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Centre for Applied Formal Methods

Faculty of Business, Computing and Information Management (BCIM)
London South Bank University
Southwark campus
103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA, UK

(New) SEFM 2007: IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods
London South Bank University, UK, 10-14 September 2007

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News: See Ten Commandments of Formal Methods ... Ten Years Later, Jonathan P. Bowen and Mike Hinchey. IEEE Computer, 39(1):40-48, January 2006.

Centre for Applied Formal Methods
(Head of Centre: Prof Jonathan Bowen)

The Centre for Applied Formal Methods was established in March 2000 with the aim of carrying out research work with a balance of theory (e.g., based on formal methods) and practice (applications) in the general area of computer science. In particular, members of staff have interests in the following areas:

The Centre has collaborated extensively with the Centre for Systems and Software Engineering (CSSE) and the Centre for e-Security.

See selected Technical Reports.


Academic Staff

Prof Jonathan Bowen (Head)
Prof Nimal Nissanke
Prof Ali Abdallah

Research Students

Ali Nasrat Haidar
Etienne Khayat
Sarah McDaid
Gasso Mwaluseke

Visiting Research Fellows

Dr Paul Boca (BCS-FACS)
Dr Ann Borda (JISC)
Silvia Filippini-Fantoni (Université Paris I - Sorbonne, France)
Michelle Hammond (New)
Mike Houghton
Eleanor Lisney (New)

Former members and visitors

Dr Han-Myung Chang (Nanzan University, Japan)
Dr Issam Damaj (PhD, 2004)
Dr Hamdan Dammag
Arwa Fahed (New)
Laurent David (LISI, ENSMA, France)
Dr Murdoch James Gabbay (personal page)
Dr Mark Green
Kanishka Gupta (IIT, Guwahati, India)
Dr John Hawkins
Dr Hemangee Kapoor (PhD, 2004)
Dr Kalpesh Kapoor (New) (PhD, 2004)
Dr Amare Leulseged (PhD, 2005)
Dr Teresa Numerico (Leverhulme Fellow, Università di Salerno, Italy)
Adejoke Olamiti (University of Ibadan, Nigeria, 2001)
Dr Toomas P. Plaks (New)
Fran├žois Siewe (DMU, Leicester)
Dr Sergiy Vilkomir
Dr Phan Cong Vinh (PhD, 2006)
Dr Zhu Huibiao (PhD, 2005)

Amaechi Oyoki can help with administrative matters.

Members of the Centre for Applied Formal Methods See also photographs of personnel, SSE research group personnel list and full CISM staff list.

Note: application forms are available to enable external Internet access to home pages.

Photograph (left to right):

Other information

See slides for an introductory talk on CAFM (updated in January 2001 to work with recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape) presented by Jonathan Bowen on 7 July 2000.

See a short article on the Centre: Computing - a world controlled by computer software. South Bank University Annual Review 2000, page 37. Another version of this article appeared as : Can software control it all? South Bank News, 11:38, Autumn 2000.

The Centre has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations University International Institute for Software Technology (UNU/IIST) based in Macau.

Since August 2003, the Centre has been a member of the CoLogNET European Network on Computational Logic.

From November 2001 for three years, the Centre has been participating in the EPSRC network FORTEST on formal methods and testing led by Rob Hierons of Brunel University.

In Winter Term 2000, members of the Centre attended and presented the first series of seminars with the Centre for Concurrent Systems and VLSI (Mondays, 12 noon, Room B470). In Spring Term 2001, formal methods and other more general seminars were held (Mondays, 1-2pm, Room B470). A series of Systems & Software Engineering research seminars was started in summer 2001, including both external and internal speakers. In 2004, this become part of a new series of talks.

On Thursdays from 18 October 2001, Ali Abdallah presented a course on Functional Programming for research students and staff.

The School Research Seminar series takes place on Mondays during semesters.

If you are considering visiting the Centre from abroad for a period (e.g., as a postgraduate student or on an internship) see some Frequently Asked Questions by Kalpesh Kapoor, who may also be able to help with further questions on the practicalities of such matters. See South Bank attractions and London SE1 information.

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