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January 2002

February 01, 2002
Eve: The Second Genesis Update: Interview
Hrafnkell Oskarsson speaks with

Eve: The Second Genesis is looking to be an amazing title both visually and technically. Featuring a universe to explore, Eve allows players to involve themselves in countless adventures throughout different regions of the galaxy, fufilling their every sci-fi fantasy.

Hrafnkell Oskarsson, a designer for Crowd Control Productions Games, recently spoke with about Eve: The Second Genesis in technical terms, as well as the very basics of game design. Below is a small snippet of the story, for the whole interview, click here.

Doupě: What will be the player's in-game character possibilities? What will they be able to do and what they won't be able to realize?

H.O.: There is an extensive skill tree for characters to climb up. Skills can allow certain activities, give bonuses or allow the player to use high-level equipment. The player can also give his character cyber implants and boost its abilities with numerous substances. Also, during the creation process of his character the player can select the appearance of his character, the possibilities there are almost endless, making each character unique in appearance. The main thing that in the current version of EVE the characters are not able to walk inside space stations, we decided to focus on the space environment to begin with.


Sony's Okamoto discusses PS3 specs
What?! I just got my Playstation 2 for crying out out!

While still a long ways off, Sony's plans for the Playstation 3 continue to be an interesting topic for discussion. Already garnering more attention than its worth, the PS3 exists only in small spec-releases that Sony employees strategically release, the latest being information from Sony's chief technical officer Shinichi Okamoto on the system's processor, so-far dubbed "CELL."

With a deadline date in 2005, the processor is said to be able to process 1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) FLOPS (floating point operations per second), a large number indeed. Sony's current console, the Playstation 2, can process 6.2 billion FLOPS, so the gap between improvement is big enough to fit a Buick into.


Wallpaper Update: Grandia Xtreme!
12 desktop images for RPG fans

We've updated our wallpaper section again, this time with 12 desktop images from the upcoming Playstation 2 RPG, Grandia Xtreme.

Continuing Game Art's successful RPG series, Grandia Xtreme is looking to make a fresh start for the series with new characters and a great looking interface. To check out the wallpapers, click here.

Dragon Empire update - 9 Screenshots and more information
U.S and UK talent are teaming up to bring you a brand new MMORPG

U.S. and UK talent is involved in Dragon Empires’ creation, constructing a game that combines the best of European and American game design techniques to satisfy players on both sides of the pond. The game’s design is the product of the two teams’ collaboration. Headed by producer Ted Carron, the game’s development is split between Codemasters’ UK development studios in Warwickshire and its Oakhurst studio in California. The US team has over 10 years experience in MMORPG’s, with Mark Zechiel as US Studio Head and Designer. Server Programming and the game’s visuals are led from the US. The majority of Client Programming and World Building comes from the UK.

“Dragon Empires is an intense and competitive game that drives people into groups. We’ve been aware from the game’s inception that its design must accommodate and appeal to U.S. and European players alike, whether we see the formation of transatlantic clans or not,” says Dragon Empires’ Producer Ted Carron. “The location and experience of the teams ensures we produce a play environment that works across international boundaries.”

The tite is a combat-intensive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORGP) that thrusts the player into a persistent virtual world of Swords, Sorcery and Dragons. In classic Dungeons & Dragons style, players start with a poorly equipped character with very few abilities and build their skills through combat with monsters. But unlike most MMORPGs, combat is not limited to cooperative gameplay - player vs. player warfare is acceptable and encouraged, fostering the formation of clans. Clans are a formalized component of the game and form the basis of the war-based economic/political model. Savvy players can also own and operate sailing war ships which are the only means to reach many distant locals within the game, for the fantastic world consists of a myriad of almost 100 islands.

Similarly, Dragon Empires’ forthcoming Beta Test program seeks a good spread of players from the U.S. and Europe. With tens of thousands of prospective players already registered to participate. Codemasters is eager to hear from more Beta Testers who want to help shape Dragon Empires in this massive ‘hands across the ocean’ project. The sign up page for the Beta Test is located at:

Before the Beta Testing begins, the Dragon Empires community is already building with much activity on the game’s forum. The forum sees both gamers suggesting ideas and the teams using it as a sounding board for their concepts and research. Gamers can make their opinions heard and make them count by being an active participant in the forum, which can be easily accessed from the game’s web site at:

The English language version of Dragon Empires is scheduled to be available in Q3 2002 for PC gamers. The game will be launched as a boxed product with players subscribing on a monthly basis to play.

· 5 vast empires, each consisting of 10 clan owned cities
· 3D real-time rendered virtual world
· Over 500 hours of combat intensive gameplay
· Operable war ships that can attack other ships or carry invading troops
· Intuitive real-time combat system whereby players fight using swords, daggers, spears, arrows and spells.
· Clever combat “laws” aid in maintaining order of player vs. player killings
· Highly personalized character creation allows players to choose their character’s physical traits including sex, body type, hair style and hair color
· Fierce dragons serve as clan allies and police cities from player assassinating outlaws


  • Image 10
  • Image 11
  • Image 12
  • Image 13
  • Image 14
  • Image 15
  • Image 16
  • Image 17
  • Image 18

    Skies of Arcadia coming to the PlayStation 2
    Thats right boys and girls, you don't have to have a Dreamcast or a GameCube anymore

    Sega of America today has confirmed that their very popular RPG title, Skies of Arcadia is being re-developed for the PS2. This will make Skies of Arcadia one of the few RPG titles available on 3 Next Gen Consoles.

    Control the skies as a swashbuckling air pirate, exploring a dynamic 3D landscape covering six epic
    worlds. "Skies of Arcadia" delivers a deep storyline, refined gameplay and an unforgettable cast of heroic crusaders and otherworldly adversaries.

    The release is slated for this summer so be prepared. AllRPG will keep you up to date as more occurs on this story.

  • January 30, 2002
    Final Fantasy X hits the 4 million mark
    Worldwide sales get bigger, and bigger, and...

    In a not-so-startling announcement, Square has announced that Final Fantasy X, the tenth chapter of their signature RPG series, has sold over 4 million copies in Japan and America combined. Just released mid-to-late 2001, this number is staggering.

    Featuring the story of Tidus and Yuna, two people thrown together amidst a life-threatening conflict, Final Fantasy X has found itself topping the sales charts since its December 2001 U.S. release and July 2001 Japanese release. The numbers will continue to rise as Square plans to release its "extra" addition of Final Fantasy X, titled Final Fantasy International.


    Wallpaper Update: .hack desktop images!
    Not too snazzy, but not too drab either

    We've updated our wallpaper section again, this time with desktop imagse from the MMORPG .hack, a game focusing on the lines bordering reality and fantasy as an online game becomes more real than possible. To check out these two new wallpapers, click here.


    Summoner 2 Update: Shekar interview
    Producer speaks on recently announced PS2 RPG

    Just recently announced, Volition's Summoner 2 has received a lot of positive feedback. The sequel to the popular Playstation 2/PC RPG Summoner, the sequel will build on the success of the first with improved design and innovation.

    Heading the production of Summoner 2, Producer Anoop Shekar has taken the time to speak with Electric Playground about the roots of Summoner 2's story and imaginative world, as well as the effort put into both. Below is a small snippet from the story, for the entire interview, click here.

    Q: The original Summoner was built early in the PlayStation 2's life cycle. What has the intervening period since then done for the game technologically?

    A: It's been a huge leap forward. When Summoner and Red Faction were worked on, we were just learning the ins and outs of the PS2. Other developers and experience have taught us much towards harnessing the true capabilities of the PlayStation 2. A lot of that is reflected in our level of design. A lot of our more interactive and, dare I say, alive environmental elements (birds, swaying trees, etc.) are only there because we now know what can be done and exactly how it works.

    Source: The Electric Playground

    January 29, 2002
    Media Update: Deus Ex Screenshots
    6 new screens to wet the appetite

    Today I bring you another set of Deus Ex: The Conspiracy screens for the PS2. I hope you will enjoy them

  • Image 13
  • Image 14
  • Image 15
  • Image 16
  • Image 17
  • Image 18

    Grandia II for the PS2 ships today
    Ubi Soft ships the next great Epic RPG

    Grandia II, the highly regarded RPG featuring one of the most critically acclaimed combat engines in history, is now shipping for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system.

    Developed by well-known Japanese developers Game Arts and Rocket Studios, Grandia II delivers an entire 3D world with stunning battles, vast cityscapes and treacherous dungeons. Grandia II’s spell effects overlay MPEG video with real-time action, creating extraordinary spell sequences unlike any before seen. The unique Battle System delivers a seamless combination of real-time and turn-based combat, with fast action requiring tactics and skill as a result.

    Ryudo has been hired to protect a beautiful young priestess destined to take part in a ceremony that could halt the imminent rebirth of Valmar, the God of Darkness. Thrust without warning into this battle between the forces of good and evil, Ryudo must follow his destiny and become the savior of the realm.

    Grandia II gives gamers what they want most – a traditional hardcore RPG from some of the best storytellers in the industry. An additional bonus comes with the game's inclusion in Ubi Soft's Great RPG Giveaway, along with the recently released PlayStation 2 RPGs Jade Cocoon™ 2 and The Legend of Alon D'ar™. When gamers buy any two of these great games, they receive the third game completely FREE! For those without a PlayStation 2, the equally high-quality PC version of Grandia II will ship in February.

    Find out more info and see new Grandia II screens and movies at

    You can also get more info on the Great RPG Giveaway at

  • January 29, 2002
    Wallpaper Update: Lots of Summoner stuff!
    Hey, a sequel is coming, that's reason enough!

    Summoner 2 is on the horizon, what better way to celebrate its announcement than with Summoner media! We've updated our wallpaper section AGAIN with Summoner desktop images, seven total. To check these out, click here.

    Wallpaper Update: Dungeon Siege added!
    Can't beat having a blonde on your desktop...

    We've once again updated our wallpaper archive with a new game...Dungeon Siege! With two desktop images to add to the fray, Dungeon Siege pulls yet more attention to itself. You can get to the wallpapers by clicking here. needs your help! Give, give, give!
    A classic amongst RPG sites needs fan support! is a site which helped begin my interest in online journalism, and continues to do so with excellent game coverage and a closeness with the real fans. So it comes as a shock to find that this classic amongst RPG sites is hitting some hard times. In dire need of contributions, RPGFan has asked you, the viewer, for help, and I feel it necessary to support that. To help out, visit, take some time to read RPGFan's history story as well to learn more about the site!

    Price drop for Game Boy Advance announced
    Good news for those who have been waiting!

    In a recent press release, Nintendo has announced that the Game Boy Advance will be receiving a price drop! Priced at $99.99, gamers will be able to find the successful handheld retailing for $79.99 come Feb. 1, 2002.

