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AuthorLouis de Beaufront, Louis Couturat
Year Began1907
Language Typeinternational auxiliary language
Lexicon Size0
Sample TextsYes

Ido is an international auxiliary language that was modified from Esperanto in 1907. The chief architect of the modifications was Louis de Beaufront. It is written with the Latin alphabet & is considered to be the most used reform of Esperanto. People who speak Ido are generally called Idists.

Language sources

The language is a modification of the international auxiliary language Esperanto. As with Esperanto, Ido places an emphasis on the "Romance" languages (languages of Western Europe) as its basis for words & grammar.

Differences With Esperanto

There are several differences between Ido & Esperanto. Most notably, adjectives do not have to be "pluralized" when the nouns are plural (ex. Esperantists would write "fasts dogs" while Idists would write "fast dogs"). There are also several different spellings for common words.

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