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18 Jul 2002


1891 Census - Districts #197 and #199 in Southern Alberta

Districts 197 (Southern Alberta)
& 199 (Assiniboia West)

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The data in the files associated with this page were compiled after many hours of volunteer labour by Clarence Davis (member of AFHS and Southern Alberta Pioneers) who has generously offered to share it with the Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS). We thank Clarence for this database which could help people locate "lost" relatives in Alberta.

More Information Available

The source for these data were the enumeration sheets of the 1891 Census of Canada for many localities in southern Alberta. These census enumeration sheets, available on microfilm, can be viewed at major libraries throughout Canada or can be obtained on inter-library loan from the National Archives of Canada in Ottawa. In Calgary, they are available on a reference basis at the downtown branch of the Calgary Public Library and the University of Calgary.

Since receiving this data contribution, we have been reminded that the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society has developed a more comprehensive index which is available as a book from them and in many libraries across Canada - especially those which have microfilm copies of the 1901 Census of Canada. We still think having a name-based finding aid online is a complementary device, but would encourage serious researchers to seek out the book to speed up the process of locating the exact page where that ancestor is documented in the census.

map of 1891The geographic origins of the people of the Southern Alberta districts were indeed farflung. Close examination shows that they came from over 30 countries, with the most having been born in England (1,372). But the largest number were actually born in Canada (Ontario - 2225, Northwest Territories - 796, Quebec - 345, Manioba - 305, Nova Scotia - 236, New Brunswick - 107, Prince Edward Island - 54, Alberta - 40, British Columbia - 21, Saskatchewan - 15, Canada unspecified - 37).

The oldest person living in this area was Gray Murdock, born in Ontario, Presbyterian, a Painter - 86 years of age.

piechart of religious affiliation distributionThe vast majority of residents at that time were affiliated with the expected faiths: Church of England, Presbyterian, Methodist, Roman Catholic and Lutheran - in that order. But there are some intriguing entries: Theosopholist (3), several shades of Baptists, the Freethinkers (4), a single Seventh Day Adventist and two Agnostics.

While compiled here as one index, the information was collected by 16 enumerators, in 17 subdistricts (the Ref. column), and 13 communities:

District 197 (Southern Alberta):

  • High River - N.E. Holmes (A4),
  • Fish Creek - James Forrest (A5),
  • Pine Creek - Samuel S. Ray (A7),
  • Coal Mine - Thomas S. Burns (A8),
  • Gleichen - A.G. McDougall (A9),
  • Namaka - A. Walker (A10),
  • Morley - George Hamilton (A11),
  • Canmore - James Forrest (A12),
  • Banff & West - George Hannam (A13),
  • Red Deer - Isaac Gaetz (A14),
  • Rosebud - ? Chamberlain (A15),
  • Calgary - John W. Norman, George Murdoch, C. Sparrow, & A.C. MacKenzie (A22A, A23B, A24C, & A25D).

District 199 (Assiniboia West):

  • Medicine Hat - Lochlan C. MacTavish & W.B. Higginson (B1 & B2)

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, but human errors are always possible. Confirming the information with personal observation or other sources is always advisable.

Basic information has been provided on this website. Additional information was recorded by the enumerators and is visible on the enumeration sheets and copies can be obtained from the AFHS through our Query system.

To identify other Census indexes that may advance your work, please consult our Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry and select the province of interest.