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Crimson Skies Air Action is a fast-paced game of tabletop aerial combat played with collectible Crimson Skies miniatures. The information below is excerpted from the Air Combat Quick Start Rules. Please see the Air Action Complete Rules for expanded descriptions of the game's rules.

Take a look at your pilot and plane. Each plane is uniquely identified by its pilot. You won't need any charts or tables to play Crimson Skies. All the information you need is right on the base of the plane. Notice how the base moves. Click the base and you'll see that the numbers in the L-shaped slot change. As your plane takes damage during the fight, you'll turn, or click, the combat dial clockwise to show damage. The new numbers that appear in the L-shaped slot are used to determine the success or failure of your maneuvers and attacks.

Notice how some numbers appear in colored blocks. These colors represent skills of the pilot and equipment of the plane. Skills and equipment are the little things that give your pilot an edge over the competition, or make one plane better than another in a certain category. The Skills and Equipment Card has more information about skill and equipment descriptions.

Notice the spindle next to the L-shaped window. This is the speed dial that tells you how fast your plane is going. Just like the combat dial, the speed dial has colored squares indicating speed effects that limit the performance of the plane. Speed effect descriptions are also listed on the Skills and Equipment Card.

Other information also appears on the base.
The base has seven combat values on it. Four of these values (the ones on the combat dial) can change during the game: maximum speed, front gunnery, rear gunnery, and piloting. The fifth, sixth, and seventh values are silhouette, front gunnery range, and rear gunnery range, respectively. These never change and are printed on the base. Each value appears next to its symbol.

Take a look at the speed dial. There are times when a flying pilot needs to speed up or slow down to make the plane go where he or she wants. When setting your speed, clicking the speed dial counter-clockwise is called throttling up, while clicking the speed dial clockwise is called throttling down. The speed dial tells you both how far your plane must move each turn and the effect the current speed will have on your pilot's plane.



* Dash Against Death!

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