    This leap can be attributed to the simply booming success of the videogame industry in 2001. Totaling over $9.4 billion dollars as an entertainment medium, the videogame world can give much credit to Nintendo's handheld. This price drop will be active not only in the U.S., but the world over, telling us that yes, Nintendo is back and with a vengeance.

    See for more information.

    New look and content for
    Need some questions answered? No problems! has been snazzied up! A PC RPG headed by Gas Powered Games, Dungeon Siege is an epic, medieval foray into the genre. Aside from a new design, GPG has also added a Frequently Asked Questions section which should quell the hunger of any hardcore RPG fan. To reach the Dungeon Siege site, click here.

    Dungeon Siege features an immersive fully 3-D environment and plunges players into a continuous 3-D fantasy world on a quest to stop a mysterious evil that has been unleashed. Beginning with a single character, players can travel through the world and gather a party of up to eight characters, or choose to face the challenge alone. The fusion of action role-playing and real-time strategy controls in Dungeon Siege impels players into one over-the-top battle after another as the storyline unfolds.

    SaGa sequel and Chrono sequel a-go!
    Everyone was hinting at it, but it took this...

    We reported earlier this month about a possible sequel to the Square's SaGa series, well, it looks to be an added bonus! Seems that the names "Unlimited Saga" and "Chrono Break" have been copyrighted. So in other words, fans can look forward to both a new SaGa game, and a new Chrono game!


    January 27, 2002
    Namco opts for dual-layering with Xenosaga
    Two discs become one for Monolith Soft's PS2 RPG

    Only a couple of months away from release in Japan, Xenosaga continues to go through production changes. Originally planned for a dual-disc set upon release, Namco has changed the format to that of a dual-layer DVD.

    No changes will branch from this alteration, Xenosaga will continue to be shipped as planned and with all the content intact. Look for Xenosaga in the U.S. later this year, it will be released in Japan come March for 7.800 yen.


    Black Black screenshots, artwork added
    New RPG from Capcom for the GBA

    Wallpaper Update: Star Wars Galaxies added
    It's a small update, but hey, at least it's something...

    We've updated our Wallpaper section...yet again. This time, the highly anticipated Star Wars Galaxies joins the fray with ONE desktop image! Woo! It's actually quite cool, featuring a nice image of an alien feller' riding a LandSpeeder. To check it out, click here.

    January 26, 2002
    Armchair Empire speaks with Matt Carofano
    Lead artist gives the skinny on Morrowind stylin'

    The Armchair Empire recently had the chance to speak with Matt Carafano, Bethesda Softwork's Lead Artist for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. With the titles production coming to a close, questions have been pouring out concerning what development was like, and how a hugely anticipated project like Morrowind came to be. Below is a small snippet from the interview, for the entire story, click here.

    AE: Did you have any input into other aspects of Morrowind?
    MC: One of the great things about working on this project is that everyone has the ability to give their input into other areas of the game. I've been able to critique anything from game design to sound. Everyone here is really interested in creating the best game we can and values the opinions of the rest of the team.


    January 25, 2002 speaks with Ken Levine
    Face behind Freedom Force spills the beans

    Irrational Games has comic book fans in an uproar with their soon-to-be-released PC RPG Freedom Force. Taking all the elements of superhero-dom that hit a soft spot with paperback fans, Irrational Games is looking to have a bonafide hit on its hands. Founded by Ken Levine, IG has been hard at work promoting its title; taking the time to speak with, Levine shares his thoughts on the companys superhero RPG. Below is a small snippet of the story, for the whole deal, click here.

    HomeLAN - Some might say that with the history of failed super hero PC games taking on Freedom Force was a bit of a risk. How do you respond to that?

    Ken Levine - I don’t think it was a risk. There was nothing about them being superhero games that made them fail. Games fail for lots of reasons:poor funding, poor design, poor communication, poor employees, poor management, poor technology. They very rarely fail specifically because the characters in the game were running around in tights…


    Wallpaper update: New Morrowind desktop!
    More wallpapers than you have fingers and toes!

    Wow, 24...that's a big number. Our Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind wallpaper archive has hit that number thanks to Bethesda's continued fan support on their Morrowind website. The latest entry focuses on Balmora, a disheveled looking town surrounded by decaying trees and dead landscape. To get this wallpaper, click the link below!

    Morrowind Wallpaper!

    .hack announced for anime/videogame releases
    Is it a verb? A noun? Read on to find out!

    With a sprinkle of The Matrix and a dash of Serial Experiments Lain, Cyber Connect has come up with what will surely be an interesting anime and videogame outing in its RPG .hack. Planned for both an anime and videogame release, .hack puts players in the role of Kite, a player in the online videogame world titled "The World." Unfortunately for Kite and his colleagues, monsters existing in The World have been taking the offensive against users, and it's up to an always-motley band of heroes and heroines to save the day.

    Featuring the talents of Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Kazunori Ito (Ghost in the Shell) and Koichi Mashimo (Popolocrois Monogatari), .hack is sure to be a title to look for as a hopeful state-side release.

    Below are some images and artwork from the game.

    Source: The and

    January 24, 2002
    BioWare and Interplay settle publishing deal
    Infogrames to handle worldwide distribution of Neverwinter Nights

    After a long and drawn out legal battle between developer BioWare and publisher Interplay, settlements have been made on the publishing rights to BioWare's latest PC title Neverwinter Nights. Now handled by Infogrames, Neverwinter Nights will be promoted the world over by the now-preferred publisher. However, Infogrames is subject to some pre-existing license rights owned by Interplay, however what those are is unknown.

    NVN hopefuls can still look forward to this hot title for the PC, check our AllRPG's coverage of Neverwinter Nights by clicking here.

    You can read the entire press release by clicking here.


    Eidos Launches "Fresh Games," a new brand of gaming
    The lastest step for Eidos to bring premiere Japanese titles to the US - Starting with Legaia: Duel Saga

    Eidos Interactive today has announced their latest plan to bring to and publish high quality Japanese titles here in North America and across the Ocean in Europe. They are launching these titles as a new brand of game called, Fresh Games

    ‘Fresh Games’ will kick-off its line-up with Mister Mosquito, Mad Maestro!, and Legaia 2: Duel Saga, sequel to the 300,000-plus unit selling Legend of Legaia. All three games were developed by SCEI for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and will be available at retail outlets in Spring 2002.

    “Eidos Japan is extremely excited to bring outstanding games that have not been traditionally available to hardcore gamers in the West,” says Satoshi Honda, Managing Director of Eidos Japan. “Titles such as Mister Mosquito, Mad Maestro!, and Legaia 2 exemplify gameplay that the hardcore gamer has been craving worldwide.”

    “Fresh Games is considered a boutique label, created solely to expose gamers to unique and captivating gameplay experiences that traditionally have been unavailable outside of Japan,” says Mike McGarvey, CEO of Eidos PLC. “With Mister Mosquito, Mad Maestro!, and Legaia 2, we will change people’s perceptions of what constitutes a great game.”

    Mister Mosquito, originally released as “KA” in Japan, is an action title for the PlayStation2. The gamer plays the role of a mosquito, with an objective to continually torment a Japanese family every summer by sucking as much blood as possible in order to survive the cold winter. The gamer faces daily life and death battles with the Japanese family that is determined to rid themselves of the mosquito.

    Mad Maestro!, originally released as “Bravo Music” in Japan, is a music/action title for the PlayStation 2. The gamer plays the role of an orchestra conductor tasked with saving the town’s Concert Hall from being destroyed by showing the city the orchestra’s great performances. Players must accurately press buttons as indicated on the game screen in a rhythmical pattern in order to pass each stage.

    Legaia 2: Duel Saga is the follow-up to Legend of Legaia, a martial-arts centered, 3D role-playing game featuring an highly-original battle system. Players create attacks by linking together different styles of hits directed at their enemies. When players link together certain combinations of attacks, they form powerful, magic-based attacks.

    The main interest of this new "brand" to our readers if of course the sequal to Legend of Legaia. Now that we know where Legaia is headed we will soon recieve more concrete information. Stay tuned for more information and screenshots in the following weeks.

    Deus Ex: The Conspiracy Media Update
    7 new screenshots

    Today I bring you 7 new screenshots for the upcoming PC/PS2 sequal to Deus Ex

  • Deus Ex Image 6
  • Deus Ex Image 7
  • Deus Ex Image 8
  • Deus Ex Image 9
  • Deus Ex Image 10
  • Deus Ex Image 11
  • Deus Ex Image 12

    NCSoft and Sony Online Entertainment Join Forces
    The future of Online gaming for Korean gamers

    Sony Online Entertainment Inc and NCsoft Corp announced today a strategic partnership to bring EverQuest, to the growing Asian market. As part of the agreement, NCsoft will host EverQuest on its game servers in Korea, maintain a robust customer service
    department and work with SOE on marketing initiatives focused on the Korean market. The two companies expect the game to be available during the summer
    of 2002 and plan to bring the service to other Asian territories including Taiwan and Hong Kong in the future. Terms of the agreement were not

    "One of our main goals at Sony Online is to expand the online gaming community by making great games like EverQuest readily available to consumers around the globe," said Kelly Flock, president, Sony Online
    Entertainment. "NCsoft is the perfect partner given its knowledge of the Korean game market, its own success with Lineage, and its direct access to
    millions of gamers from day one."

    Over the past twelve months, SOE has actively expanded its international presence, deploying an EverQuest game server in Europe and developing translation software to allow players from all over the world to communicate in real-time using their native languages. "The Korean market is ready and waiting for a game like EverQuest," said Richard Garriott, executive producer at NCsoft's Austin, Texas subsidiary. "We have seen incredible success with Lineage and we are excited to
    introduce a new genre of massively multiplayer online gaming to the exploding Asian market."
    More than 22 million Koreans go online every day with 57 percent of those regularly visiting gaming sites, according to NetValue Korea, which monitors
    four Asian markets, including Korea.
    EverQuest continues to grow with top-selling expansions The Ruins of Kunark
    and The Scars of Velious and most recently, EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin(tm) with new player features and improved graphics, EverQuest: The
    Shadows of Luclin is the latest and most extensive expansion pack yet offered. During peak periods, more than 98,000 adventurers and dragon slayers have explored the world of Norrath simultaneously.

    EverQuest currently has more than 410,000 subscribers.

    Media Update: Card of Destiny coverage added
    Six screen shots and a coverage page, woo.

    Card of Destiny Home


    Media Update: Sakura Taisen 4 screen shots
    More mini-images available for viewing


  • January 23, 2002
    Media Update: Summoner 2 screens and artwork
    Just announced, but with media to boot!

    Summoner 2 in the works, website available
    Volition fast working on second Summoner title

    Summoner, a game that fast found an ample crowd with ansy-PS2 owners, will soon be gaining a sequel with Summoner 2 from Volition. With a helping hand from THQ, Summoner 2 has turned a few heads with its announcement.

