ilorde MMA Team besting Deo Anacio of Strikes and Submission with a rear naked choke. In the third bout, Arnel Arancina of D’Elements Gym and Andrew Benibe of Maic’s Gym slugged it out for more than 6 minutes in the first round until the ring physician halted the fight when the latter sustained a shoulder injury and can no longer continue. Iranian Sayed Razi Jabbari of Yaw Yan Evolution won the fourth match against Benjie Gloria of Republic Gym using a barrage of blows resulting to TKO. Match number five ended with another TKO with Roy Dacyogen of Lakay Wushu Team pummeling Dennis Salazar of Top Contender Gym. The sixth match was a classic striker versus striker fight with Vicente Pajaro of Hybrid Yaw Yan winning over Gino Cruz of Sigma Muay Thai.

In the seventh fight, Carl Sabeniano of Hybrid Yaw Yan proved superior over Anthony Dominic So of Team Fight Club at 2 minutes 30 seconds of round 1 when the referee stopped the contest. Fight number 8 was a memorable boxing versus karate match when Filipino pugilist Lino Tagacay of the Red Corner Gym stable goes toe-to-toe against Japanese Takurou Nishimura of Zendokai/Silver Storm Gym. The fight ended in a TKO in the second round when Nishimura can no longer answer Tagacay’s rapid-fire punches.

The ninth match between Richard Lasprilla of DEFTAC Jiu Jitsu and Kevin Belingon of Lakay Wushu Team was truly a battle of stamina and fighting spirit. Lasprilla, a URCC champion and an icon among the followers of the event, valiantly defended his title with his trademark grappling moves against Belingon’s ground-and-pound strategy for two, full 10-minutes round. The jiu jitsu fighter though lost his title via majority decision in favor of the wushu stylist. The tenth and final match was between come-backing URCC champion Allan Co of Gracie Barra Philippines and challenger Eduard Folayang of the Lakay Wushu Team. Folayang won via TKO when the referee stopped the fight 7 minutes 24 seconds of the first round.

Founded by Brazilian jiu jitsu fighter Alvin Aguilar in 2002, the URCC has been and is still the most popular mixed martial-arts event in the country where martial artists of various disciplines can test their mettle in a realistic environment.


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