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Trips in the Chalet

So far I've only done one major trip in the Koala -- a buddy and I use it occasionally for geocaching -- to the 2003 Blazer Bash put on by Colorado K5. I brought along have a last-minute co-pilot, PeopleSoft's own Frank A. Duck of fame.

The Koala took me from San Francisco to Grand Junction, CO to collect Doug, to Moab, UT for the event, and then back to Grand Junction and almost back home again ... I torched a transmission hose outside of Sacramento and had to use the fire extinguisher. It's quite impressive how much smoke burning ATF can generate! She made the last eighty miles courtesy of my CSAA card:

I also broke the welds on my rear cargo carriers -- something about carrying a couple of hundred pounds of gas cans and a spare set of tires... grumble...

Here are pictures in no particular order, demonstrating that I get a bit loopy when I drive over 2200 miles solo in four days. These come from a couple of different cameras, so they vary in quality and resolution.

Meet N Greet lineup (Koala is, duh, third from right)
Crazy 73-5 bobbed Blazer!
Beautiful mostly-stock, clean Blazer articulating nicely
ORD's own Stephen Watson's buggy
Frank getting woken up by that same buggy
Some of the beautiful, if stark, Utah scenery
Are those clouds getting closer?
Another crazy truck -- check out the half doors
Old school Gen-1 Sawzall special
Bumper sticker
Doug's 79 navigating the Cliffhanger trail 1/4
Doug's 79 navigating the Cliffhanger trail 2/4
Doug's 79 navigating the Cliffhanger trail 3/4
Doug's 79 navigating the Cliffhanger trail 4/4
Frank at the garage library
Damn that's a lot of fullsizes (from left, Doug's 90 V2500 Burb, his '76 Chalet, the Koala, Doug's '79 K5.)
Frank and Doug discuss the inner workings of the Quadrajet
Which rapidly becomes a heated discussion
Two Chalets, side by side
Frank tried to spot for us, but it didn't work out (as we couldn't see his wings!)
So Frank took a turn behind the wheel
Doug spotting for Frank
Frank proud of his 'wheeling accomplishments
Doug congratulations Frank on rock hopping
And I pose with the duck
Frank at the Dewey Bridge
Frank and I looking for family
Frank makes a (duck bill!) donation
Blazer: Man-made shade!
You could sleep under that thing!
Frank in Moab
Frank wonders if he's a river duck
And I wonder if it's river muck
Moab, and ... Cisco? Oh, not that Cisco.
Frank (and Doug) in Cisco
Frank and I argue about maps
Feeling very small
Chalet wheelin'
Gettin' tippy!
Ahhh... rocks!
Requisite poser shot on the way down 1/3
Requisite poser shot on the way down 2/3
Requisite poser shot on the way down 3/3
Ken takes on the rock
Frank tried to get me to let him drive on the first day
But settled on gambling in NV
I tried, in turn, to get him to be a hood ornament
Frank failed at this one :D