    Taking no time to dawdle, Voliton has made the news public on the just-opened Summoner 2 website. From what is shown through the site, Summoner 2 will allow players to:

    - Battle your enemies in real time with an all-new, party-driven combat system
    - Explore over 30 exotic and imaginative 3D locales, from the tropical isle of Teomura to the bizarre and dreamlike City of Masks
    - Fulfill Pava's prophecy through an immersive, character-driven story. Rule the Kingdom of Halassar and interact with hundreds of NPCs
    - Transform the "language of gods" into twelve powerful summons, from the Blood Juggernaut to the Blade of Sand
    - Control up to three characters at a time, and build your party from a roster of eight unique characters with specialized attacks and spells
    - Customize your characters using a flexible skill-point system. Learn to craft deadly poisons, cast a meteor storm, or devour your enemy's soul.

    Look here, and at the Summoner 2 webste ( for more future information.

    Media Update: Shining Soul
    4 crispy new GBA screens

    Shining Soul for the GameBoy Advance is being developed and published by Sega. This lil critter should be crawling into GBAs all over Japan sometime this year; however a North American release date has not been confirmed.

    Source: The GIA

    FFX keys itself into stores!
    Finally, some piano compilations!

    Yet another Final Fantasy piano compilation disc will be jammin' its way into stores come February 20th. This time, FFX's music will be honored. CD Japan currently has this compilation disc for import.

    Source: The GIA

    Grandia II Final Box Art
    See what the game will look like when it hits store shelves next week

    Today we bring you the finalized box art for the upcoming PS2 rerelease of Grandia II. Grandia II releases January 29th

    January 22, 2002
    Thorsten Burkard Talks Helbreath
    The low-down on the MUD MMORPG

    GameSpyDaily was recently able to sit down with Thorsten Burkard for an interview on Helbreath, Siementech Co Ltd.'s MUD-influenced MMORPG that is due for a June release. You can read it by simply clicking on this link. The following is a brief snippet from the interview:

    GameSpy: Helbreath is described as a MUD, as opposed to an MMORPG. Is it truly a MUD in the classic sense, like NetHack or Rogue?

    Burkard: Helbreath is very much unlike a classic MUD. Actually, I wonder why it even calls itself one. Instead, Helbreath is an expansive world filled with clear, colourful 3D and 2D graphics, which bring each distinct character, other life forms, including the grotesque creatures you must battle, and the landscape itself to life. It is a level based multi - player online game, with some RPG content, but I wouldn't compare it with classical RPGs either.

    Download The Disciples II Demo Today!
    And more news on Strategy First's upcoming strategy/RPG

    Strategy First's Disciples II web site has been abuzz with news this week. First, the official demo for the game was released today. You can directly download that from the site by clicking here. Those of you with dial-up connections might have to spend quite a bit of time downloading, because the file is a fairly large 137 MB.

    Second, the following press release regarding the Collector's Edition was posted:

    Montreal, Quebec. January 17th, 2002 -- Members of Strategy First's head office confirmed rumors today that a Special Collector's Edition of the year's most highly anticipated turn-based fantasy/strategy game will ship to stores January 24th, 2002.

    The Collector's Edition of Disciples II: Dark Prophecy will ship at the same time as the original sequel hits store shelves nationwide. Included in the collector's edition is a one-of-a-kind card game, developed by the lead designer of the Disciples series and 5 additional "elite" scenarios.

    Fans of the series will have a chance to buy the original Disciples II (SRP: $39.99US) or the Collector's Edition (SRP: $49.99US) at any major retailer. Pre-orders can be made through online sites such as,, and

    To learn more about the games and their retail availability, log onto or

    Source: Strategy First's Disciples II Web Site

    Drakan II: The Ancients Gate update
    The release date is set

    Another quick update today about the release date of Drakan II. The release date is currently slated for January 29th and will be in stores by Feb 1st. Combined with the release of Grandia II in the same week, the end of this month promises to be a good one for RPG's

    Grandia II update
    The PS2 version of Grandia II will be in stores January 29th

    Just wanted to give you all a quick update that Grandia II is shipping today and will be in stores for a full release on January 29th.

    January 21, 2002
    Eve: The Second Genesis MEGA update
    Yes, more...wallpapers and artwork!

    Eve: The Second Genesis is looking pretty sweet. We've added 13 wallpapers from this space-based multiplayer, as well as eight pieces of artwork. To check out the wallpaper, click here. The artwork can be found below.

    More Media! Eve: The Second Genesis images
    Wow, space never looked so...intimidating...

    Wallpaper Update: Rune desktop images!
    The fun continues!

    You can't have a normal media update without a wallpaper update! Along with releasing a bunch of new images on their website, From Software has also put up two new wallpapers for their GameCube RPG, Rune. Totaling now at six desktop images, these fanciful additions can be found by clicking the link below!

    Rune Wallpaper!

    Media Update: New Rune screens and art
    GameCube RPG needs some lovin' people...

    January 21, 2002
    Xenosaga Media Update: Lots of new media
    Monolith Soft updates Xenosaga homepage with lots of screens!

    Monolith Soft has recently updated its Xenosaga website with TONS of new media, including designs and battle screens of the A.G.W.S. mechs. Also, two new character pages are available, to access all of these pages, click the links below. Warning, each of these pages are in Japanese, so it might be best to just stick to the images.

    - Xenosaga Mech Screens/Designs
    - Character #17
    - Character #18

    You can check out AllRPG's Xenosaga coverage by clicking here. open for business
    Fishtank title website available for viewing!

    Fishtank Interactive has recently opened up their official Arx Fatalis website! Featuring a ton of goodies, including media, a look at the world and story, and some darn nifty downloads, is a website not to miss! To get there, click below!


    PC RPG Nakoruru comes to the Dreamcast
    It's not dead, it's not dead!

    Even with the Dreamcast reaching the end of the line, developers and publishers are still taking stabs at new titles. The most recent announcement, a PC-RPG titled Nakoruru, will be making its way to the DC come March in Japan.

    Retailing for 6,800 yen, the game will be available for pre-purchase, those who take advantage of this will receive a poster, and for those pre-ordering the limited edition, the package will include a special Nakoruru figurine.


    January 19, 2002
    Dragon Quest Monsters heads for the PSOne
    Signature series from Enix ported to Sony's console

    Obviously porting Dragon Quest IV wasn't enough for Enix, as yet more Dragon Quest titles are finding themselves heading for Sony's console. Joining the fray are the following titles:

    - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland
    - Dragon Quest II: Mysterious Key of Martha; Iru's Journey and Ruka's Adventure

    These will be compiled into one game, which will be titled "Dragon Quest Monsters I & II: Hoshi furi no Yuusha to Makiba no Nakamatachi." Not much will be altered in the translation from GBC to PSOne, save for different adventures not found in the original versions and graphical/sound improvements.

    Thanks to Shawn Pendergast for the assistance.


    RPGVault speaks with Morrowind developers
    Seven friendly faces take time to answer some questions

    With Bethesda Softwork's The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind nearing release, team members can safely take time to look back on the production of one of the most anticipated RPG titles for the PC/XBox., realizing this as well, has asked seven of Morrowind's developers to..."describe a location, item, monster or some other game element that is not on the critical path, but that you consider especially interesting, intriguing or enjoyable." The reply was quite resounding. To check out the responses, click here.


    Wallpaper Update: Morrowind continues on...
    New series of wallpapers from Bethesda!

    Bethesda Softworks has started a new series of wallpapers for their highly anticipated RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. With 22 desktop images of characters and creatures from the game, fans can now enjoy scenic views of the locales present in Morrowind with the new series. The first wallpaper features a view of Vivec, click on the link below to check it out, as well as other Morrowind information and media.

    The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

    Mega Man EXE adapted into an anime series
    Game Boy Advance strategy/RPG series in your TV

    Mega Man EXE (or better known as RockMan EXE in Japan) will soon be featured in an anime series titled, and adapted after, Rockman EXE. Taking characters and story bits from the recently released Game Boy Advance RPG's, Rockman EXE will do one up on the waning popularity of the series. No plans for an American release as of yet.


    January 18, 2002
    New GameCube Accessories
    Three new handy accessories have been released for the GameCube

    Nintendo released three new GameCube accessories to help you out. Cube Rack-R, which allows you to place your cube games on the side of the rack, and another cool thing about it is, it moves. Another accessory is the brand new GameCube DVD Case, which can hold up to 6 games and two Memory Card 59's. Last but not least is the GameCube Rack GCR-1. The GCR-1 lets you organize your Nintendo GameCube products, and also your GameBoy Advanced products. It holds controls, games, and just about anything you want.

    Source: The-MagicBox

    Star Wars Galaxies Update
    Star Wars Galaxies official web site has been updated

    Not to long ago, the official web site for Star Wars Galaxies has been updated with a question and answer concerning technical crafting.

    5.15 How will "technical crafting" work?

    "Technical Crafting" is encompassed by the engineering and science professions. All of these professions share some skills in the areas of general invention and science. These general skills...

    Source: RPGPlanet

    To check out more, click here.

    Tactics Ogre Gaiden Release Tidbits
    Changing hands again

    Nintendo has long assured fans that yes, Tactics Ogre Gaiden would see a US release. However it is only now that they're revealing that Atlus will be at the helm for the event, the same company that worked on the past Ogre titles in North America. Interestingly, this is what happened with the last Ogre title, Ogre Battle 64. Both were released in Japan by Nintendo, both were supposed to undergo the same treatment in the US, and both were passed on to Atlus.

    Now that Atlus is at the wheel tey're already making a few changes. The most noticable to date is the changing of the title's name to the Japanese version: Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. Whatever you call it, the game will be released for the Game Boy Advance in the US, sometime in May.

    Source: the GIA

    Microsoft Lures Square and Enix
    Or at least they try to

    Recently Microsoft confirmed that they had been trying to lure Square and Enix onto their list of developers for the Xbox. The company stated that they recognized the importance of having the big two RPG developers publishing titles on their console.

    After the scmoozing was done however, both companies agreed that the target audience for Xbox gamers is not RPG based. Square has said that they don't foresee themselves developing for the console, while Enix said that while they don't see the Dragon Quest/Warrior series on an Xbox, they might develop in another genre for Microsoft's console.

    Source: Magic Box

    A Playstation 2 Printer
    Shiny and new, but pricey too!

    Sony has announced the release of a new PlayStation 2 printer called Tapis MPR-505, which can be used to print game screens directly to printer. Currently only three title support the Tapis, those being America Ouden Ultra Quiz from DigiCube, Marle de Jigsaw from Nippon Software and Kanon from Nec Interchannel.A number of other developer has stated that they wish to urilize the printer in the future, namely Idea Factory, Irem Software Engineering, ArtDink, Sun Denshi, Dazz and Mahou.

