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102nd Regiment of Foot
United Kingdom 
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1789.06.05 New South Wales Corps
four companies raised in Britain for service in New South Wales
1806.12 det (36 men) transferred from 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
1808 102nd Regiment of Foot
1810.04? in New South Wales det (265 men) transferred to the 1st Bn, 73rd Regiment; det (110 men) formed New South Wales Invalid Company
1810.11? in England, most personnel (only two officers remained in bn) transferred to Veteran or Garrison battalions (most officers to 8th Royal Veteran Battalion); regiment reconstituted with new recruits
1816.02.23 100th Regiment of Foot
1818.03.24 disbanded at Chatham
pip The New South Wales Corps, by Steve Conway (Australians at War) [internet archive]
pip 102nd Regiment, synopsis of article in Sabretache
pip New South Wales Corps (Rum Corps), by B & M Chapman.
Deployment and Service:
Colour Key: War service Overseas service Home service
1789.06.05 raised in Britain
  1791.07.17 at sea ship: Pitt
  1792.02.14 New South Wales: Sydney
  1804.03 Vinegar Hill uprising
  1808.01.28 Rum Rebellion: regt deposed governor of NSW (William Bligh)
  1810.05 at sea (embarked at Sydney - 367 men; remainder joined other corps or discharged)
  1810.10 England: Portsmouth
  1810.10 Horsham garrison duty
  1811.05 Lt Col George Johnston courtmartialed for Rum Rebellion
  1811.07 Channel Islands: Guernsey
  1812.06 at sea
  1812 Bermuda
  1813.06.08 at sea
  1813.06.18 American war: Atlantic coast (Va.)
  1813.08.22 at sea
  1813.08 Nova Scotia: Halifax
  1813.12 Bermuda
  1814 Nova Scotia: Halifax
  1814.07 American war: Atlantic coast (Maine) det remained at Eastport until 1818, last British force to occupy the United States
  1814.08? New Brunswick: St. John (det) garrison duty
  1818 at sea
  1818 England
  1818.03.24 disbanded at Chatham


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Badges: construction sign
Uniform: 1789-1818: scarlet; facings: yellow
1789.06.05 Maj. Francis Grose
1814.05.12 Lt-Gen. Sir Albert Gledstanes, Kt. [to 1818?]
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Motto: construction sign
Nicknames: Botany Bay Rangers; Rum Puncheon Corps; Condemned Regiment; Rum Corps (for its control of the rum trade in NSW)
Anniversaries: none
Freedoms: none
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Full Histories:
book Evatt, Justice H.V. Rum Rebellion : a study of the overthrow of Governor Bligh by John Macarthur and the New South Wales Corps. Sydney : Angus & Robertson, 1938.
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