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The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR's unofficial webpage)

The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR)
Organisation arabe des droits de l'homme
Organizacion Arabe de Derchos Humanos
Cairo Office
91, Al-Marghany St.
Cairo, Egypt
Tel. (20 2) 4181396 - 4188378,
Fax. 4185346
e-mail: aohr@link.com.eg
AOHR's Offical Webpage (Egypt) [BROKEN]

Aims: Call for respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms of all citizens and residents of the Arab world; defend any individual whose human rights are subjected to violations which are contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights ; endeavour, regardless of political considerations, to obtain release of detained or imprisoned persons, and seak relief and assistance for persons whose freedom is restricted in any way or who are subject to coercion of any kind because of their beliefs and political convictions, or for reasons of race, sex, colour or language; protest in cases where a fair trial is not guaranteed; provide legal assistance where necessary and possible; call for improvements in conditions of prisoners of conscience; work for amnesty of persons sentenced for political reasons.
Activities: Carries out field missions in an effort to release political prisoners, in some cases as an observer and in other as a member of the defence panel. Receives complaints from individuals, groups and organizat ions and contacts the concerned authorities. In addition to the offering of legal assistance in several cases, the Organization provides financial assistance to families of victims. In coordination with Arab Lawyers' Union launched a campaign for Freedom for Prisoners of Conscience in the Arab World. Conferences and seminars. Instrumental in setting up Arab Institute for Human Rights.
Founded: 1 Dec 1983, Limassol (Cyprus), when Statutes were adopted, following resolution of a meeting Apr 1983, Hammamet (Tunisia).
Structure: General Assembly (every 3 years). Board of Trustees (meets once a year), consisting of 25 members. 20 of whom are elected from among the members of General Assembly and 5 of whom are appointed from among active AOHR members to serve for the term of the elected board.

Staff: 10 paid, other voluntary; Finance: Members' dues and contributions.

Consultive Status:
IGO Relations
Non-Governmental Organizations Relations (NGO):
Members and Dues: Individuals, bodies and groups: Active; Associate. Members (branches indicated by *) in 31 countries. Dues' for one year with subscription to monthly newsletter and a yearly report:

Kuwait: 10 KD, Jordan: 10 JD, Egypt: 25 EP, Morocco: 100 DM, Tunisia: 10 TD, Other Regions: $25 US. Paid in checks in the name of AOHR to one of the addresses above.

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