    Tapis is scheduled for release in Japan on February 23, for 20000 yen. No word on any possible ports to North America or other territories.

    Source: Magic Box

    January 17, 2002
    Gigantic Wallpaper Update: Final Fantasy XI!
    Tons of new desktop images for fans!

    Square has recently update it's Final Fantasy XI PlayOnline site with a TON of new desktop images! Featuring the mugs of the games available characters, these new wallpapers are sure to please any Final Fantasy fan. Click the link below for the wallpapers and other FFXI media!

    - Final Fantasy XI

    SaGa RPG series makes jump to Playstation 2
    Romancing SaGa, or SaGa Frontier?

    As reported by, has released information on a new SaGa game from Square. The title for two seperate series, SaGa Frontier and Romancing SaGa, the new "SaGa" title hasn't fully been confirmed as of yet. However, many are already pointing towards a new Romancing SaGa title. In any case, a new SaGa game will hopefully be making its way to the Playstation 2.


    Shadowbane enters closed beta testing
    The latest Mutiplayer RPG from Ubi Soft is near completion

    Wolfpack Studios and have just announced that
    the official North American closed beta test has commenced for the highly
    anticipated fantasy-based Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO)
    Shadowbane. Over two years of game development, internal testing and design
    work by Wolfpack Studios has culminated in the release of this closed beta
    test. The selected group of beta testers, chosen from the rapidly expanding
    Shadowbane community, have started to enter the lands of Aerynth(tm) and
    experience the immersive world and addictive game play of Shadowbane this

    "We are very excited that Shadowbane has reached this key milestone, and we
    are looking forward to seeing how the world of Aerynth and the community
    evolve during the closed beta period," said Jason Rubinstein, General
    Manager of "This test will help us further shape and define this
    great project with Wolfpack Studios and lead the way to commercial release."

    Visit for the very latest information on Shadowbane.


  • Alefborn Mage
  • The Brothers

    Diablo 2 Hack News
    Blizzard sends out a message concerning the hack with

    Not to long ago, Blizzard Entertainment sent out a message concerning about the hack rumor with Many rumors have been going around, but some say it's false and just a rumor. Here's the message:

    Several Internet gaming sites are reporting that a hack is being used on allowing people to access characters other than their own. We have found no evidence that this is the case, and have been unable to get reproducible steps of this hack from any website.

    The hack as described would be impossible, given the architecture of Our investigation of these reports has not turned up any evidence to the contrary.

    Furthermore, rumors that hardcore characters are being killed off using this hack are undercut by the fact that Hardcore characters have died at the same rate comparable to any other period of time, and there has been no evidence of wrongdoing there.

    If you have any information regarding any hack, please send an email to with as much detail as possible.

    Source: GameSPydaily

    Darkfall Interview
    Darkfall MMORPG Network talks with Claus Grovdal about their upcoming MMORPG

    Claus Grovdal of Razorwax was recently interviewed by Darkfall MMORPG Network, talking about their upcoming MMORPG, Darkfall. The inteview consists of many questions that are very interesting to check out. Some of the questions include zones, PvP combat, playable races, and much more.

    MMORPG - Darkfall is a PvP based game. A lot of people do not like PvP in MMORPG's. Will a player be able to play Darkfall and not have to worry about PvP?

    Claus - Absolutely. We have so many tradeskills that in theory you could sit in the safety of your clans city for months making powerful magical items and maybe never see any pvp action. The Darkfall world is also extremely huge, and you could travel far into the wilderness, build a house, and probably hunt in the nearby dungeons without seeing other players for weeks. You can enjoy the game any way you want.

    To check out more of this interview, click here

    Source: GameSpyDaily

  • January 17, 2002
    Althanas Update: January 16, 2001
    The latest details on the happenings of AllRPG's Interactive Continent

    On January 2nd, the Interactive Continent of Radasanthia officialy opened to the community of AllRPG, and thanks to all who posted, it has been a great success! In slightly under 2 weeks, we already have 135 members, so if you haven't registered yet, join in the fun by visiting AllRPG's Althanas page, where you can find the rules and link to the Interactive Continent.

    However, many of you have asked how long it takes to have your character approved after you've registered. Simply put, it can take anywhere from an hour to two days, as a moderator must look over your character and approve it. Note that the better you explain and detail your character according to the guidelines, the earlier it is likely to be approved.

    Here is what can be expected for the Interactive Continent in the coming weeks:

    - For those who have a problem with choosing your character's name, we will be releasing a Fantasy Random Name Generator later this week. This will include over 500 names that are randomly chosen!

    - Two locations of Radasanthia will be fully detailed: The western town of Serenti, and the legendary Citadel of Ai'Brone. You'll be able to find these in the new and updated Althanas page, which will be released in the next few days.

    - And for those of you who enjoy drawing or writing fiction, get your pencils ready! Because in the next few weeks, we'll start accepting fan art and fan fiction for the Interactive Continent.

    - Finally, with enough support, we may consider opening up a Freeform Role-Playing Chat Room in the not so distant future. Guidelines for this chat room should be out within a month.

    Matt Spears

    Nintendo boosts GameCube production
    One million GC's a month for retailers!

    After positive Christmas sales numbers and a resounding reply from fans and consumers in general, Nintendo has decided to increase production of its latest console, the GameCube.

    With a new factory opening soon in China, Nintendo will increase worldwide monthly distribution from 600,000 units to 1 million units in April. Nintendo hopes to make their 4.5 million mark by March, this increase in production looks to make that number a reality.


    Fan Artwork Update
    Finally a huge Fan Art update!

    We have some great new artwork from a bunch of very talented people here. Enjoy -_^ And dont forget to send your Fan Artwork to

        Lucca 1

        By: Luccaluvr

        Lucca 2

        By: Luccaluvr

        Parasite Eve (1)

        By: Misa Nguyen

        Parasite Eve (2)

        By: Misa Nguyen


        By: Atrus Easton

        Link on a Cliff

        By: StrifeX

        Cloud Strife

        By: Patricio Soler


        By: Rizzy Dizzy


        By: DarkSchneider

    Media Update: Gothic 2 screenshots
    Images for a game that doesn't "exist" yet...


    Deus Ex 2 News
    Deus Ex 2 gets an estimated release date

    Recently, ActionTrip talked with Eidos about Deus Ex 2, they say that Deus Ex 2 will be released around Spring 2003. This just a rough estimate. There may be many problems along the way, so stay tuned with AllRPG for further news about the Deus Ex 2 release date.

    *Note: This is just a rumor.

    Source: GameSpyDaily

    January 15, 2002
    GamePark releases GP32 handheld console
    Korean-born gaming makes way to other countries

    Unknown to U.S. gamers, handheld gaming isn't limited to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. Released solely in Korea, yet making its way to other Asian countries, GamePark's GP32 handheld could give the Game Boy Advance and WonderSwan Color a run for their money.

    Featuring 32-bits of CPU power and 8 MB of SDRAM, the GP32 keeps its head high above the water spec-wise. Special additions include MP3 playback and a color LCD-screen. Unfortunately the handheld hasn't been released commercially in any other country save for Korea, including Japan, so American gamers will have to go to some means of importing. has made available some images of the handheld, click the links below for the shots.

    - Image #1
    - Image #2
    - Image #3
    - Image #4
    - Image #5
    - Image #6
    - Image #7
    - Image #8
    - Image #9
    - Image #10

    Source: speaks with Jeff Butler
    Ex-Verant employee speaks on recent changes recently had the opportunity to speak with ex-Verant employee Jeff Butler on his latest career choices. One of the original team members for the popular PC RPG EverQuest, Butler speaks out on his reasons for leaving the company that made him famous, as well as his most recent thoughts on the future. Below is a small clip of the interview, for the entire story, click here.

    HomeLAN - Are you currently recruiting employees for your company?

    Jeff Butler - We have a number of key people lined up, but will be waiting until we have secured a development deal before we actively begin the recruiting process. Interested parties should look for our future press release announcing the establishment of our company web site, where we will be posting any available positions.


    Koei announces new RPG for the GameBoy Advance
    Handheld RPG's continue to increase in number with the addition of Houshin

    Koei has recently unveiled its latest addition to the RPG lineup of the GBA with Houshin, which is based on Chinese Mythology. The Chinese epic Fengshen Yanyi is the primary inspiration for the story. In Houshin the player assumes the role of the character Sky, who is ordained by God to vanquish monsters and devils that are threatneing the peace of the human world. The devils will attempt to acquire ancient treasures order to revive the evil queen Tengei. If she is revived she will then lead the demonic forces against the human world.

    To this end Treasure hunting is almost as important as breathing since treasures found throughout the world can be made into powerful treasures. These treasures are then used to cast powerful magic spells and summoning gods to assist you. The game will contain numersous secrets, and up to four players can link-up and search for treasure together. The game also has link-up abilities with a GameCube version of Houshin, Battle Fengshen, which emphasizes the action elements to the GBA's more traditional RPG gameplay.

    Linking to the GameCube version allows the player to engage a scenario in connection with the hero of the GameCube version and quite possibly receive a rare, hidden item that can be used to increase the power of your accumulated treasures.

    Both versions of the game are scheduled for release in Spring of 2002 in Japan.

    Source: RPGamer

    Grandia Xtreme Information update
    a small update on the battle system for the next Grandia title

    Personally I have always enjoyed the battle system that each Grandia title has used and Game Arts has recieved acclaim for it as well. To that end Game Arts has decided they will use the exact same engine as they have in the previous two Grandia titles. The only difference will be the addition of the characters to do combination attacks with other party members.

    In addition to the combination system, Game Arts has announced a new feature for gameplay. When the player completes a dungeon, they will have the ability to return to that dungeon at anytime and play a more advanced version of the dungeon. Fighting stronger monsters will allow your party to gain better items and more experience.

    Grandia Xtreme is currently slated for release in Japan on January 31st but there are no specifics for a North American release at this time.

    Source: RPGamer

    January 14, 2002
    Xenosaga Media Update: Poster propaganda
    Spreading the good word of Xenosaga

    Source: interviews Bethesda's Todd Howard
    Project Leader takes his time in the spotlight recently spoke with Bethesda Softwork's Todd Howard, Project Leader of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. In high preparation for the XBox release of this anticipated RPG, asks Howard what his feelings on the port were, and how he expects the title to do with a console audience.

    Below is a small snippet of the story, for the whole interview, click here.

    123xbox: How did the developing team find the Xbox hardware to be and did they feel it was easy to program on?

    Howard: Programming for Xbox has been both easy and difficult. Easy, because it's an easy system to program for. Difficult, because Morrowind is a ridiculously big world with a ton of stuff in it and making all of that fit has been a real challenge for the programmers, but they've done a great job and it's come together very nicely.


