3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles [India]
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Queen Alexandra's Own
Gurkha Rifles 
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1815.04.24 The Kemaoon Battalion
1816 The Kemaoon Provincial Battalion
1823 9th (or Kemaoon) Local Battalion
1826 7th (or Kemaoon) Local Battalion
1850 The Kemaoon Battalion
1861 18th Bengal Native Infantry
1861 3rd Goorkha (The Kemaoon) Regiment
1864 3rd (The Kumaon) Goorkha Regiment
1887 3rd Goorkha Regiment
1890 2nd Bn transferred to form 39th (The Garhwali) Regiment; new 2nd Bn formed
1891 3rd Gurkha (Rifle) Regiment
1901 3rd Gurkha Rifles
1907.02.22 3rd The Queen's Own Gurkha Rifles
(named for Queen Alexandra)
1908 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gurkha Rifles
1947.08 allocated to India at independence and partition
1949 3rd Queen Alexandra's Own Gorkha Rifles
1950 3rd Gorkha Rifles
pip 3rd Gurkha Rifles, by Stephen Luscombe (British Empire)
pip 3rd Gorkha Rifles (Bharat Rakshak)
Depot & HQ:
Home Station: Almora [1st Bn, 1923-1948?], Lansdowne [2nd Bn, 1923-1948?]
39th Gorkha Rifles Regimental Centre (shared with 9th Gorkha Rifles), Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh [1948?-present]
1st Battalion [1815-present]
2nd Battalion [1887-1890]
2nd Battalion [1890-present]
3rd Battalion [1917-1920, 1940-present]
4th Battalion [1916-1922, 1941-1947, 1964-present]
5th Battalion [1963-present]
Delhi 1857, Ahmad Khel, Afghanistan 1878-80, Burma 1885-87, Chitral, Tirah, Punjab Frontier

The Great War:  La Bassée 1914, Armentières 1914, Festubert 1914 '15, Givenchy 1914, Neuve Chapelle, Aubers, France and Flanders 1914-15, Egypt 1915-16, Gaza, El Mughar, Nebi Samwil, Jerusalem, Tell 'Asur, Megiddo, Sharon, Palestine 1917-18, Sharqat, Mesopotamia 1917-18

Afghanistan 1919

Second World War:  Deir el Shein, North Africa 1940-43, Monte della Gorgace, Il Castello, Monte Farneto, Monte Cavallo, Italy 1943-45, Sittang 1942, Kyaukse 1942, Imphal, Tuitum, Sakawng, Shenam Pass, Bishenpur, Tengnoupal, Meiktila, Defence of Meiktila, Rangoon Road, Pyawbwy, Pegu 1945, Burma 1942-45

Uri, Jammu and Kashmir 1947-48, Shingo River Valley, Jammu and Kashmir 1971

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Badges: construction sign
Uniform: rifle green; facings: black
tartan: Colquhoun (pipers's plaids, pipe bags, ca. 1920)
  • Uniforms, by Stephen Luscombe (British Empire)
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1946.06.25 Maj-Gen. Sir Charles Hamilton Boucher, KBE, CB, DSO
vc Victoria Crosses 3rd Gurkha Rifles, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc Victoria Crosses, 3rd QAO Gurkha Rifles, by Mike Chapman (VC Reference).
vc Rifleman Kulbir Thapa, VC, 1915, by Ed Haynes.
vc Rifleman Karan Bahadur Rana, VC, 1918, by Ed Haynes.
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Miscellaneous Tradition Links:
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swords Gurkha Regimental Associations (British Army listing)
monument The Gurkha Museum, Winchester, England (Museum site)
monument Gurkha Museum, Winchester (Army Museums Ogilby Trust)
monument Gurkha Museum, Winchester (Simonides listing)
Regimental Journal:
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Full Histories:
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