Friday, January 11, 2008

Here's my offer...

Here is my offer to resolve the most recent Gentoo leadership crisis, and is an offer I am making to the current Gentoo trustees, who are the ones who need to decide whether to accept or refuse it.

I have received permission from my employer to return and serve as President of the Gentoo Foundation, renew its charter, and then work in some capacity to help to get Gentoo going in the right direction from a legal, community and technical perspective.

I do have some conditions attached to this offer, however. First, I am going to ask that all currently-serving trustees assist in a quick transition, and if they accept my offer, they do so with the understanding that I will be appointing new trustees to the Foundation after the transition is complete.

In other words, if the current trustees accept this offer, they are basically handing the leadership of the Foundation over to me and the trustees that I will choose.

If I return as President, I will preserve the not-for-profit aspect of Gentoo. Beyond this, you can expect everything to be very, very different than how things are today. Here is a basic overview of the changes I will be making in how the Foundation operates, basically by refocusing on its core mission:

1) The Foundation will be responsible for the overall health of the Gentoo community and for pursuing the Foundation's mission of advancement and education and promotion of software development in an open environment.

2) The Foundation will be responsible for providing general guidance and direction for the project and for ensuring that the Gentoo project is moving in a positive direction and has proper leadership.

3) The Foundation will be responsible for ensuring that Gentoo developers, individual Gentoo users, external Gentoo-related projects and Gentoo-using organizations have a voice and the opportunity to influence the overall technical direction of the Gentoo project in a clear, open and organized way.

4) Legal paperwork will be filed properly and on-time and the Foundation will maintain a proper level of transparency with the community.

5) The Foundation will help the Gentoo community to be a positive and pleasant environment for all participants.

Please understand that if the trustees say "Yes", then I will be returning in a part-time capacity only. I will not be the hands-on Chief Architect as I was in the past. I am going to be focusing mainly on the Foundation side but will do a few key things here and there to get the project as a whole back on track.

Again, the trustees are the ones that get to decide whether or not to accept this offer.

If they say "no", then I will stay out, and let them try to resolve this situation on their own.

I also want to have some kind of answer to this offer soon. If the trustees want to pursue this transition plan, they need to let me know within the next 7 days - by Friday, January 18th, 2008 at the latest. If you want my help, I'd like to get things back on track soon. If you don't want me to take back the reigns of Gentoo, that is totally OK with me - just please let me know soon so I can focus on other things.

As always, you can post comments here, as well as emailing with your feedback.

In general, I don't like doing stuff like this publicly, but I think the Gentoo community deserves to know what's going on. The trustees also need to be accountable to the community to do what is in the best interests of the project - and to simply let people know what's going on.