    Bethesda and Ubi Soft work publishing deal
    Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind handled by Ubi Soft in Europe

    Bethesda Softworks announced in a recent press release that Ubi Soft will handle the Euro-distribution of their upcoming PC/XBox RPG, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

    "Morrowind is one of the most eagerly awaited games of the year," declared Alain Corre, Managing Director for Europe, Asia Pacific and South America, Ubi Soft Entertainment.

    Aside from Morrowind, Ubi Soft will also be publshing nine other titles in Europe, including Sea Dogs for the PC. The other titles have yet to be named.

    "The response we've received so far from European media and fans has been tremendous," said Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks. "We are very excited to be bringing games of this caliber to Europe, and to be working with a quality company like Ubi Soft."

    European fans can look forward to Ubi Soft publishing many more titles to come in 2002 and beyond.

    (For the full press release, click here)

    January 11, 2002
    Brad McQuaid Interview
    Gamespot lands an exclusive interview with the EverQuest creator recently interviewed Brad McQuaid, one of the creators of the popular online RPG EverQuest. McQuaid shared his thoughts about his recently announced new development studio, what he'd personally like to see in the future of online games, and his views on the game market today and tomorrow.

    Here's a brief snippet from the truly interesting article:

    GameSpot: Things have changed in the online game world since EverQuest was created. What are some of the biggest changes you've seen recently?

    Brad McQuaid: We've seen more and more interest, with more companies either starting work on MMOGs [massively multiplayer online games] or at least contemplating it. This is a good thing, in that the MMOG game space will continue to grow rapidly over the next 5 to 10 years. Players will be looking for more choices, as well as better and more robust MMOGs as the genre matures.

    The rest of the interview can be read right here.

    Lineage Takes Home the Prize
    The game is honoured at the MacWorld Conference and Expo

    NCSoft is celebrating tonight, as their recent title Lineage: the Blood Pledge has received one of 14 Best of Show Awards handed out at this week’s MacWorld Conference and Expo. This is a great honor for the company, and they expressed such in the following press release:

    NCSoft's "Lineage" wins MacWorld Best of Show Award
    NCsoft Corporation, the world's largest independent online game company, today announced that Lineage for the Mac OS has received a MacWorld Best of Show Award. MacWorld Magazine earlier today announced the 14 winners of the awards, which are given annually to the most exciting hardware and software products at the Macworld Conference and Expo at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. One of only two games chosen for the award, the Mac version of the world's most popular subscription-based online game will be available for play in February.

    NCsoft recently launched the North American version of Lineage for PC and is building on more than four million subscribers and 330,000 concurrent users worldwide. Mac users and PC users will soon be able to play alongside each other. The game raises the concepts of community, player interaction, and combat to new levels with the introduction of Blood Pledges - strong alliances with friends and allies in the game world. Once a Pledge is formed, the players can develop a strategy for overtaking a castle

    Source: IGN RPGVault

    Xenosaga, the Yearly Tradition
    Ring in the new year with Xenosaga, again and again

    As most RPG fans might know, Namco is currently developing Xenosaga, a prequel to Square's cult hit Xenogears. The game actually falls within a series of games, with six chapters in all, Xenogears being the fifth, for those who are interested in chronology. Namco recently announced their high expectations and big plans for what is to become a series of games, claiming that they'll release a chapter in the series every year, beginning with episode 1, which releases on February 28th in Japan, and sometime during the Fall in the US.

    Source: IGN PS2

    Namco Has Another Tale to Tell
    Another game will join the Tales family

    One of Namco's msost successful series has been the Tales series of RPGs. Games like Tales of Phantasia bacame instant hits in Japan, and while not all installments in the series have been made available in North America, they all have a considerable fanbase on both Japanese and American shores.

    According to a recent issue of the Japanese publication, Famitsu, Namco is working on a new, currently untitled Tales title. Very little is being said about the game, save the fact that it is a Tales game and will most likely debut on the Game Boy Advance.

    Source: RPGamer

    A Final Fantasy X Gaiden Confirmed
    As well as more details surfacing about FFX International

    For the past week rumours have been flying about a possible gaiden, or "side-story" being released for Final Fantasy X. Well today new information was revealed about Final Fantasy X International, and among the little tidbits was nestled a nugget of pure gold - word on the gaiden.

    The game is titled FFX Another Story: The Forever Nagi Festival, and is set two years after the original story. So far the confirmed cast of characters includes Yuna, Wakka and Rikku. No word yet on what if any role Tidus will play.

    Besides this exciting game, FFX International will also come bundled up with an assortment of other treats, including promotion movies, FFX TVCMs, the theme songs, interviews with voice actors from both sides of the Pacific, and a long list of previews for other Square titles. These include Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XI, Square Masterpieces (WonderSwan Color), and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Preview Trailers.

    Residents of the Land of the Rising Sun can pick up a copy of FFX International on January 31st.

    Source: Magic Box

    January 10, 2002
    Best-Selling Games of 2001
    RPGs reign supreme

    2001 was a busy year in the gaming industry, and was certainly a banner year for RPGs. We saw the release of Final Fantasy X< Metal Gear Solid 2, the long-awaited expansion for Diablo 2, and Dragon Warrior VII, just to name a few. It was also a year that saw the crash of the Dreamcast, and the birth of the Xbox, Game Boy Advance and GameCube.

    With all that went on, how well did your favourite new games fare? what kind of a start did the next generation consoles get? Check out the chart below, which feature the top ten best-selling titles in Japan for the last fiscal year.

    1/Final Fantasy X/Square/PS2/RPG/2,410,768
    2/Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec/Sony/PS2/Racing/1,650,019
    3/Dragon Quest IV/Enix/PS/RPG/840,004
    4/Everybody's Golf 3/Sony/PS2/Sports/835,400
    5/Shin Sangoku Musou 2/Koei/PS2/Action/667,101
    6/Devil May Cry/Capcom/PS2/Action/604,189
    7/Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty/Konami/PS2/Action/560,546
    8/Mario Kart Advance/Nintendo/GBA/Racing/534,449
    9/Super Smash Bros. DX/Nintendo/GC/Fighting/504,000
    10/Hamster Tarou 2/Nintendo/GB/Adventure/455,432

    Source: Magic Box

    Anarchy Online Interview: Dark times for AO speaks with Anarchy Online employees recently interviewed numerous employees in charge of the PC RPG Anarchy Online. After harsh re-organizations and the departure of many team members, the mood at the FunCom offices has turned down somewhat, but the team remains adamant. Below is a small clip of the interview, for the whole story, click here.

    Sion: Did the successful release of DAOC have a negative impact on your own subscriptions?

    (Answered by Marit Lund, Director of Public Relations)

    Yes, the successful release of DAOC affected us negatively. Mythic did an excellent job launching DAOC, while our launch was more dramatic than we ever were prepared for. However, this is all history now. Anarchy Online is alive and it is better than ever! We feel very confident with the competitive situation at the moment, and we feel that the only way we can go now is up. We hope that gamers will take the time to play both games, and make up an opinion of their own.

    Source: AO Basher

    Hikaru Utada handles Kingdom Hearts theme
    Disney/Square crossbreed receives JPOP treatment

    Much like Square's past titles, the upcoming Playstation 2 RPG Kingdom Hearts will feature the vocal talent of Japanese vocalist Hikaru Utada. Titled close to the artists own name, "Hikari" (Light) will be avaialble in single format come Mar. 20, 2002, for 1,100 yen. Kingdom Hearts is set to be released Mar. 28, 2002 for 6,800 yen.

    Source: The Madman's Cafe

    Artifact Entertainment Adds GeoDesic to Horizons Dream Team
    Geodesic to Provide Full-Lifecycle Support for Groundbreaking Development Effort

    CHICAGO - January 7, 2002 - Geodesic Systems, a leading provider of software solutions that automatically improve the performance and reliability of business-critical systems, today announced that Artifact Entertainment has added Geodesic software as an important new member of its "dream team" of computer game developers. Unlike the firm's usual programmers who work in cubicles, the Geodesic software actually will work inside the code that runs their hotly anticipated new title Horizons to optimize server up time and reliability for its uniquely passionate breed of customers.

    "Up-time is absolutely critical to the online gaming world," says James Jones, president of Artifact Entertainment. "If a server goes down, it's literally the end of the world for our players. Geodesic software provides ongoing protection against that."

    Artifact has licensed Geodesic's Great Circle and High Availability Runtime (HAR) solutions to support development of Horizons, a subscription-based, interactive fantasy world, peopled by thousands of simultaneous, real-time players. With Horizons, Artifact aims to bring the Massively Multi-Player Online Gaming (MMOG) experience, already popular among the hardcore gaming crowd, to the masses proving to be receptive to fantasy-based storylines, movies and merchandise. To do that, Artifact has assembled a virtual all-star team of game programming talent.

    "Being selected for use in a multi-player gaming environment proves the power of our software," says Michael Spertus, Geodesic's chief technology officer. "For Horizons to be successful, Artifact's servers simply cannot crash. Great Circle and our High Availability Runtime will be Artifact's safety net, enabling the development team to focus on what they do best - creating breakthrough game experiences."

    On the front end, Geodesic's Great Circle already is helping Artifact developers create cleaner code, providing error detection and code diagnosis during development. At deployment, High Availability Runtime will be embedded in the Horizons application, using its patented Run-time Diagnosis and Remediation (RDR) technology to find and fix potentially devastating errors while the application is running. This will ensure a seamless experience for Horizons players.

    Only weeks after installing Great Circle, the benefits are apparent.

    "Since our team started using Geodesic software, we're ahead of schedule," reports Jones. "Errors that used to take us days to locate, Great Circle finds in minutes. We expect Geodesic products to pay for themselves many times over, with better server performance leading to lower hardware costs, less co-location and reduced maintenance fees." We've made a few minor changes to the website today. We are in the process of creating a new information campaign that we will launch sometime after the beginning of next year. At that time we will begin adding new information to the website and starting the ongoing flow of information leading up to the start of beta and the launch of Horizons.

    Working Designs announces the re-release of Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
    A great day for RPG fans is upon us

    Working Designs is pleased to announce that, due to overwhelming demand,
    the popular role-playing game LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete will be
    re-released with a very limited fanart special edition. For this special
    limited edition, Working Designs has decided to not use the artwork
    featured on the original game discs and instead has invited one of their
    frequent fan-art contributors to create two pieces for the project.
    Hence, the special fan-edition discs were born. Examples of this fan art
    featured on the two discs of this re-release are pictured at This re-release
    will feature the game only, as well as a slimmed-down version of the
    original manual/artbook, and will come in a standard double jewel-case.

    LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete: Special Fan Edition will be available
    at Electronics Boutique and other quality retailers for $35 or less in
    late January.

