Rebecca Lush Blum

Rebecca Lush Blum
Roads and Climate Campaigner
Phone number:
020 7613 7721

Experience: I co-founded Road Alert, the national network for the anti-road protests in the 1990s. I took part in protests against the motorway through Twyford Down, the M11 in London and the Newbury Bypass, as well as many others. In 1993 I was one of the ‘Twyford Six’, sentenced to a month in prison for taking part in a peaceful protest. In 2005 I set up Road Block, a network of local community groups fighting road schemes in their areas. In 2007 Road Block became a project of the Campaign for Better Transport.

Why I work for the Campaign for Better Transport: I want to tackle transport’s contribution to climate change, and encourage citizen participation in environmental decision-making.

Biggest transport gripe: Motorists who don’t notice cyclists.

Favourite means of transport: I love long train journeys. It’s such a civilised way to travel – you can read or work in comfort, and take in the scenery.

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