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››› Links to South America - 14 Countries and Regions

spacer370,225,923 population estimate for South America in 2007

spacer82,969,700 Internet users as of Sept/07, 22.4 % Penetration Rate

spacer11,045,589 Broadband Internet Connections as of Sept/07, 3.0 % Penetration

Map of South America

Internet usage statistics and population for America

Telecommunications in Latin America
A set of Latin American reports which cover all aspects of
the telecoms market for the geographic region. Other reports
available cover the Latin American markets.

Hispanic Reading Room
Library of the US Congress Internet Portal with Area Studies and Links. In
English, Spanish (Version en español) and Portuguese (Versão em português).

Latin Business Chonicle - LBC
Latin American news and trends beyond the daily headlines, through
weekly in-depth reports and commentaries.

World Time Clock for Latin America
The current local time in the main cities of South America.


spacerAR - 38,237,770 population - Area: 2,777,409 sq km

spacerCapital City: Buenos Aires - population 11,612,214 ('07)

spacer13,000,000 Internet users as of Sept./06, 34.0% penetration, per Indec.

spacer1,567,700 Broadband subscribers as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Argentine map and basic information.

Argentina Encyclopedia
Argentina Information and history.

Argentina Market Report
Argentina country and telecommunications information.

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spacerBO - 9,492,607 population - Area: 1,098,581 sq km

spacerCapital City: La Paz - population 820,888 ('07)

spacer580,000 Internet users as of Sept/07, 6.1% penetration, per ITU.

spacer10,800 Broadband subscribers as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Bolivia map and country information.
News from La Paz.

Bolivia Market Report

Bolivian Internet and Telecommunications information

Bolivia Lanic Directory
Bolivia links to web sites.

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spacerBR - 186,771,161 population - Country Area: 8,544,418 sq km

spacerCapital City: Brasilia - population 2,314,172 ('07)

spacer42,600,000 users as of Sept/07, 22.8% penetration, per ITU.

spacer6,417,000 Broadband subscribers as of June/07, per Teleco.

Map and country data for Brazil.

Comite Gestor da Internet no Brazil
Information on Internet in Brazil (in Portuguese).

Internet in Brazil
Information on E-commerce in Brazil (in Portuguese).

Brazilian Market Report

Brazilian Search Engines and Market Reports

Radar UOL
Important Brazilian search engine.

Brazil Links

Brazil Biz
Brazilian business opportunities.

Export News
Brazilian Export news, links, and information.

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››› C H I L E

spacerCL - 15,818,840 population - Country Area: 755,482 sq km

spacerCapital City: Santiago - population 4,949,540 ('07)

spacer6,700,000 Internet users as of Dec/05, 42.4% penetration, per AMI.

spacer1,034,000 Broadband connections as of Dec/06, per IDC/Cisco.

Map and country data for Chile.

Chilean Foreigh Trade links and stats.

Discover Chile
Chilean Search Directory.

Chilean Search Engines
Chile Search Engines and market reports.

Buscar Chile
Chilean Search Engine.

Chile Yellow Pages.

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spacer42,504,835 population - Country Area: 1,141,748 sq km

spacerCapital City: Bogota - population 7,363,494 ('07)

spacer6,705,000 Internet users as of May/07, 15.8% penetration, per CRT.

spacer839,189 Broadband connections as of Jun/07, per IDC/Cisco.

Map and country data for Colombia.

Colombia Reports
Colombia Search Engines, Internet Usage,
Population, Telecom and Market Reports.

Gobierno en Linea
Official Colombian e-Government web site.

Colombia - National Administrative Department of Statistics
DANE - Official Colombian National Statistics, in Spanish.

Colfisis - Colombian Physiology Association web site.

Rdsi-tec Ltda. is telecommunications intergrator company supplying
telecommunications products and services to the Colombian market.

ELITE Comunicaciones
Elite Comunicaciones Ltda. is telecommunications supply company for
telecommunications products and services to the Colombian market.

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spacerEC - 12,090,804 population - Country Area: 272,046 sq km

spacerCapital City: Quito - population 1,399,814 ('07)

spacer1,549,000 Internet users as of Aug./07, 12.8% penetration, per ITU.

spacer26,800 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Map and country data for Ecuador.

Ecuatorian Market Reports and Search Engines

Portal Ambato
Ecuatorian Search Engine.

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››› FALKLAND ISLANDS (UK) - Islas Malvinas

spacerFK - 2,736 population - Territory Area: 16,076 sq km

spacerCapital City: Stanley - population 2,322 ('07)

spacer1,900 Internet users as of Dec./02, 69.4% penetration, per CIA.

Falkland Islands
Map of the Falkland Islands.

Falkland Islands Market Reports and Search Engines


spacerGF - 204,932 population - Territory Area: 83,534 sq km

spacerCapital City: Cayenne - population 64,297 ('07)

spacer42,000 Internet users as of Mar./2007, 20.5% penetration, per ITU.

French Guiana
French Guiana map and information.

French Guiana Internet Report
French Guiana Internet, Search Engines and Communications Market.


spacerGY - 886,113 population - Country Area: 215,083 sq km

spacerCapital City: Georgetown - population 238,747 ('07)

spacer160.000 users as of Sept/06, 18.1% penetration, per ITU.

spacer2,000 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Map and country data for Guyana.

Guyana Internet Report
Guyana Search Engines and Market Profile.


spacerPY - 5,745,610 population - Country Area: 406,752 sq km

spacerCapital City: Asuncion - population 506,094 ('07)

spacer260.000 users as of Sept/07, 4.5% penetration, per ITU.

spacer16,000 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Country data and map for Paraguay.

Viva Paraguay
News portal from Asuncion.

Internet, Telecom Report and Search Engines for Paraguay

››› P E R U

spacerPE - 28,920,965 population - Country Area: 1,285,216 sq km

spacerCapital City: Lima - population 7,979,965 ('07)

spacer6,100,000 Internet users as of Mar./2007, 21.1% penetration, per Osiptel.

spacer484,900 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Map and country data for Peru.

Peruvian Search Engines
Peru search engines and market reports.

Camara de Comercio de Lima
Peruvian Chamber of Commerce directory.

Peruvian Exporters Association.

Trafico On Line Peru
Peruvian directory.

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spacerSR - 505,973 population - Country Area: 163,820 sq km

spacerCapital City: Paramaribo - population 226,124 ('07)

spacer32,000 Internet users as of Mar./07, 6.3% penetration, per ITU.

spacer2,700 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Country data and map for Suriname.

Surinam Net
Surinam search engine.

Suriname Internet Report
Surinam information, statistics and links.


spacerUY - 3,271,771 population - Country Area: 175,016 sq km

spacerCapital City: Montevideo - population 1,272,411 ('07)

spacer1,100,000 users as of May/07, 33.6% penetration, per G.R.

spacer107,000 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Map and country data for Uruguay.

Uruguay Telecommunications and Market Report
Uruguay basic data and telecommunications information.

Merco Press News
Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay)
and also South Atlantic News.


spacerVE - 25,771,806 population - Country Area: 916,445 sq km

spacerCapital City: Caracas - population 1,801,562 ('07)

spacer4,139,800 Internet users as of April/07, 16.1% penetration, per ITU.

spacer537,500 Broadband connections as of Sept/07, per ITU.

Venezuela map and country data.

Venezuela Search Engines
Venezuela market report and search engines.
More than 150,000 links to local companies.

Venezuela Company Directory

Venezuela Exporters Directory

Venezuela Links

Links to local firms, business opportunities, and services.

Business links.

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19 December 2007

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