    Coinciding with the PlayStation re-release of LUNAR: Silver Star Story
    Complete, Working Designs has announced the cancellation of LUNAR: Silver
    Star Story Complete for PC. The main reason for the cancellation was
    that a version of the software that was stable enough to meet Working
    Designs' standards could not be delivered to them. An unfortunate side
    effect of this action is that the Alex puppet that was to be the premium
    item with this offering will now forever remain limited to a handful of
    manufacturing samples. Fortunately, fans awaiting the game on PC will
    soon be able to acquire LUNAR: Silver Star Story Complete: Special Fan
    Additional details are available at

    January 09, 2002
    Voodoo Extreme speaks with David Allen
    Pharaoh Productions CEO gives the skinny on future titles

    Voodoo Extreme was recently given the opportunity to speak with Pharaoh Production's CEO David Allen on future titles planned for 2002 and beyond. Amidst keeping some titles hush-hush, Allen tells all on the development of P.P.'s XBox/PC title Dominion, as well as the technology his team uses for development. Below is a small snippet of the story, for the full deal, click here.

    VE: The freshly-released screenshots from Dominion are pretty sweet. You mention on your site that in the months ahead you plan on showing a lot of in-progress screenshots every month and that the next set will show off "multiple entities in the interactive environment, as well as a multitude of engine-related enhancements and other environment objects such as houses, spawn points, and more." What does multiple entities refer to (characters, NPCs, etc?)

    David Allen: Thanks! Yes, we already have the preliminary skinned animation system complete – we just need to finalize it and throw the entities into the test beds – give them some AI, and have at it. We will actually have a fully-interactive DEMO for our next phase of investors by the end of this month that shows off the core technology of the game, as well as the look and feel of the environments.

    Source: Voodoo Extreme

    Black & White: Creature Isles set to ship Jan. 18
    Addition to revolutionary title goes gold for retail

    Lionhead Studio's has recently announced that Black & White: Creature Isles, an expansion to the popular PC title Black & White, has been given the green light for retail and shipping. A god-simulation title, the Black & White series has garnered a large following and features the imaginative game designs of Peter Molyneux, which are also present in its expansion. The game is set for availability come the week of Jan. 22, 2002.

    To learn more of Black & White: Creature Isles, visit LionHead's website at this link:


    Metal Gear Solid 2 Delayed in Europe
    But they get a bonus DVD, so no need to feel bad

    European gamers are, as always, eagerly awaiting the release of a critically acclaimed title on their shores. The title in this case is Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, which tore through North American and Japanese sales charts. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait just a bit longer. The release date as been bumped back, according to Konami spokespeople this is due to the higher than anticipated demand for the game. Retailers are requesting 1 million copies of the title just for launch day. In order to meet this demand and also finish up the bonus European DVD, Konami opted to delay the game, confident that fans can wait.

    "Konami of Europe feels obliged to offer the best possible product to the consumers and we also want to meet retailer's demand", said Kunio Neo, president of Konami of Europe. "Of course we're disappointed that we cannot stick to the previously stated February release date. At the same time we're also convinced that our partners and consumers will be thrilled by our package and the look behind the scenes the DVD offers for this highly anticipated game for PS2."

    The bonus DVD is a new feature, exclusive to and aimed at European gamers. It features over an hour of behind-the-scenes materials filmed by the French TV-station Fun TV. It seems that the European DVD will be different from the one included in the Japanese special edition of Metal Gear Solid 2. The material offers a rare sightseeing tour through the offices of Konami Japan and interviews with the leading members of the team, including Hideo Kojima. Also included on the disc is a documentary of sorts, outlining the game's progression from the planning stages to the final product.

    Source: Gamespot

    North America Gets Zero
    New name, same old game

    It had been rumoured for weeks now that Zero would be arriving in North America later this year. we waited and we waited for an official announcement, and at last the beans wre spilled by Playstation Magazine.

    In its most recent issue, Playstation Magazine featured an ad for Zero under the new title of Fatal Frame. The game is also scheduled for a Spring 2002 release according to that same ad.

    Though at AllRPG we try to keep personal feelings out of our writing, I'm going to abuse my power as Senior News Editor to give props to the great people at the GIA for saying what we all think about the name change. No more easy taglines indeed.

    Source: The GIA

    January 09, 2002
    The Dragon's Breath Forge and David Gaider speaks with Bioware team member

    The Dragon's Breath Forge was recently giving the opportunity to speak with Bioware's David Gaider on numerous topics, including such big RPG projects as Neverwinter Nights and Baldur's Gate 2. Below is a small snippet from the story, for the whole deal, click here.

    Question: In BG2 you meet your "mother" and Gorion says he could save only 1 child. Then why is Imoen in Candlekeep with you? [Submitted by Shadowstrider]

    Dave: Gorion could save only 1 child when he and his companions attacked the temple of Bhaal where the PC was going to be sacrificed…and this meant he had to choose between saving the infant PC and saving the young Sarevok. Imoen was never at that temple (nor do I think it was even implied that she was)…Gorion finds her years later.

    Source: The Dragon's Breath Forge

    Nintendo of America's Minoru Arakawa retires
    NoA president takes leave of Mario and company

    Yesterday, Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa took his leave of the company and announced Tatsumi Kimishimi, president of Pokemon U.S.A., as his successor.

    With the successes of Nintendo's two consoles, the Game Boy Advance and the GameCube, Arakawa felt that his leave was best taken now while the company was at it's financial high.


    PS2 News
    Rumor has it that the US may have colored PS2s in the near future

    PlaystationCenter of late did an article on colored PS2s. They said that in the near future, Sony would release multi-colored PS2s with high prices of $800. That's a far above the ground cost for a colored PS2, but if you’re a collector, then make sure you check it out. Not much news has been given out about the colored PS2s, so stay tuned with AllRPG for more information about this.

    Source: GameSpyDaily

    Xenosaga single CD hits Digicube in February
    Two songs from Xenogears prequel available soon

    Hot on the trail of the massive media update Monolith Soft has given fans, two Xenosaga tracks, "Kokoro" and "Pain," will soon be available to Japanese retailers and importers alike on a singles CD. Set for a Feb. 6, 2002 release, Xenosaga's "Kokoro" CD will retail for 1300 yen and can be found at the Japanese retailer Digicube.


    Get ready to think!
    Idea Factory hooks up with the GBA

    The GameBoy Advance now has a new company developing games for their handheld now. Idea Factory has jumped boat to start developing titles for the GBA and they will release information about this within the next few days.

    Idea Factory is responsible for the development of a few hit PlayStation One games as well as a new PS2 game called Generation of Chaos.

    Source: The Magic Box

    Triple threat on the rising
    Sony + Toshiba + IBM = OS

    A new OS (Operating System) is planned for release in 2005 and this is a joint plan which involves Sony Computer Entertainment International, Toshiba and IBM. If you've ever craved an OS that can handle broadband communication along with the ability to exchange data with home electronics, this OS may be just all that and a bag of potato chips. TVs, air conditioners, and even refrigerators may all be in reach of this OS.

    Source: The Magic Box

    NCsoft Announces Lineage for the Mac
    Most Popular Online Game in the World Running on Mac OS X at Macworld Expo

    NCsoft Announces Lineage for the Mac
    Most Popular Online Game in the World Running on Mac OS X at Macworld Expo

    San Francisco, CA, January 8, 2002 -NCsoft(tm) Corporation, the world's largest independent online game company, today announced Lineage(tm) for the
    Mac. With its superior power, performance and graphics capabilities, the Mac is a tremendous platform for online gaming. The timing is perfect as NCsoft recently launched the North American version of this massively popular subscription-based online game and is building on more than four million subscribers and 330,000 concurrent users worldwide. The Mac version, which launches in February, will be on display in the Mac OS X Game Arcade at the Macworld Conference and Expo taking place this week at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA.

    "We are obviously thrilled to be able to bring Lineage to a new audience," stated Richard Garriott, legendary game developer and executive producer at NCsoft's Austin, Texas office. "Companies that do not release Mac versions of their games these days are making a giant mistake. The Mac and its super-modern operating system, Mac OS X, provide the ultimate gaming experience and there's a huge untapped market of gamers using this platform."

    Mac users and PC users will be able to play alongside each other in Lineage. The game raises the concepts of community, player interaction, and combat to new levels with the introduction of Blood Pledges-strong alliances with friends and allies in the game world. Once a Pledge is formed, the players can develop a strategy for overtaking a castle.

    "The Mac offers the most powerful hardware, exceptionally stunning 2D and 3D graphics and the best game titles for both casual and hardcore gamers," said
    Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "We are delighted that NCsoft is opening the doors of Lineage to the entire Mac community. The combination of Mac OS X and Lineage will connect avid Mac gamers around the globe and revolutionize online massive multiplayer role playing games."

    Lineage players can choose from four different character archetypes-a heroic knight, clever wizard, nimble elf, or royal prince/princess. Creating a
    character is quick and easy. New players can immediately jump into the game and learn the ropes in a Lineage new player area where they may quickly level up and learn the basics in preparation for the adventures and perils that lie ahead. And unlike other subscription-based games, Lineage offers FREE updates that expand the game world to exotic new lands filled with fierce creatures.

    Lineage is distributed via FREE download from the Internet at the Lineage web site, Free Lineage CDs can also be ordered from the web site. Subscribed customers will receive future CDs free as part of the service. The web site has helpful information about playing Lineage and also includes online manuals, account management tools, news, game
    support areas and community message boards.

    Lineage comes with a 30-day free trial. After the trial period, players are charged US$15 per month. Players can save money by purchasing four months at a rate of US$11.25 per month. An Internet connection is required to play Lineage.

    About NCsoft

    Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, NCsoft is the world's largest independent online game company. Established in 1997 as a systems integration company, NCsoft has leaped to become Korea's and the world's
    leading online game software company. In Korea, its blockbuster hit game Lineage commands a 47% market share and attracts the greatest number of concurrent users in the world. NCsoft is a public company and is traded on the KOSDAQ Korean stock exchange.


    NCsoft is a trademark of NCsoft Corp and Lineage is a trademark of NCInteractive. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

    January 07, 2002
    Eidos releases list of first quarter titles in 2002
    What? No Tomb Raider? Bleh!

    With a new year comes as new batch of games! Developers and publishers are gearing up for 2002 with a big ol' batch of titles for anxious gamers, and unlike some, Eidos isn't planning on keeping their strategy secret. Here is a list of Eidos's first quarter games for the year 2002, sans actual dates:

    Salt Lake - January
    Deus Ex: The Conspiracy - February
    Herdy Gerdy - March
    Commandos 2: Men of Courage - March
    Blood Omen 2 - March
    Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - March
    EOE: Eve of Extinction - March

    Source: Sony Cloudchaser

    Asheron's Call interview: Ken Troop of Turbine
    Producer of PC RPG takes time to answer some questions

    A few days ago released an interview between themselves and Ken Troop, Producer for AC Live of Turbine Game's PC RPG, Asheron's Call. A nice departure from the average hard-hitting interview, asks Troop a number of more personal questions, such as where his gaming past lies, and how he feels about it as a daily distration. Below is a small portion of the interview, for the entire deal, click here.

