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OD: Singin' in the Rain by Arthur Freed
FD: Winter Vision by Scott Fitzgerald
Taboo by Peter Gabriel
OD: Americano (Renato Carosone)
Why Don't You Do Right
FD: Des Tours De Vies (Nu Tango) (Antony Rouchier)
Santa Maria (del Buen Ayre) (Christoph Mullee & Edouardo Markoff)
Vuelvo Al Sur (Astor Piazzola)
Tango Inna Babylone (Nu Tango) (Cesar Valente, Sebastien Isaia & Antony Rouchier)
OD: At the Ball, Furioso Polka (Johann Strauss)
FD: Dance with my heart (Majoly)
OD: Yo Soy Maria; Balada Renga Para Un Organito Loco; Yo Soy Maria(Piazzolla)
FD: Madame Butterfly (Puccini/arranged)
OD: L-O-V-E (Nat King Cole); My Melancholy Baby (E. Burnette, G. A. Norton) from Forget Paris soundtrack
FD: Victorious Titus from Titus (movie soundtrack by E. Goldenthal)
Exh:  "The ninth gate" soundtrack
OD: Relax and Mambo (Machito), Magalenha, "Dance with me" soundtrack
FD: "Life is beautiful" soundtrack
Exh:  "The first time ever I saw your face", Georges Michael
Exh: "The Feeling Begins" , Passion soundtrack (Peter Gabriel)
OD: "La Grimas Y Sonisas", Argentine Waltz
FD: "The Feeling Begins" , Passion soundtrack (Peter Gabriel)

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