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The true handmade italian bicycle, designed andb built by Giovanni Battaglin, winner of the spanish Vuelta and italian Giro in 1981. Customized bicilcles forall tastes, from beginner to professionals. Official supplier of the professional team Panaria.


64th Tour Of Italy,5 June 1981
“The stage had just finished and as usuali,it was crazy. But Davide Boifava of Team Inoxpran was in a hurry to look at the time trial stage for the next day.
The gc of the Vuelta d’Espana would change and he hoped it would change in his team favour. As he drove further up the road as the day light grew fainter,Davide looked at the darkening sky and was afraid. If it rained the next day,it would be hard for Giovanni to win…but although he worried about the sky, the ever steeper climb gave Boifava comfort. When he got back to the team hotel,Boifava told Battaglin that the climb to was perfect for him to take over the race lead at the Vuelta. But Battaglin was careful; too many times luck had abandoned him in important moments. But the next day, on the steep climb to Sierra Nevada, Giovanni Battaglin took over the “Amarillo” jersey and the race lead in the Vuelta d’Espana. Giovanni Battaglin was a true champion and his career race results, no matter
How good they seem, don’t do him justice. Those who know Battaglin as a successful bike manufacturer would probably have trouble imagining him as a naïve young racer. And although Battaglin was not in the best situation at the beginning of his pro career, the tough times helped him develop his character. Giovanni was known as a great climber, but to just classify him as a climber isn’t right, as he was also capable of excellent time trialing and had a fast finishing sprint as well. Battaglin first came to the cycling public’s notice in the ’73 Giro d’Italia,while among riders of the calibre of Merckx,Gimondi,De Vlaeminck,Zilioli and Motta,he took third place overall. From that great debut, Giovanni had his hight & low moments. But only a rider with strong personality could overcome the bad luck crashes that cost him a Giro d’Italia,a podium finish in Le Tour De France and perhaps a World Championship in Valkenburg. All the bitterness and pain was swept away during the spring of the 1981 season, when Giovanni did the double: winning first the Vuelta and then the Giro d’Italia,which only Eddy Merckx had achieved previously. Once Battaglin took control; of the Vuelta at Sierra Nevada, he and his Inoxopran team withstood the onslaught of the Spanish until the race was finally won. As soon as he returned to Italy,Battaglin was on the starting line of the Giro in Trieste. Although the Giro looked like Maglia Rosa in San Vigilio di Maremma he was in control again. The final time trial, finishing in the Arena in Verona crowned the definitive victory for Battaglin in the ’81 Giro. In a month and a half,Battaglin has thus achieved his victories of a lifetime. And finally received the recognition he deserved. A great all around rider, who today with his intelligence, determination and force makes great bikes that are appreciated all over the world”.
Tony Lo Schiavo

State of the art aerospace carbon fiber technology has been adap ted by our exclusive carbon fiber supplier to cycling. Their innovative experience with carbon fiber chassis for Formula 1 ensures that our carbon fiber is the most advanced in the cycling industry. Thanks to this collaboration, Battaglin has new frame elements, a new rear triangle and monostay, carbon e alu frames and monocoque forks that offer a real difference in bike performance. First, Battaglin choses the best aerospace carbon fiber, made with Pre/Peg carbon fiber that offers the most efficient impregnation of the carbon fiber material with the bonding resin. Again, thanks to world class carbon fiber expertise, the process of mating carbon fiber to aluminium addressed with precision and security. Our partner has applied bonding technology from aerospace and Foensure the most precise and secure structure.

There are 4 areas where Battaglin focuses on developing his world class frames: research and project design, state of the art product development, extensive road tests and careful checks with real riders to see how the entire product will work. The principle aspect is research on materials;aluminium,carbon fiber & steel, as well at the fine tuning of the various tube thickness and shapes to provide the best overall function (weight, stiffness, comfort) of our frames. We’ve made a point at Battaglin to develop our own sophisticated design software, as well as work closely with important R&D; centers in both aerospace and automotive competiton sectors. The production process of our frames begins with the shaping of the tubes, the careful brazing, extensive heat treatment and the final touch of painting & decaling. We first custom shape and cut our tubes with CNC machines for the most precise welds. Our TIG welders are some of the best in the business, with years of experience. We carefully manage the assembly & bonding of our carbon fiber to aluminium as well as cleaning, finishing and heat treatment. Painting is the finishing touch that enhances the personality of each frame, as well as protecting at Cicli Battaglin, we have our own modern paint shop where the best quality Dupont paint & clear coat is applied in compliance with Italian environmental norms. It’s the 20years of personal frame building experience of Battaglin and the internal processes of design, R & D and stress testing that guarantee the absolute reliability and quail of a Battaglin.