    {Joe_} Do you play on Darktide?

    {Troop} I was so used to my pk mud, and being superior on it, that I had a really hard time accepting some of the differences on DT

    {Joe_} Hehe. I spent a few weeks trying it out. This was pre-gear.

    {Troop} and the lack of a level restriction on who you can pk is just completely mind-boggling to me
    {Troop} We're not going to change it, it's too well established...but still not my type of pk atmosphere
    {Troop} Logging in and getting ganked is not fun for me


    Final Fantasy X reaches Number One
    FFX was #1 in US sales across all videogame software categories in its first week

    Square Electronic ArtsSM L.L.C.
    (Square Electronic Arts), the exclusive publisher of all SQUARESOFT products
    in North America, today announced that FINAL FANTASY X, a PlayStation2
    exclusive and the latest installment in the best-selling FINAL FANTASY
    series, was #1 in US sales across all videogame software categories in its
    first week of release, according to NPDFunworld ( Video
    Game Data (week ending December 22, 2001). FINAL FANTASY X marks one of the
    largest debuts for a PlayStation 2 title in the US.

    FINAL FANTASY X shipped to retailers nationwide on December 18, just in time
    for the Christmas holiday. In Japan, FINAL FANTASY X was released on July
    19, 2001 and sold through 90% of the 2.14 million units it shipped in the
    first four days. It is the first PlayStation 2 title to reach the 2
    million-unit mark. Square's FINAL FANTASY series to date has sold more than
    36 million units worldwide.

    GameStop, Inc., operators of Babbage's, Software Etc, GameStop and Funcoland
    stores reports significant sales of the title. "We've seen a terrific
    response to FINAL FANTASY X at our stores and online at," said
    Doreen McKenzie, Director of Merchandising, Video Games. "FINAL FANTASY X
    has pre-sold more units than any other PlayStation 2 title to date. Copies
    of the game have flown off the shelves throughout the holiday shopping
    frenzy. This title is a must have for all PlayStation 2 owners."

    Retail stores are not the only outlets reporting substantial sales of the
    game. FINAL FANTASY X has earned best-seller status at e-tailers such as,,, and

    FINAL FANTASY X has received outstanding reviews for its graphics,
    presentation, characters, storyline development and has earned the following
    review scores:
    "9.5 out of 10" ---
    "9.3 out of 10" ---
    "9.5, 9.5, 9.0 out of 10 (based on three reviews)" and "EGM Gold" ---
    Electronic Gaming Monthly, February 2002 issue
    "5 out of 5" --- Official PlayStation Magazine, February 2002 issue
    "Graphics 4.5, Sound 5, Controls 4.5, Fun Factor 5, all out of 5" ---
    GamePro, February 2002 issue
    "A+" --- GameNOW, January 2002 issue
    "9.75 out of 10" --- Game Informer, January 2002 issue
    "10 out of 10" --- PlayStation Magazine, January 2002 issue

    The FINAL FANTASY X multi-million dollar marketing campaign includes
    national print, television and online advertising. Ads are currently airing
    on selected networks such as Comedy Central, ESPN/ESPN2, MTV, Sci-Fi Channel
    and Much Music (Canada). FINAL FANTASY X has also secured unique
    sponsorships with MTV (MTV Store), WWF (Royal Rumble) and Comedy Central

    FINAL FANTASY X has an ESRB rating of "T" for Teen and a suggested retail
    price of $50 US.

    Neocron Interview
    PCGeneral talks with Jens Bremmekamp about their upcoming MMORPG

    Recently, PCGeneral sat down and talked with Jens Bremmekamp of Reakktor Media and talked about their upcoming MMORPG, Neocron. The interview consists of many questions that include how Neocron will stand out in the future, some betta testing news, a lot of addons, and much more. To check out this exclusive interview, click here.

    Source: GameSpyDialy

    January 06, 2002
    La Pucelle Media Update: New artwork
    22 pieces of art from...yeah, the quirky PS2 RPG, how'd ya guess?

    La Pucelle Media Update: New screenshots
    20 images from quirky Playstation 2 RPG

    Media Update: Drakan 2 screenshots
    Four images to please the senses...or at least one of them.


    Camelot Update: Pres. & V.P. interview
    Dengeki GBA speaks with head-honchos at Camelot recently reported an interview between Dengeki GBA and Hiroyuki Takahashi and Shugo Takahashi, president and vice president of Camelot Software. Already boasting an excellent track list with games such as Mario Golf for the Nintendo 64 and Golden Sun for the Game Boy Advance, Camelot prepares its latest title, Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Dengeki GBA questioned the two business men of Camelot over such matters as the current battle of the consoles, as well as the GameCube's affect on developer interest.

    Below is a small portion of the interview, for the entire story, click here.

    Dengeki GBA: Do you think the availability of high-spec hardware such as the Xbox will draw developers away from the Game Boy Advance?

    Hiroyuki: Developing for the Game Boy Advance isn't a simple process. The majority of Game Boy Advance titles are meant to be single player. Therefore, the number of elements the developer needs to consider is sometimes greater than developing a console game. There's a lot of extra work needed on the development side.

    Shugo: Game Boy Advance titles maybe easy to play, but that doesn't mean they're easy to develop. [laughs..] Likewise, creating fun games isn't contingent on the platform. We plan to continue putting all our effort behind the Game Boy Advance with future projects such as 'Oukon no Taiyo' sequel (Golden Sun: The Lost Age).


    Dungeon Siege Update: Chris Taylor interview speaks with GPG's president and designer recently had the opportunity to speak with Gas Powered Game's president and designer, Chris Taylor. The proud father of the PC RPG titled Dungeon Siege, Taylor discusses how development of GPG's product went along, and what, if any, regrets he might have. Below is a small exerpt from the overall story, for the full deal, click here.

    PDS : What was the thing that has impressed you the most about your team and the game during development?

    Chris Taylor:
    The thing that impesses me daily is the amount of passion that everyone here puts into their work, and how commited they are to making it as good as they can with the time we have remaining. We are very excited about finishing and releasing it.


    January 05, 2002
    Capture this new Enix RPG
    These Kids snap their way on to the GBA

    The Wonder Captor! Snap Kids is Enix's new RPG that will be making its way to the GameBoy Advance. For 5980 yen, Japanese gamers can pick this title up on January 17th. It appears that the game will be yanking elements from other games like Pokemon and card battle strategies could play a large role too.

    Monsters are obtained by taking snapshots with a camera and they will then turn into battle cards. By using a combination of ability, monster, and attack cards, a battle will ensue.

    Here are a few screenshots:

    - Screenshot 1

    - Screenshot 2

    - Screenshot 3

    - Screenshot 4

    - Screenshot 5

    - Screenshot 6

    Source: The Magic Box

    Ninja Gaiden sneaks around
    It'll be featured on all major platforms!

    Tecmo will be bringing its Ninja Gaiden game on to the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube platforms. Gamers can expect this title to have a similar style of action RPG gameplay to Legend of Zelda. As a result of the easy development environment, the GameCube Ninja Gaiden will be released ahead of the others.

    Source: The Magic Box

    Weekly Video Game Sales Charts
    What was hot in the days after Christmas? Find out here

    Here are the Famitsu Top 10 Best Selling Games for the week of December 24-31:

    1/Super Smash Bros. DX /Nintendo/GC/116,970
    2/Super Mario Advance 2/Nintendo/GBA/94,300
    3/Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation Vs Zion/Bandai/PS2/ 68,560
    4/Momotarou Dentetsu/Hudson/PS2/62,436
    5/Inu Yasha/Bandai/PS /52,274
    6/Dragon Quest IV/Enix/PS/51,904
    8/World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 Final Edition/Konami/PS2/48,674
    9/Animal Forest +/Nintendo/GC/48,491
    10/Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty/Konami/PS2/43,526

    Source: Magic Box

    Weekly PC Sales Charts
    Find out what was hot in the week before Christmas

    Harrp Potter fans were out in full force in the days before Christmas, snatching up copies of Harrp Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and putting the game based on the popular stories into the top spot for the week. Electronic Arts' other super hit The Sims also dominated the charts with its expansion sets. Electronic Arts had a merry holiday indeed taking four of the top spots.

    Best-selling PC games for the week of December 16-22, 2001:

    Rank / Title / Publisher / Average Price
    1 / Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone / Electronic Arts / $29
    2 / The Sims: Hot Date / Electronic Arts / $22
    3 / The Sims / Electronic Arts / $37
    4 / RollerCoaster Tycoon / Infogrames / $17
    5 / Backyard Basketball / Infogrames / $19
    6 / Zoo Tycoon / Microsoft / $26
    7 / Return to Castle Wolfenstein / Activision / $51
    8 / Civilization III / Infogrames / $46
    9 / Backyard Football 2002 / Infogrames / $19
    10 / The Sims: House Party / Electronic Arts / $30

    Source: Gamespot

    Shin Megami Tensi II Remake Pushed Back
    3 more months to wait

    Atlus of Japan recently missed their projected release for the remake of Shin Megami Tensi II for the Playstation 2. Originally the game was slated to make a triumphant return in December 2001. We now know that the new projected release is March 2002

    Source: Atlus Japan

    Big Media Update: Suikoden III screens #2!
    Bursting with anime and RPG goodness


    Big Media Update: Suikoden III screens #1!
    RPGFan gives love to the Suikoden fans...

    Recently Konami released a video of their upcoming Playstation 2 RPG, Genso Suikoden III. Taking the initiative, ripped some excellent screenshots from the video, and posted them for viewing. We've squeezed this update into two parts, for the first batch of screenshots, check below, and thanks to


    January 04, 2002
    Black & White: Creature Isle Nearing Completion
    You can count the days on your fingers and toes

    Black & White was a smash hit god-game which saw sales exceeding the expectations of Electronic Arts and Lionhead Studios. Now, the much anticipated expansion set, Black & White: Creature Isle is just a few short weeks away.The expansion launched worldwide on January 18th, exactly two weeks from the time of writing, with the exceptioon of Japan. The Land of the Rising Sun will see Creature Isle dawn on February 7th.

    The expansion will add a number of new features to the game, including a new land, a new creature pet, new fighting styles and special moves. Also, and most significantly by most accounts, there will be a new female creature added to the mix.

    Black & White: Creature Isle is, like the original, being developed at Lionhead Studioes, and published by Electronic Arts.

    Source: Gamespot

    New Face Graces Acclaim's Higher Ups
    Sanctis to control North American affairs

    Acclaim, who is responsible for such games as Turok and Extreme G, has made a shift in their North American branch. Acclaim has hired Edmond Sanctis as their new President and Chief Operating Officer. Sales, marketing, development, and manufacturing will all be under Edmond's control. Greg Fischbach and James Scoroposki, Acclaim's co-charimen, will be the ones that Sanctis reports to.

    For those of you who have no clue as to who this guy is, you might be able to scrounge up a bit of his history as he has previous experience working at MSNBC, NBCi, and Sony USA.

    Source: Planet GameCube

    PlayOnline Free
    Monthly plans are revised

    It seems that monthly fees are but a thing of the past to PlayOnline. Square plans only to charge monthly fees for the content games like Final Fantasy XI. Square is hoping to get the PlayOnline service up in Japan this upcoming spring. Final Fantasy XI and Tetra Master will be supported by PlayOnline along with a handful of goodies like e-mail and chat rooms.

    The beta testing for FFXI has already begun and Square is expected to release more info regarding their online plans later next month.

    Source: GameSpot

    Xenosaga Media Update: New screenshots
    Don't worry, we won't overload you again...

    Yet More PSOne Book Series Games
    Click the link to see which classics are being re-released

    In an ongoing campaign to boost the popularity of the PSOne in Japan, Sony has taken to re-releasing classic games at low, low prices. Such highly acclaimed titles as Xenogears and Final antasy Tactics have aready been added to the list of RPGs in the special series. Now, AllRPG is happy to announce two new additions.

    On January 17th 2002 Japanese gamers can expect to find the Playstation re-release of Chrono Trigger as well as the mecha strategy RPG Front Mission 3 on sale for 2,500 yen (19.07USD).

    Source: Squaresoft

    Two Hot New Titles From Koei
    Both for Nintendo, both based on the same Chinese epic

    Koei recently announced that they're working on not one but two new titles for not one, but two Nintendo consles. The games, titled Battle Fengshen and Magical Fangshen, are based upon a Chinese epic entitled Fengshen Yanyi.

    Battle Fengshen for the GameCube is an action game similar to the Dynasty Warriors series for the PlayStation 2, but unlike the aforementioned series, the title offers comical character designs to lighten the mood. There are four characters to choose from in all to guide you on your quest through eight different stages in the game. This title has also been announced for release on the Playstation 2, for those of you who didn't get a shiny new GameCube from Santa.

    The second title, Magical Fengshen, is a standard RPG for the Game Boy Advance. These two titles will be compatible with each other through the use of the GBA link cable, allowing usage of the same items and weapons as well as access to additional scenarios. Very few details are available about this title.

    Both titles will storm retailers this spring in Japan.

    Source: Gamespot

    GameCube receives Kyojin no Doshin in Japan
    N64DD title makes its way to next generation console

    Kyojin no Doshin, a simulation title founded on Nintendo's 64DD, will soon be making its way to Japanese GameCubes. Following the same premise as the 64DD version, players control a giant who must work with the occupants of an island for the greater good. Although a port, some new items have been added to the GC version, such as a new gameplay mode and, of course, enhanced graphics. The game will be released on Mar. 15, 2002. Thanks to Core Magazine for the images, which can be accessed below.

    - Image #1
    - Image #2
    - Image #3
    - Image #4
    - Image #5


    Japanese see La Pucelle come end of January
    Intriguing RPG from Nippon Software almost complete

    Already hard at work after the holiday season, Japanese developer Nippon Software readies their latest RPG effort, La Pucelle. Scheduled for a Jan. 31, 2002 release on the Playstation 2, La Pucelle tells the story of a royal family in dire trouble, and a group of unsuspecting heroes out to save the day. The battle system involves combined attacks from party members (12 characters in all), and the graphics retain a unique anime style. Thanks to Core Magazine for the images, which can be accessed below.

    - Image #1
    - Image #2
    - Image #3
    - Image #4
    - Image #5
    - Image #6
    - Image #7
    - Image #8


    January 04, 2002
    Reflections from the Dark Side #3 is available!
    Third edition of ongoing column up for viewing!

    Reflections from the Dark Side, an ongoing column by AllRPG's Matt Spears, has been updated with the third edition today. Focusing on the days of old, Spears looks at romance then and now, and gives a few hints on how to prosper in love. Also, information on Final Fantasy XI, Warcraft and Lord of the Rings! To check it out, click here! For past columns, visit the editorial page here.

    Media Update: Tons of Wallpapers!
    Four new games added to our growing archive!

    Today we've added four new games to our wallpaper archive, and with that a ton of new wallpapers for your viewing pleasure! To reach each page, click the links below!

    Evergrace Wallpaper!
    Kings Field IV Wallpaper!
    Princess Abarenbow Wallpaper!
    Tsugunai: Atonement Wallpaper!

    Media Update: Blood Omen 2 Trailer
    The first ever official trailer is now available for download.

    Eidos has been kind enough to furnish us with an updated release schedule for Blood Omen 2 and also provide us with the first official trailer.

    Blood Omen 2 is slated for release in March 2002 and this trailer is another must see. You can download or view the trailer directly from Eidos by clicking Here

    January 03, 2002
    Huge Media Update: Xenosaga screens #2!
    Tags are bad, but Xenosaga is good! It evens out!


    Huge Media Update: Xenosaga screens #1!
    ..what? Again!? Yeah, more screenshots!


    SCEA passes over PS2 memory card renewal
    Third party card manufacturers left out in the cold this winter

    With the coming of 2002, Sony Computer Entertainment America was faced with many different decisions to make. One, the renewal of third party Playstation 2 memory card licenses, ended unfortunately for many PS2 memory card manufacturers as their licenses were not reinstated. With lack of renewal, third party developers can no longer manufacture and sell licensed Playstation 2 memory cards in America; many companies are in negotiation with SCEA for future license rights. However, sales and manufacturing continues overseas for third parties.


    Huge Media Update: Magna Carta wallpapers!

    We've added 20 Magna Carta wallpapers to our archive and...well, you just have to see for yourself. These are wonderfully done, and worth your desktop space. To access the wallpapers, and the rest of the Magna Carta media and information, click this link: Wallpapers and more!

    Huge Media Update: Magna Carta artwork #2!
    And the fun continues!


    Huge Media Update: Magna Carta artwork #1!
    These character designs are amazing...*drool*


    Huge Media Update: Magna Carta screens #2!
    The second half of our big ol' pile of screenshots

    Huge Media Update: Magna Carta screens #1!
    Screens, artwork and wallpaper! Too big for one story!

    Yes, another one of these gigantic media updates. We've recently added Magna Carta: The Phantom of Avalanche to our ever-growing list of RPG's; for your viewing pleasure, we have a ton of screenshots, artwork and wallpapers! This story will be split up into four different parts: two screenshot stories, two artwork stories and a wallpaper story. Enjoy! You can visit the Magna Carta website by following this link: Magna Carta.

    Althanas Update: Interactive Continent is open
    MMORPG fans, take notice!'s Interactive Continent, Althanas, is now open. For those who wish to partake of this online RPG, visit the Interactive Continent at the link below. So far, rules and colored map are available for viewing; thanks to Matt Spears, Abominari, Irisathena, Fenrir, and Valkyrie for their hard work on Althanas, and thanks in advance for their continued work!

    Interactive Continent

    January 01, 2002
    Black Moon Chronicles Interview
    RPGVault talks with Vircom Interactive's Jean Carrierers

    Recently RPGVault talked with Vircom Interactives Jean Carrierers about their upcoming MMORPG, Black Moon Chronicles. The interview consists of them talking about elements that came from the comics, comic additions from the game, and much more. To check out the interview, click here.

    Source: RPGVault

    Miyamoto's NBC Interview
    Transcripts inside!

    Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto was recently interviewed on CNBC Asia, and AllRPG managed to sneak a sample of the transcript:

    Reporter: So, what's your plans for the future?

    Miyamoto: My plans have always been to create fun entertainment. To that end, I want to create new ideas that would achieve that, like the GBA and GC connection.

    Reporter: What are your plans for the GBA and GC connection?

    Miyamoto: Our plan is to use it in a unique way. In the past, players had to look at the same screen, which give the best players the advantage. Now there is none of that with the GBA and GC connection. This allows a type of strategy and gameplay that no one has seen before. We at Nintendo and hopefully everybody else can take advantage of this.

    Reporter: Sounds expensive.

    Miyamoto: Not really. Gamers are not actually starting at zero. Most people that have a GC have the GBA anyway and most GBA player are thinking about the GC. We are just taking advantage of this.

    Reporter: There is some worry because with the N64 there were many games coming at first and then it slowed down to a trickle. Will that be the case with the GameCube?

    Miyamoto: There was a problem but that will not happen with the GC. We started development on GC games a while back and we hope to have 20-30 first and second party games out by next Christmas.

    Reporter: What are Nintendo's online plans?

    Miyamoto: We at Nintendo feel that online gaming is not yet profitable but that does not mean we will not make online games. We will experiment, test it and see just how profitable it would be. Until it is profitable, we will not make online a priority within Nintendo.

    Source: Cloudchaser Nintendo

    Morrowind Infobits
    This, that and the other thing

    Over the last few days, the developer known only as "Mr SmileyFaceDude" stopped in to answer a number of questions at the Morrowind message boards. A er... colourful character, with a wealth of knowledge in his supposedly smiley head. Read on, and enjoy!

    Whether there's a benefit to summoned items you have no skill with: Yes

    Whether summoned items are lighter than normal ones: Yes

    The no-nudity decision: No, that decision was made LONG before we entertained any notions of developing the game for Xbox. Lay aside your conspiracy theories, folks -- Morrowind was in development for a long time before the decision to make an Xbox version was reached.

    Khajiit and Argonian claws: From an animation standpoint, khajiit and argonians both have different hand-to-hand animations from the "non-clawed" races. They slash & scratch like you'd expect them to. I do not know if they get any additional hand-to-hand bonus -- that's something that can be set up in the editor.

    Spell stacking: There is no programmatic limit to the number of spells you can have running.

    Telekinesis: Telekinesis is in the game. Basically, it extends your "activation" reach. You can pick up things and unlock doors & containers from a longer distance (handy if they're trapped). You cannot open "load" doors (doors that bring you to/from an interior) and you can't strike up conversations with NPC's from further than your natural reach, though.

    Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is being developed by Bethesda Softworks for both the PC and the Xbox. Look for it sometime during the first half of this year.

    Source: RPGVault

    Media Update: Star Wars Galaxies screens & art
    Two in-game images and two character compilations

    Happy New Year from!
    Look alive in 2002!

    Another year has come and gone...and we're still alive! Apocolyptic messages aside, we at AllRPG hope that all of our viewers have a great 2002! Also, on a side note, we'd like to wish Aaron Pepper, AllRPG's creator and webmaster, a very happy birthday!

    Happy 2002!

    - staff

    Media Update: Sakura Taisen 4 screenshots
    New images from fourth RPG title


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